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Revenge Marriage With Mr. Biliionaire

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Arleena discovered her fiancé was having an affair one week before they were married. In return for her fiancé, Arleena asks her billionaire best friend, Hugo, to be her husband. Their household life is not based on love. They must pretending as a romantically couple, but in fact, Arleena and Hugo not being in love at each other. Now, the life game has come. They have to face complicated many problems, one of the problem is facing their respective exes who want to do revenge on them both. When everything gets too complicated, and Arleena almost squeezed, how will their story end?

Chapter 1. The Cheating

[Erlica Carldon: We'll meet at the Red Mardona Motel tomorrow night][Ann Rennita: I didn't expect to fall in love with your touches][Sabrian Adelle: Looks like we have to be more than just a one night stand partner]Disgusting.Arleena's expression immediately turned into amusement after reading the three messages in the screenshot. For a split second, Arleena stared at the screen of her cell phone in disbelief."What is this?" Arleena then spontaneously burst out laughing. "He has s*x with other women? He even had a one night stand too?"Next to Arleena. Gabriel, put the teacup on the table. As someone who managed to get hold of Arleena's fiancé information, Gabriel curved a proud smile.Precisely proud of himself who managed to provide this information."So, this..." Arleena stared at one more piece of information. "You got the date he checked into the hotel? And... you got proof of the reservation?"Gabriel raised his eyebrows in approval. "I told you, I can definitely find out information about him."Arleena laughed crookedly. There was satisfaction on his face after hearing Naura's answer."Where do you get it?""Distant cousin. Someone who came to the family gathering two weeks ago. You've never met that person," Gabriel answered casually.Arleena looked thoughtful for a moment. A few seconds later, after remembering, his face immediately lit up."Oh! That cousin of yours? He gave you this?""He's the manager of the hotel where a jerk—your fiancé—checks in with another girl," said Gabriel, who deliberately emphasized the sound of the sentence 'screwd boy'.Arleena couldn't hold back her amused smile. He then put Naura's cell phone to hand it to its owner. With a relaxed sigh, Arleena leaned her back against the back of the sofa."Ah, jeez. I knew something was up already," Arleena said with a chuckle, "I had a hunch that turned out to be right. In hindsight, he's having a great time enjoying a night of s*x with other girls.""Offended?"Arleena glanced at Gabriel. "What?""How are you feeling now. Is it hurt?" he repeated."No. It should hurt, but I already predicted this beforehand," Arleena said casually. Like it really doesn't matter about the facts that have just been obtained.Gabriel looked at Arleena. His lips curved into a crooked smile, but deep inside, Gabriel was angry. Of course he didn't accept seeing his best friend treated like this."One week before the wedding, Arleena. You're not sad at all?" Gabriel asked again. His face seemed very curious.Arleena knew that Gabriel only intended to provoke her. But Arleena doesn't want to show her true feelings now.Although secretly, tightness creeps into Arleena's chest. Mixed feelings of anger, relief after knowing the truth, and worthlessness clash.How could Arleena, who had spent so much money on the contract and wedding reception, lose to those booking women?Arleena had already suspected something was up. But still, after knowing the fact that his hunch was right, this hurt."A little. A little hurt," Arleena finally admitted.Gabriel widened his smile. "That's it, please. Don't pretend to be strong. I know you're hurt. So I have a reason to help you get revenge.""No need," Arlerna refused, playing with his drinking straw.Gabriel was almost stunned by Arleena's answer. His expression immediately changed to worry in between surprise."No need for revenge?" he asked. "Really?"Arleena's laugh escaped. "No, it's not that there's no need for revenge, but... you don't need to help me."While Gabriel frowned, Arleena smiled a knowing smile. There was something implied by the look in his eyes that looked at the drink with a glance."I know what's the right way to repay that jerk," Arleena said confidently.Gabriel looked at Arleena, both wondering and impatient. But because Syerin said that with a confident tone, Gabriel knew: he didn't need to doubt Arleena."Oh, the day after tomorrow you will come to my family gathering with Justin's family, my fiancé. You want to watch something interesting, right?"Gabriel leaned his seat towards Arleena. A look of curiosity was evident on his face."What spectacle?"Arleena's eyes twinkled mischievously. Deliberately wanted to provoke Gabriel's curiosity."Something that cannot be forgotten by all family members," Arleena answered, which did not answer Gabriel's curiosity at all.Annoyed, Gabriel made a gesture as if he wanted to punch Syerin. While Arleena just chuckled on the sidelines sipping her drink."If you want to tell me, don't be half measures!" Gabriel snapped already annoyed.Finished sipping, Arleena turned her palms up to Gabriel."Instead of getting angry, give me the contact of your cousin who is the hotel manager," said Arleena.Gabriel almost choked on hearing Arleena's words, making Arleena look at him surprised and confused. Gabriel's eyes immediately widened."Don't tell me you want to date my cousin?" Gabriel accused matter-of-factly.Really, Arleena felt like she would smack Gabriel in the head if she didn't remember where they were right now.Because Gabriel's words always came off as random, almost every day Arleena had to hold back."You want to have additional family members like me?" Arleena asked back.Innocently, Gabriel shook his head. "No, I know you're exactly a mad dog. I wouldn't want me to go to every family gathering or other family gathering, I heard stories from my cousin about your behavior."Arleena couldn't hold back her laughter. In an instant, the anger that had lodged in his chest faded away."Here, give me your cousin's number. I have important business! I have something to do for the family gathering the day after tomorrow."