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Plenitude of the Soul

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Taliyah Lavianna Monselorette is a pampered teenage girl who exhibits behavioral problems from being overindulged by her parents. She was never satisfied with what she has and basically complains about everything. But as for her lovelife, she could say that everything is perfect. She loves Davien more than anything. Despite of Davien's shortcomings, Talianna accepts everything about him just so he would never leave her. But she never thought that everything would change when she stepped on the white sands of Belleza Eterna. She never liked the province. But because of her father's command, she was left with no choice but to obey him and that is to continue her study in Belleza Eterna as a form of punishment. Talianna never thought that there's more to discover in the province. She realized that when she met the fisherman with a strange green eyes named Nabrel Trenuver. But Talianna finds him rude and rough because of his intimidating aura. Aside from that, she hates poverty-stricken people. She would never want to be associated with anyone who's not in her level, and Nabrel is definitely not an exemption.

Chapter 1

I watched as the sea water touched my feet. This feels so surreal. I could not almost believe that I am already here... in the place where I have been yearning to visit. Belleza Eterna remained its beauty. It is still enthralling and majestic.

I could not feel the exhaustion brought by the long trip because the scenery was very calming. I ran on the shore. I was giggling while running, welcoming the salty wind. My white chiffon maxi dress was already wet.

But I automatically stopped when my eyes caught the sunset. I stared at it. The images poured in my mind made me smile.

I saw the few men who was busy with their basins and pails. My eyes played with their faces but none of them was familiar with me.

I bit my lip and looked away as I felt the throbbing pain in my heart that was slowly making its way to my eyes. They probably do not live here anymore. Where are they now?

"Sandro is kind and I can trust him. He is my godson so I know him personally. I will call him later. I am sure he will not be able to refuse to Lavino's daughter," Fely said when I told her while we were having our breakfast that I wanted to ride a boat and tour around the ocean.

Fely was the only old maid who remained in our mansion. The other maids were new. When she asked about my dad last night, I was not able to give her a proper response. That is why our conversation about that ended immediately.

"Tell him to be here at exactly 4 pm. And tell him to name his price. I think we will not take that long. Before it gets dark, we will be back home."

"Alright. I will take care of it. Oh, by the way. Is Davien going to be here also?"

I sipped on my tea before responding. "I think no. I asked him to give me a whole month to have a vacation here alone."

"Is that so? I was hoping to see your son. What is his name again?" I saw how her eyes twinkled with excitement.

My smile widened. "His name is Vendrick."

"You do not look like someone who gave birth. You are still very beautiful and your body remains the same, Talianna." Her voice was filled with amazement.

All I could give was a smile. I continued eating. I did not bother to correct people who were thinking that Vendrick was my son. Vendrick grew up believing that I am his mother and I want to keep it that way. I love him dearly.

I tour around the mansion. It has not almost changed. I am sure that Fely never neglected this mansion. I feel like everything that happened here was coming back.

I sat on the sun lounger and looked at the clean swimming pool.

My heart tightened as I let my mind wandered in the past. I blinked off the tears brimming my eyes. Bitterness filled my heart. This is a painful feeling that I would want to feel over and over again because that is all what I can do. To reminisce.

I have not noticed the hot liquid flowed down my cheek. I laughed mockingly at myself as I aggressively wiped my tears away.

"Stupid," I whispered in the air before I stood up to go back inside the mansion.

How ironic that you were so happy while making those memories without you knowing that it would break your heart someday while looking back on them.

Sandro was a tanned and tall man. I think I was few years older than him. He was so talkative while we were on the boat.

"My mother sells rice cake, Ma'am. She makes the rice cake herself. Sometimes, I help her when I do not have class. Our youngest sibling, Inggo, is a grade three student. And he told me that he already has a girlfriend! I threw him my slipper! Boom! Headshot!" He laughed and I could not help but laughed a bit.

The way he tells story was hilarious. As if we have known each other for a long time.

I was itching to ask him about someone but I stopped myself from doing so. It was as if I wanted to know but it is fine with me to not know anything? That is what I feel! Yes! I know it is confusing! But the truth is, I was just scared of what I could possibly hear. Even with Fely, I did not ask anything.

Sandro guided me as I got on the boat. I watched as the crystal waters moved. Sandro was standing near the machine while I was sitting as I looked around the islands that we passed by.

I was wearing a simple red chiffon dress. I did not bring any camera or phone. All I want is to see the beauty of Belleza Eterna which was buried by the years.

My mind was too occupied that I did not even notice that Sandro stopped the boat in the middle of the ocean.

"Look at the sunset, Ma'am. The beauty of it from the tall building is even better from here." He smiled at me.

"Yeah. I know that." My voice was soft.

"I bet this is your first time to see the sunset from here. Am I right?" He gave me an arrogant look.

"No." I laughed a bit.

His forehead creased a bit, tilting his head as he gave me an incredulous look.

"Really? You are kidding me, right? Who was with you then?"

"A friend," I said as I shrugged my shoulders.

"A friend? And who is that friend you are talking about, Ma'am?"

I did not bother to answer him as I pretended to be busy looking around us.

"I know a beautiful island here, Ma'am. It is quite far but I assure you that we are going to reach that before it gets dark. But the problem is, it is a private island. But the owner is very kind! We are friends so we could go there if you want to." He smirked arrogantly at me.

