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Katy Ann is a poor young girl who went through continuous pain and disappointment in her life. On her wedding day, her groom David didn’t show up. He wrote a letter describing to her he never loved her and never would. He stole Katy’s software; a project she dedicated her whole life in creating. Katy was humiliated and sacked when she tried to convey the news of carrying his twin babies. On her way home, she was knocked down by a car. The owner of the car was Billy, her high school mate she rejected long ago. Billy was a rich guy who owned a huge software company. Billy is ready to help Katy revenge on David, but that would happen if only she accepts to marry him.

Chapter 1

Katy Ann couldn’t control the happy feeling she was having. Though she was poor, but her dream of marrying her true love has become a reality. It was something worth celebrating.

The atmosphere of the wedding hall was something words could not explain. If happiness was a person, I would say, it bribed everyone in the room. Everyone’s heart was filled with joy as they awaited the wedding of a poor girl marrying the man of her dream.

“I wish my dad was alive to see this special day of her daughter” Katy bit back her tears recalling her late dad.

Katy was seated while anticipating the arrival of her groom.

An hour passed but there was no sign of his arrival. Murmurs and buzzes filled the entire hall.

The bride became more and more nervous when David showed no sign of coming.

As they were anticipating his arrival, a figure showed up at the entrance of the room. His physique resembled that of the groom. Everyone including Katy sighed in relief upon seeing him but they were disappointed to find out that he was not the groom.

It was David’s best man Caleb. The expression on his face conveyed a hidden message.

“Why is he alone? What is that look on his face?” Katy’s heart started racing as he watched the man walk straight towards her.

The murmuring of the room became more and loud. From the expression on Caleb’s face, everything indicated trouble.

“Hey Caleb, is everything okay? Where is David? Katy asked repeatedly.

Caleb remained dumb not knowing how to convey the message to her.

“Can you please tell me where my fiancé is?!!” Katy hastily demanded while panicking and trembling.

The hall remained silenced; one could hear the fall of a pin.

The room turned more chaotic when Caleb said nothing.

Driven by the intense pressure of the hall, he gathered momentum and uttered “K-Katy, can you please follow me?”

Katy confused about what was going on quickly voiced “Follow you? For what, Caleb?”

“Please just listen to what I have said and follow me” Caleb replied softly trying to calm her down.

With her white wedding gown sweeping the entire floor, Katy walked through the wedding invitees following the direction of Caleb.

Most of the people were worried about the situation, but some of them were laughing and making sarcastic comments about her.

Caleb handed her an envelope.

“I thought you were taking me to David but …... where from this?”

“I am sorry Katy…...” Caleb repeated this statement several times.

“Sorry for what?”

“David could not make it to the wedding….. he told me to give this envelope to you.”

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Caleb’s statement hit her hard.

“I am so sorry Katy; I think you have to read what this envelope entails.”

Caleb left the room providing her more privacy to read the content of the envelope.

Katy’s hand began trembling while unfolding the content of the envelope.

Sweat started dripping down her face sweeping away her beautiful makeup.

The words encrypted in the letter struck her hard like an unexpected earthquake.

“Katy, we can’t marry. All these years, I never loved you. I only used you to recover from the pain I was going through after the death of my parents………”

Her heart ached reading those heartbreaking words from the man who taught her the true definition of love. For her whole life, her heart has never been wrecked like that before.

Her emotions were mixed; she couldn’t describe the exact pain she was going through at that moment.

Pain, anger, hatred, disgrace, disappointment, and regret boiled through her.

Flooded with tears, her eyes skipped the latter part of the letter. The first three sentences have already drained all her energy that, she couldn’t continue with the letter. Little did she know that more doom awaited her.

Memories of her and David replayed to her vividly. Katy recalled the sweet and romantic time they spent together; the promises they made to each other. The old memories of how they met and how she got stuck with him in a faulty elevator kept replaying incessantly. All the beautiful memories were quickly replaced with pain and hurt. She couldn’t stop herself from crying. Katy was so hurt about how David did not even care about what she would face the moment she was left alone without his presence.

“Why would David do this to me? What wrong did I do to deserve this sudden heartbreak and embarrassment?

Why should this happen on my wedding day?” She cried greatly till her face got swollen.

Katy got more and more worried seeing how her swollen face has disfigured her.

This world is full of uncertainties, how could a pretty happy girl turn into an ugly piece of trash within a wink of an eye?

In order not to add up to the embarrassment she has already had, she waited for a while for her swollen face to turn back to normal before going home.

At home, the first thing she did was stand in front of the mirror with her beautiful wedding gown. The size of her swollen face had suppressed a bit. As she stared at the reflection of her image, tears poured down her cheeks as rain. She moved closer to the mirror and uttered sadly, “Nothing has changed; I am the dump poor broken girl whose wedding was ditched.”

The tears became more and more. She got irritated when her eyes saw the reflection of David’s picture in the corner of the room through the mirror. She quickly rushed to it, took it, and smashed it hard against the floor.

“You son of a b*tch!!!” She screamed, breaking several items in the room.

She leaned against the wall and glided till she sat on the floor. Her brain kept repeating the sweet kisses, lovemaking, and romantic memories they shared. The sweet memories were quickly replaced by the hurt and pain again.

With her palm covering her face, she cried her eyes out. Her phone rang unexpectedly, which caused her to startle.

“Katy, Katy, turn on your TV” The caller immediately insisted. The eagerness in the caller’s tone indicated something crucial. This raised Katy’s curiosity.

Chapter 2

Katy swiftly run to the hall to do what the caller has ordered. What she saw on the Television nearly paralyzed her. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Initially, she thought it was an illusion, so she quickly rubbed her eyes with both hands before watching the TV again.

“Jesus!! This can’t be true, this can’t be true” she lamented confused about what she was seeing.

Katy is a programmer who has dedicated her whole life to creating one of the best software applications in the country. The application was one of her biggest priorities. It was her only hope; the dream that would change her life and financial status. When she was young, her mother left her father due to his poor financial state. As a result of that, she promised to build a massive software company for his dad for her mum to regret her actions. To make her daughter’s dream come true, his dad sold all that he had to get some money to enroll Katy in the best programming University in the country. He did it but unf


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