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Pregnant for a billionaire

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Jessica is a twenty year old college girl. She is the only girl and last child of her parents with brothers who are put above her in almost everything. With a good-looking, caring boyfriend who her parents approve of, she is sure she is headed on the right path but not until it all crashes down in just one night and her life turns upside down. What will you do when life throws lemon at you? You use the lemon to make some lemon juice and that’s what Jess does. Follow Jessica on her life journey and sees what happens.

Chapter 1

"Jess, wake up!"

Mom's high pitched voice pierces through the calmness - she sounds p*ss*d.

I open my eyes to see her standing beside me. I must have fallen asleep on my reading table while reading the latest romance novel on Kindle last night.

"Good morning, mom"

"Get up, come along with me to the kitchen"

What could it be this time?

I sigh and grudgingly follow her.

My brothers never wake up early. Typical that I should be the one to suffer because I am a girl.

Hands stretched to take an apple from the bowl close to the microwave, I'm stopped halfway by her grunt.

"That is not why I woke you up"

I try not to roll my eyes. My parents are very keen about obedience and respect so that your days will be long on Earth.

"Dirty plates in the kitchen sink. You were supposed to wash them last night before going to bed" Mom says as she goes to stir her signature carrot soup.

"I did! Ryan or Ethan probably ate and didn't wash up again" How many times will we fight about this every morning?! It's been three days on this same topic.

"That's always your excuse. You should know better than not to check. I have told you this times without number, your brothers do eat again sometimes after dinner. You should always check for dirty plates even after dinner"

"What happened to washing their plates themselves? It's not that difficult. They've been doing this for three days now mom!" I snap and mom squints her eyes in warning.

"Watch your tone young lady. I do not feed and clothe you to be disrespected by you"

There goes the disrespect again! God...I will so move out one day!

"Mooommm...." Tears of anger well up in my eyes but I don't let it show.

"That's the price for being a woman, Jessica. You have to take responsibility for the men around you. Now, clear up that sink and join me to finish up this cooking"

Ugh! I am so p*ss*d!

I walk towards the kitchen sink in anger, turning the faucet with a very hard grip forgetting that it's already malfunctioning. I gasp in shock as it pulls off due to my rough handling; water rushes out frantically.

"Oh, gosh..."

Mom gasps and looks at me like I am a criminal.

"You just had to! Why don't you do anything right you this child?!"

"It was a mistake!" I panic as she pushes me aside and takes a plastic bag from the counter to tie the mouth of the tap so water can stop rushing out.

"Now, we have to call Jeff"

Jeff is the plumber two houses away. He charges too much and my mom made us swear never to call him for any house plumbing job.

"Mom...what happened?" Ryan appears from nowhere.

I look at him in annoyance and he gives me the "what did I do?" look. Dad comes out behind him asking mom what happened.

She starts with the usual, "Jess..."

I don't wait to hear the rest, I just walk off to my room in anger.

My parents are always pushing my buttons and it makes me super impulsive towards them.

I try as much as possible to adore them but it really is hard when all they do is make me regret ever been born into a family of boys. I have to live up to a womanly expectation while my brothers can live however they want. I only have a boyfriend because I insisted to have one. I stood my ground and assured them he was Godly and wouldn't lead me to sin - that's the only reason why they let me see Austin.

My life is all planned out for me. From kindergarten to middle school to high school and now, college. After college, the plan is to get my ICAN degree, get a job and get married to Austin. It's all "perfect" for them and I am going along with it because I want them to finally be proud of me.

I am headed towards Austin's in dad's car. Today's our two year anniversary and I want to make it a surprise which is why I don't call him beforehand. The plan was actually to meet at the venue of our date but whatever, it doesn't hurt to twist the story a bit.

I take the elevator in his block of flats. He stays at the top floor, apartment room 306. I get to his room and knock on the door.

The door opens and Austin looks really shocked to see me. He is shirtless, with a towel tied around his waist.

"Hey...babe. What are you doing here?"

I raise my eyebrows in question, "Um...hi. Are you not letting me in?"

His body barricades the door and I get the ugliest feeling.

"Um...I am kinda..."


It's a woman's voice coming from inside his apartment and my heart drops.

"Austin, who's that?"

He turns for a minute and I use that opportunity to slip through his barricade. The strange woman is dressed in nothing more than a matching black panties and bra. She looks at me in boredom and it makes me furious.

"What is the meaning of this?!"

"Babe...I can explain..."

"Really?!" I look at the lady who's probably older than me by 5years.

"Look, sorry okay?! I wanted to have s*x and you kept saying no! You kept bringing Christianity into it and calling it fornication...I mean it's not that deep, it's just s*x!"

I choke on my emotions.

"What?" I can feel the tears coming. I take that cue and quickly walk out of the enemy zone but not without giving Austin a hot slap on his cheek to make myself feel good. The look on his face after I slapped him will forever fill me with joy.

Take that cheat!

Chapter 2

I am a mess. My eyes are puffy, my head hurts, my emotions are riding on a roller coaster...

"I...I...I...thought he wanted us to stay virgins...I mean she was not even that pretty and she's old!" I blow into the wipe in my hands.

Sam sighs and gives me a pat on my shoulder.

"Sweetie, it's been long affirmed that boys are the scum of the earth. I'm so sorry you had to know this a bit too late"

"Don't listen to her!" Ruth bellows from the bathroom, "Boys are not the scum of the earth. Boys like Austin are!"

Samantha rolls her eyes and mouths "same thing" to me.

I cry louder. My chest feels like its going to fall out.

"It's okay baby girl, let it all out" She says while still patting my shoulder.

I've been acting like a crazy person since I got here. For the past two days, all I've been doing is sleeping, waking and crying. I can't even ea


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