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Peerless Realm of Entertainment

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Xia Wa, scion of the renowned Asian magnate, is the sole heiress to the entertainment empire known as "Dawn Pavilion." During the summer preceding her enrollment at the prestigious Asian institution, the Academy of Bright Minds, her father ingeniously orchestrated her ascent to the position of "Dawn Pavilion" CEO. "Dawn Pavilion" stands as a celebrated sanctuary of amusement in Asia, boasting a bevy of handsome gentlemen and stunning ladies within its virtual domain. It further extends its commitment by offering them tailored professional training and personalized developmental schemes. Xia Wa's fortune takes a favorable turn when, on the third day of her reluctantly assumed role, an exceptionally handsome and charismatic gentleman voluntarily presents himself at her doorstep. Astonishingly, he consents only to part-time engagement, choosing to peddle his artistry and charm rather than compromising his integrity. Ha! Witness how I transform you into my economical workforce, a flourishing cash crop! Before anything else, let's scrutinize his countenance through a magnifying glass – has it undergone any enhancements? To be the epitome, a captivating visage is imperative. Of course, proficiency is equally crucial. Why not let this CEO personally put it to the test?

Chapter 1 I find myself ensnared in my father's elaborate design

"Miss, Miss." Like a whirlwind, Xia Wa burst into the CEO's office, breathless, standing before the imposing desk. She looked as if she had just encountered an extraterrestrial being or was being pursued.

Observing her chief maid's disheveled and impolite entrance into her office, Xia Wa swiftly grabbed the files she was "studying" and forcefully smashed them onto her head. "You're asking for trouble! How many times have I told you, address me as the CEO in the office? If you get it wrong again, I'll have you cleaning toilets."

"No, Miss, no, CEO, I won't make the mistake again." After the forceful blow from Xia Wa, Xia Yu finally regained her composure. Seeing the anger on Xia Wa's face, she knew she was about to be an outlet for frustration once more. She quickly begged for mercy, "And, next time you come into my office, remember to knock. You're my chief secretary now, being so unaware of etiquette—how am I supposed to take you out to meet people? You claimed to have passed the Level 1 secretary exam. Tell me, did you buy that certificate?"

Xia Wa scrutinized Xia Yu, finding something displeasing but unable to pinpoint exactly what. This heightened her dissatisfaction.

Seeing Xia Wa's familiar malicious smile, Xia Yu knew she was in for another round of trouble. However, today she confidently told herself, "I can turn bad luck into good. Because I have him!" She retrieved a black folder hidden behind her and handed it to Xia Wa. "More documents for my approval? Which department sent these?" Xia Wa, with an expression of agony, took the folder, glanced at it without much interest, slammed it onto the desk, and lazily returned to her comfortable boss chair, starting to spin in circles. "I think in my past life, I must have been a good person for half of it and a bad person for the other half to be reborn as the daughter of my 'dragon lady' father!" Xia Yu listened to Xia Wa's words and curiously asked, "CEO, I don't quite understand your words. The chairman, oh no, the chairman is one of the top tycoons in the Asian rich list. As the CEO, born into such a wealthy family, you must have accumulated merits in your past lives for eight lifetimes to enjoy the blessings you have now! How could you have done bad things?"

Xia Wa stopped spinning, picked up the black folder on the desk, and once again forcefully knocked Xia Yu's head. Then, with a "profound" tone, she said, "That's why I say you're foolish, and you always resist understanding."

"But, CEO, I really can't comprehend!" Xia Yu insisted.

Sighing, Xia Wa complained to the ceiling of her office, "Ah, imagine me, the sole heiress of the Xia Entertainment Empire 'Dawn Pavilion,' born with exceptional beauty and charm, just turned eighteen and at the prime of my life. Yet here I am, bearing the weight of this massive empire on my delicate shoulders because my 'expecting a daughter to become a dragon' father kidnapped my always obedient mother for a world tour. Now, I'm like a swan with golden chains on its feet, letting my beauty wither away in this office where no one appreciates it!"

Xia Wa lamented to the ceiling, regretting that her carefully planned escape plan had been delayed by a whole hour compared to her father Xia Jinren's world tour plan. Now, because of this one hour, she had plummeted from a carefree heiress to a pitiful scorned wife. Now, she finally believed in the classic saying her father often muttered in her ear: "In the business world, speed is key; speed can determine everything." If there's a next time, she decided not to plan anything. This time she lost due to wasting too much time, making her plan too meticulous and seamless, only to lose unexpectedly in a way she never dreamed of.

Seeing Xia Wa's bitter expression for three whole days, Xia Yu, as if presenting a treasure, once again handed the black folder to Xia Wa, mysteriously saying, "CEO, you must take a look at this. I believe it will instantly improve your mood."

What could it be? Could it be a report on the whereabouts and contact information of her parents? Xia Wa threw a "promising" look at Xia Yu, then eagerly opened the black folder in her hands.

Chapter 2 The President's Authority (Part 1)

"Wow, in Xiaotiantang, there are so many handsome gentlemen. I've never seen someone so exquisitely beautiful before."

Xia Wa's gaze fixated on a photograph of a man in the document, her eyes gleaming with captivating radiance, unsettling Xia Yu.

"Xia Yu, did he come to apply for a position at Xiaotiantang? Where is he now? Has the Affairs Department assigned a talent agent to interview him?"

Xia Wa was convinced that this man could undoubtedly become a new cash cow for Xiaotiantang. She was determined to recruit him into the fold of Xiaotiantang, packaging him as a golden goose that would lay eggs of wealth.

Seeing the sinister glint in Xia Wa's eyes, Xia Yu couldn't help but worry for the man in the photo. At that moment, only one phrase echoed in her mind: "Like father, like daughter."

In high society, Xia Jinren was a renowned "juicer" in the entertainment industry. Anyone he


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