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Perfect Lie

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He screamed in despair, furious about the small clause in Müller's will (marriage) that had halted what was already destined, after waiting two years to determine who would be the owner of everything. Adal Müller had to desperately search for the perfect candidate who could help him achieve his goal of "completely obtaining the inheritance." With great desperation, he asked his secretary to marry him, assuring her that it would be temporary. However, she refused and confessed that she would marry her boyfriend and was not interested in his lucrative proposal. But all was not lost, as she came up with the great idea of introducing him to a friend who would be willing to accept his proposal in exchange for money. Who is she? Who is Gisela Fischer? Would she accept to marry the great magnate Adal Müller? The secretary continued to sweet talk him, promising that her friend would accept and that both would win; one would gain the entire inheritance and the other would receive the extra money she needed."


The Müller family lawyer says goodbye with a "see you soon," leaving businessman Adal Müller filled with fury because the inheritance his grandfather left in the will is unjust. It's now the 21st century, and the family no longer has to force their children to marry. Adal's parents try to encourage him with wise words, telling him to look on the bright side and consider himself lucky to be the heir to the entire Müller fortune. It's not easy to find a girl who wants to marry him, so he should be grateful that his grandfather only put that condition in his will instead of requiring a son. His parents kept talking about the matter, and the last straw was when they told him he had to get married, but the lawyer couldn't find out about it, or else it would be a complete fraud and the inheritance would go to the animal foundation.

The whispers of his parents caused the businessman to leave the office as if the devil was chasing him because he didn't want to unleash his anger on them. It was enough that his grandfather had caused all this trouble. "Marriage...Marriage...Marriage," he kept shouting incessantly, the lawyer's words echoing in his head, driving him to a state of exasperation and losing his mind.

Unplanned, he drove to the company and locked himself in his office, pacing back and forth, trying to find a solution to all his problems. He had the option of continuing on his path without the inheritance, or taking a break and looking for the ideal girl to get the inheritance his grandfather left him. After thinking about the pros and cons, he lost his mind and started knocking down everything in his path, which worried his employees. With great courage, his secretary risked entering, aware that her presence could have consequences as her boss was out of control.

In a low and trembling voice, she asked him if he needed her help or if he had any problems she could assist with. He wanted to shout at her for her audacity and at the same time unleash his fury on her, but he stopped in time and told her to leave for her own good, that it wasn't the time to talk or ask for help.

Again, she insisted and told him that his friend, lawyer Alfonso, had called and said he would be back in a couple of minutes. He was delayed by traffic, and he asked not to be fired because he was a good vice president. He stayed silent for a moment, analyzing his secretary's words. "Will you marry me?" Those were Adal's desperate words.

The poor girl was in shock at her boss's crazy proposal, but his gestures and tone of voice were not joking at all. She reacted, hoping there was no smile on his face. Her eyes widened, her face turned reddish, and her legs trembled.

Adal deciphered her reaction, as everything sounded absurd, and he apologized before retracting and confessing that if she didn't marry him, everything he had would be lost; the company, money, and present and future business. Every word he spoke sounded like the end of the world, but suddenly, the girl had the idea that not everything could be lost, as she wouldn't help him and wouldn't accept his tempting proposal because she was getting married to her fiancé in a couple of months, but that didn't mean she couldn't introduce him to someone special who would be willing to accept, he just needed to pay.

He felt embarrassed to hear that his secretary was getting married, and his desperate proposal made him feel foolish until he regretted it and apologized, saying that he never asked if she was single.

"No, you shouldn't apologize. I appreciate your trust," she shook her head. "That's why you should consider that my trusted friend should be your wife and not just any woman who might take advantage of what you have. Think about it. The time of our marriage would be until you have everything under your control."

Her proposal was very good, and it even made him think for a few seconds, but when he was about to answer, his friend appeared out of nowhere, entering unannounced. Suddenly, the atmosphere became tense, Adal cleared his throat after telling his secretary that he would think about it and that he would need a lot of discretion. She nodded and ran out of there, leaving her boss with his friend.

Alfonso exploded after the secretary left his friend's office, blaming him for the disaster he had caused in the entire office, and demanding an explanation. However, Adal grunted and walked to the corner cabinet, where he would find any drink to forget his harsh reality.

"I'm ruined. My world has completely collapsed, and I don't think I can recover from this."

Gisela Ascher is an affable, shy, and beautiful girl, both inside and out. At thirty years old, she has not achieved the things she would have wished for. She was born in Florence, Italy, but nowadays, she is living in Berlin with the purpose of helping her parents out of the great poverty they were in. Since she arrived in Berlin, she has dedicated most of her time to work and work, at first finding part-time jobs until after five years, she fortunately found a permanent job as the manager of the photocopying area in a small law firm. However, for her family, she is a great businesswoman. She lies out of shame to avoid being criticized and pointed out for being a failure, not by her parents, but by her friends.

Being the manager of the photocopying area is not enough for her, as her expenses have increased a lot, mostly due to the monthly allowance she sends to her parents. The monthly expenses are too frustrating for her, and that's why she had no choice but to leave the apartment she had for years to look for another shared and economical apartment. However, that's not enough, and she feels like she's on the edge of the abyss, but not everything is lost, as when she left work, she met her apartment neighbor, and without filters, she proposed the salvation to all her problems.

"Marriage with benefits!"

Indirect hints


Stepping out of my daily routine, I run into my roommate. She knows where I work, but I'm surprised to see her waiting for me. I won't deny that I'm scared because it's the first time I've seen her, and she's insisting on talking to me at a cafeteria rather than in the apartment.

Could she be asking me to leave her apartment? God, please don't let her kick me out now! She has many opportunities to survive, especially now that she's marrying a businessman - that's what I've heard from her own mouth.

Ah, I don't even have the chance to catch a glimpse of anything. It's all work and work, and exhaustion has caught up with me. I don't know when I'll stop, but my reward might be knowing that my parents aren't suffering from hunger and that they won't be kicked out of their own homes for not being able to pay taxes. Ash, it hurts to think about how much of a liar I've become, ho


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