"Are you sure?" I could not help but be doubtful.

He clicked his tongue, shaking his head. "Do not worry, Ma'am. I am friends with the owner. You know. Same feathers going out together."

My brows knitted in confusion. I feel like my head throbbed a bit at his last words. That should be birds of the same feather flock together, right?

"We look exactly the same so we get along well. If you see us... hay! I am telling you right now, Ma'am, we look like twins! You will be confused. Your head might hurt and you will not yet find out who is who."

My brow raised, choosing to stay silent. He just smirked at me.

He pulled the rope on the machine and the boat started to move. My brow just automatically raised whenever I caught Sandro taking a picture of me. He was very obvious while doing it. And it seemed that he does not care if I ever caught him.

"Wait, Ma'am, stay still. Look at your right side." He smiled at me. I shrugged it off.

Half an hour had passed until I saw an island slowly getting bigger as we got close to it. I think this is the island which Sandro was talking about.

As we disembarked, I noticed the extraordinary light and the silhouette of imposing mountains in the distance. It was being surrounded by crystal clear water and white sands around the whole island.

"Are you serious, Sandro? Are you really friends with the owner of this island? This is a private property! We might get sued for trespassing!" I could not hide my suspicion and nervousness was evident in my tone.

"Of course. I am friends with him! Why would I lie about it?" He looked so offended but he sighed eventually. "I just do not have any idea if he is here today. He is a very busy person. He seldomly stays here. It has been quite awhile since the last time I saw him. I think almost five months."

I could see the mansion from here. It was peaceful and quite. It seemed that there was no one around.

The colors of the water were breathtaking. It was a combination of intense cobalt blue to turquoise, aquamarine and emerald green.

This is... f*ck*ng beautiful.

I walked over to the white sands. I can't help but be amazed as I watched my feet dug into the soft sands.

"Hey!" I suddenly heard Sandro which made me looked at him. He ran. My eyes followed him and my feet froze on the sands when I saw a tall man approaching us. He tapped Sandro's arm.

"Why did you not tell me that you are here?! How dare you, twin!" Sandro whined.

It had never f*ck*ng crossed my mind that he was the one who Sandro was pertaining to.

How is this even possible...

Is this really happening?

He smirked at Sandro before throwing a glance at me. His expression did not change even a bit when his eyes drifted at me. He was wearing a black button down shirt, khaki shorts and slides.

He looked like a god walking around his paradise...

The first buttons of his top were opened.

"I just got here this morning, Sandro." His husky voice was deep and sounded hoarse. He shifted his eyes to me for once before looking back to Sandro.

I swallowed hardly.


This is not what I was expecting. I never expected this! Not now! Not ever! I'm finding it hard to pull myself together. It was so hard to the point that I just wanted to be swept off by the waves!

"Oh! I am with someone, twin." Sandro clapped his hands before he went to me.

I saw how Nabrel's brows knitted together as he watched me. I am not sure if the amusement in his eyes was real. As if he saw something funny. I could not even see any shock in his face.

With a head held high, I stared back into his eyes which were playing at mine.

Goddammit, Talianna. Do not let yourself do something stupid.

"This is Talianna, Engineer. Ma'am, he is Engineer Nabrel. I look exactly like him, am I right?" Sandro introduced him to me.

I gave Nabrel my sweetest smile and offered my hand.

"It's very nice to meet you, Nabrel." My voice was a bit firm.

His brow raised when his gazed dropped on my hand.

Do not try to be a jerk now!

He accepted my hand but it was too quick.

"Nice to see you, too," he uttered coldly, brows knitted together.

I pouted as I looked around the surrounding. I need to act cool even though I feel like I am going to lose my balance any moment now.

As he aged, he became all the more striking with a well-toned and muscular body. His bone structure was fine and perfectly symmetrical. His prominent jaw curved gracefully was filled with little stubbles. His bronzed skin made him looked very manly.

And it is very annoying because I could not help myself but be amazed by his looks!

"So... this is your island? It's beautiful, huh?" I commented, trying to be nonchalant.

His brows were still knitted. "Thanks." His lips were pressed firmly together in a flustered expression.

"I told you, Ma'am. I am friends with the owner of this island!" Sandro smirked at me.

I quickly glanced at Nabrel who was now busy typing on his phone.

I almost took a step back when he suddenly glanced at me. His brows knitted even more. My lips parted a bit. I blinked repeatedly before averting my gaze.

"Let's go, Sandro. I wanna go home," I uttered in a cold voice, turning my back on them.

Chapter 2

I stopped walking when I noticed that Sandro was still there, talking to Nabrel who was looking at me. I lazily rolled my eyes.

"Sandro, did you hear me? I wanna go home now. Let's go! I do not want to stay any longer here!" I was not able to hide the annoyance in my tone.

Nabrel pouted. He even raised an eyebrow at me. I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms infront of my chest.

"Here I come, Ma'am!" Sandro said.

I quickly glanced at Nabrel. His eyes were still on me. I stared back at him but I broke it off when I noticed a woman approaching behind him.

It was a tall woman who was wearing a white dress. Her hair was tied in a low ponytail. Her dress was being swept away by the gentle wind. My lips parted a bit when my eyes focused on her round belly.


She did not change a bit. If she did, she looked even more beautiful now.

Of course... she was still the winner in the end. Who would have thought? The


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