***Arleena and Justin's Family Gathering Event, Two Days Later.The sound of a microphone from the stage that was being examined by a woman was heard. Diverting the attention of all family members and private guests invited to this event.The voices of conversation gradually faded away. Guests who are gathered in a sitting position or talking in a standing position are also looking in one direction.The stage is decorated with flowers and the lights are lit from inside the petals."Hello everyone, welcome to Arleena and Justin's family gathering." A woman stands on stage wearing a red dress with dangling sleeves."I am Arleena, as Justin's fiancé, I am really very happy that you are willing to come. This event was held as a venue for engagement between the two sides of the family. Not only the core, but also the extended family."All the guests are silent. None of them didn't smile seeing Arleena standing gracefully. Behind her, the lights reflected Arleena's beauty like a goddess in Roman stories.Among the people in front of the stage, were Arleena's parents along with Aldo's parents. Don't forget Gabriel and Sessy, Arleena's two best friends. There's even Gibran, Gabriel's cousin who helps Gabriel find out about Justin.Also, Justin stood with a proud smile. Arleena's beauty was able to captivate his attention."Because earlier there was a meeting session between family members or private guests who may be invited, before entering the joint meal session, I will present something.This look is dedicated to Justin, my fiancé."The direction of Arleena's eyes fixed on Justin, making the direction of the other eyes also moved.Instantly almost all the guests cheered teasing Justin. While Justin, who was standing with his uncle and two cousins, shook his head. Embarrassed.When the eyes of the other guests were diverted to Justin, it was different from Gabriel, Sessy and Gibran who glanced at each other. Their crooked smiles curved after seeing Justin's shy reaction."What a disgusting reaction," Gabriel commented on Justin with a shudder.Santa chuckled. She already knew about Justin's affair behind his back. Sessy casually sips her drink without a straw."He doesn't know what Arleena has prepared for him tonight."Meanwhile on stage, Arleena had given Gabriel a meaningful smile."Can't wait, huh? Alright. Let's turn on the projector screen." Arleena gave the code to Keenan, her cousin, whom she asked to help with appearances.Keenan widened his grin, because this was what he had been waiting for since two days ago. Arleena had told him everything before asking to help with her performance tonight.The projector screen is turned on. Still showing black.All the guests looked impatient and excited."This appearance is especially for Justin, someone with whom I have been in a relationship for almost seven years," said Arleena, who then stepped aside so as not to block the projector screen.After the projector screen blacks out, a loading screen appears, until finally the loading has touched 100 percent."Please watch!" Arleena said enthusiastically.Then the projector screen turns on.In front of all of Justin's and Arleena's family members, as well as a few of their close friends, the screen flashed a video.A room like a hotel room. The video was taken from the front of the big white bed.Justin's smile slowly faded realizing a woman who was only wearing a bra and a triangular cloth covering something between her groin.The woman was kneeling on the bed, her arms stretched out as if she was about to welcome someone. Not long after, a man appears who greets the camera before finally embracing the woman, pressing his lips against her nape.The next second, in front of all family members on Arleena and Justin's side, the video shows erotic views. Justin's affair and a booking woman.Silence. All the guests looked at each other. Except for Keenan and Gibran, Gabriel's cousin—the hotel manager, who already know that Arleena will show this video.Justin immediately moved his voice, "ARLEENA! WHAT IS THAT?!"Arleena curved her smile. So quiet, but sharp."Isn't this you, darling? Yesterday evening, twelve minutes past eleven at night, at the Hotel Tree Tycoon."

Chapter 2. Everything Getting More Worse

What happened next was Justin's mother screaming in surprise, prompting the rest of the family to come over and calm her down.The guests whispered, some of them covered their mouths in disbelief, some others held their breath from shock and couldn't make a sound.Gabriel and Sessy, who were motionless in place, were transfixed watching the hot scene of Justin and the booking woman in the video."Why, honey? Surprised?" Arleena made a sound, then turned to Keenan. "Show me something else, my dear cousin Kenan."Keenan smiled disdainfully. But happily, he changed the screen display.The video changes to the notes view."This is some proof of chats and hotel reservations at eleven past twelve minutes at night. Hotel Tree Tycoon, New York."Justin was speechless.Then the projector screen changed again. Screenshot of one of the chat applications showing a chat room between Ju


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