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Rekindled Love: Remarry a Billionaire for Daughter

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Five years ago, Bella Clarke walked away from Luke Harper, whose family fortune had crumbled to nothing. Five years later, they cross paths again, and Luke, harboring deep-seated resentment, humiliates and exacts his revenge on Bella. In a twist of fate, both Bella and Luke's current girlfriend are kidnapped. Faced with a harrowing choice, Luke unhesitatingly saves his girlfriend, while Bella and the child she's just conceived plunge into the icy river below. The frigid waters pierce her to the bone, and as despair envelops her, Bella closes her eyes, her heart giving way to resignation, "Luke, this time, I truly don't love you anymore." The truth of the past surfaces, and Luke realizes his grave mistake. Learning of Bella's engagement to another man, he races against his injuries to stop her. Grasping Bella's wrist, he pleads, "Can you not get engaged to him?" But Bella, releasing herself from his grip, walks resolutely towards another man, her words echoing behind her, "Luke, I don't love you anymore."

Chapter 1 Reunion with Luke After Five Years

The doorbell rang.

Bella went to answer it.

The man standing outside was tall and imposing, with an air of aloofness about him. His straight trousers paired with a crisp white shirt gave off an aura of sharp simplicity, an extra touch of steady coolness.

It had been nearly five years since Bella Clarke had seen Luke from such close quarters, and the feeling was almost otherworldly.

Five years ago, he was still a boy, not completely rid of his youthful air.

Now, he had grown more mature and composed.

His features had become sharper and more defined, exuding an even stronger masculine appeal.

"Have you seen enough?"

His voice was low, magnetic, and piercing, like the sound quality of an excellent stereo system, and it sent Bella's heart into disarray.

Bella lifted her gaze upwards, and those expressive eyes of hers landed on the man's cool and handsome face, suddenly filling with a lingering tenderness.

"It's been a while," she greeted him with a familiarity.

Luke Harper's icy eyes looked upon the now even more radiant and alluring Bella Clarke, his thin lips twitching slightly, emitting a few words devoid of warmth,

"It would be better if we hadn't met."

His blunt words made Bella's heart skip a beat.

Five years apart, and he had become even colder.

His attractive lips were tightly pursed, making him look alluring and yet more inaccessible.

Especially those beautiful and profound phoenix eyes of his, now filled with piercing contempt.

It had taken her three years to fill those starry eyes with affection for her.

But now, they held no soft sweetness of the past, only a distressing indifference and disdain.

Bella's lips curled into a bitter smile, pretending not to notice the coldness and loathing on the man's face.

She stepped aside slightly, allowing him to enter,

"I ordered takeout, do you want to eat first..."

She couldn't finish her sentence.

Luke interrupted her impatiently,

"That's enough, I don't have time to reminisce with you. The matter concerning Sophia is important, don't waste my time."


"Indeed, you'll only see me for her business..."

The sound of running water from the bathroom echoed.

Bella lay on the bed, her heart aching.

She closed her eyes, burying her face in the pillow.

How did it come to this point with Luke Harper?

The water stopped.

The bathroom door opened.

Bella turned her head to look.

There stood Luke, emerging wrapped only in a towel, his every trait a masterpiece of divine craftsmanship.

The phrase "unsurpassed beauty" seemed to have been coined just for him at this moment.

His face, a gift from the gods, and the perfect inverted triangle of his body were a sight that made one not want to look away.

Bella thought her past obsession with Luke was not without reason.

From head to toe, he was embedded in her aesthetic preference.

Even his voice was her favorite.

Especially in the past, in bed, his husky, seductive tone could turn her bones to jelly.

What a pity.

He no longer belonged to her.

Luke, emerging from the bathroom, didn't glance at Bella on the bed.

He grabbed Bella's phone from the nightstand and tossed it onto the bed.

"Call Doctor Hao right now."

The phone landed five centimeters from Bella's head.

It didn't hit her, but it jolted her heart.

Bella looked at the man beside the bed, whose eyes no longer held a trace of love, only disgust.

It felt as though someone had chiseled a hole in her heart, and cold winds and ice shards were viciously blowing into it.

Luke, who used to panic over a mere cut on her finger, had just now nearly hit her with the phone.

If she had never known his tenderness, would she not feel so pained by his current indifference?

Bella closed her eyes, unwilling to reminisce about the past.

It would only make the bleeding in her heart worse.

"Hurry up!"

Luke was displeased with Bella's dazed state and urged her sharply.

Her goal achieved.

Bella picked up the phone and dialed a number.

"Doctor Hao, I need to ask you for a favor."

"Yes, thank you."


Receiving a call from the hospital, they informed her that Doctor Hao had agreed and would be going to Beicheng to operate on Sophia the day after tomorrow.

Luke, having accomplished what he came for, left straight away.

Before he left, he looked at Bella with near revulsion,

"Bella, you've successfully destroyed the last bit of fantasy I had about first love."

Five years ago, when his family fell into hard times, she changed her number overnight and blocked him on WeChat.

Even when she married the son of a wealthy overseas Chinese tycoon within a month, he didn't resent her.

He simply thought he was blind and had loved the wrong person.

The undisguised disdain in Luke's eyes stung Bella.

She closed her eyes, unwilling to look at his gaze full of aversion.

After Luke left, Bella curled up under the covers.

Tears slid down silently.

Half a month later.

Bella went to the hospital for a check-up.

"I'm sorry, Miss Clarke, you did not conceive successfully."

The doctor's words sent a chill through Bella.

"I calculated it right; that day was my ovulation period, and I have a body that's prone to conceive. How could it not have happened? Is there a mistake?"

Bella couldn't believe that after all her efforts, even helping Luke find a kidney donor for Sophia Martin, all for the sake of having a child as adorable as Amy and who could save Amy.

She had conceived Amy on the first try.

Why didn't it work this time?

The doctor explained, "It's not guaranteed to conceive during ovulation. Yes, you're prone to conceive, but it's not a hundred percent success rate on the first try."

"Miss Clarke, would you like to try again?"

Try again?

Bella laughed, a laugh uglier than crying.

Luke despised her so much; this time it was for Sophia's treatment.

Now that Doctor Hao had cured Sophia, where could she find an excuse for Luke to see her again?

Bella felt as if fate was mocking her.

Five years ago, it made her lose her love.

Now, was it going to take her daughter too?

Bella took a deep breath, said goodbye to the doctor, and left the consultation room.

Chapter 2 To Prove Her Love, She Risked Half Her Life

Watching Bella, pallid and distraught, stumble into the room, Emily rushed to her aid.“What’s wrong?”Emily's face was etched with concern as she studied Bella's ghastly complexion. “You look terrible.”“Emily, the fertilization failed,” Bella confessed to her only confidante, her eyes brimming with tears.The blow of the failed attempt was too much for her to bear. Amy’s time was running out, and if she couldn’t conceive again, she might lose her daughter forever.“Bella, don’t panic,” Emily soothed the frantic woman before her. After a moment of thought, she hesitantly suggested, “Why don’t you just tell Luke? Let him come over for a bone marrow match. If he’s compatible with Amy, you won’t have to go through the trouble of getting pregnant.”“No way!”Bella rejected the idea without a second thought. “I can’t tell Luke.”Her face was a picture of panic, like a mother fearing the loss of her young, “I can’

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