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Painful seduction

Painful seduction

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Cindy Chester Is a lost soul who knows nothing about her past or family. Kept in a society full of enemies, she is used as a pawn by the man she slowly falls in love with to seduce Mr Axl who later turns out to be her sister's husband and transfers his wealth to the enemies. Cathy Chester Is a bold and business minded Woman brought up with lies her Father-in-law had told her. She is forced to find the truth herself as her journey takes her into different mysteries surrounding her parent's death and sister's disappearance. With both sisters ignorant of their enemies and their past lives, how will they protect the Chester's Enterprise from their father's enemies? How will the secrets of their parents affect their present lives? Will Cathy be able to forgive her sister for unknowingly selling off the company? Find out in this story packed full of sizzling drama, romance, suspense, betrayal and revenge. P.S :Tighten your seatbelt as you enter a world of captivating drama.

His Boss


"Can we trust her ?" The boss asked looking skeptical , his face showed doubt all over.

" She's the perfect one for this job" I answered with a dirty smirk on my face.

"What the reason you say that" ? He muttered as he took a lighter and lit the cigarette but instead of inhaling from it , he dropped it on the desk and rather maintained a strict and serious look.

"She has the heart for a revenge plan" I answered.

" What revenge are you talking about?".

" She was assaulted when she was 18" I replied searching into my trouser pocket to see if I could find some cigarettes.

I was always nervous whenever I was with him , maybe the nervousness was caused by the anger and hatred I had for him.

" Yeah, anger to kill and smash his skull"

I searched my trousers pocket but I couldn't find any which wasn't good at all , the only way to hide my nervousness was smoking .

" Calm down Damien" I said quietly as I breathed hard.

"We have discussed this, she's more than capable for the job" I replied and swallowed .

" Why is that?" He asked again slamming his back on my chair, sometimes his questions sounded like a knife trying to cut through my throat .

"She's a victim of assault and has great hatred for men " I answered with grin.

"How does that concern the situation at hand" he asked as he scowled this time removing his mask to allow me see his blood shot eyes which was unbelievably scary.

"If monster was a person then it will surely be the man standing right in front of me".

" I will make her believe she was assaulted by him, she goes into his house for revenge then make him fall in love with her, he wills all his property to her then we can get her out of the way and take everything" I replied devilishly.

" How did you find out about her? He inquired as he quietly collected the cigarette and smoked from it.

I rolled my finger into a fist as I thought of the right answer to give, asides that , I made sure I avoided eye contact with him ;Only his blood shot eyes and fierce look were enough to make me go crazy.

He stood up and for a second I thought he was going to hit me or maybe call the bodyguards to throw me out but he didn't do that instead he walked away to the window and observed the scenery outside as if he was watching someone or something.

The room was unbelievably silent and could you hear a pin drop although I felt the silence gave me time to think but after some seconds it was already choking me , i felt so akward; I couldn't tell if it was a feeling of fear or anger.

A knock came on the door and for a moment I felt relieved.

One of the boss's body guard entered and said immediately,

" Your attention is needed Boss"

" I will be there in 3 minutes" The Boss replied with high aura.

" Damien, Damien " The boss called out my name with a scornful tone.

All I could say at that moment was,

"Yes Boss".

" Don't play smart with me" He said as he handed me the cigarette with mockery.

"Inhale a little to clear your nervousness".

He left immediately and shut the doors after him.

My heart skipped a bit for fear but then hate, pain and anger replaced those feelings soon after.

I looked around as I threw the cigarette not minding if it still had fire on it and then I smashed the flower vase close to my desk on the floor as I called out in anguish.


I looked at my palms as I saw blood was on it , the glass from the flower vase must have cut my palm, but I didn't care infact seeing myself hurt increased the anger I felt and made me hungry for more destruction.

I scattered and tore the paper works on my desk as I tried hard to control my anger so I wouldn't destroy more properties.

"Calling my younger brother Boss was what made me angry".

He had all the wealth and power so what was there to take from him?

I cried in anger and pain as I thought of the fact that my younger brother was overtaking me in the business world, he controlled all our father's wealth and made me look like a slave.

" No not any more" I said and smiled mockingly as I got an idea.

He had a competition "The great Mr Axl" who was by far the most richest, the deal was to make Mr Axl fall off from the wealth ladder and then take over his wealth .

"What if I take over Mr. Axl' s wealth?"I thought as I smiled devilishly.

The main reason Dementrio worked with me was because I was smart and cunning and at that moment I decided I was going to teach him a lesson for humiliating me.

I got up and looked around to see the mess I had made, I wasn't proud of myself but I couldn't help it.

" I can't control my anger".

Just then Annie my secretary walked in without knocking .

"What do you think doors are made for?" I shouted angrily.

"Am so sorry Sir, I didn't mean to..."

"Leave immediately" I said cutting her off before she could finish her statement.

She turned to leave but then said, " Sir, your hurt can I get the first aid?".

"No am fine, just leave me please".

"...but sir your bleeding

"Now tell me what you don't understand? I just clearly stated that I was fine" I shouted at her .

I watched as she shivered as she heard my tone , I could tell she was frightened.

She left immediately and I breathed out in relief for joy,

" Women are just a pain in the neck".

I smiled as I thought of how my future was going to be bright after I take over Mr. Axl's wealth.

Talking about pain I felt my head hitting so hard and I knew it was because of the way I shouted.

I rushed to my drawers as I searched for pain killers and luckily for me I found some tablets and quickly swallowed it with the water I saw on my desk.

" Water is life" I said gratefully as I gulped down the remaining water after I took the drugs.

" It's time for business".

I took out my phone and then an envelope from my drawers slowly opening the envelope to check if everything was in place, I smiled in satisfaction seeing it was just as I left it.

" My dear Cindy, I will have to use you as a pun in this" I yelled as I laughed mockingly

I got up with high aura and walked out of my office...


Shocked to see me

"What are you doing here? and how did you get into my house? She ordered.

" Who I am or what am doing here doesn't really matter my dear Cathy" He said with a smirk on his face as he sat down on a cushion and crossed his legs comfortably.

He was handsome in an understated way, his basalt jaw and broad shoulders spoke of strength and power which was the dream of every lady, He had straight eyebrows and an imposing Romanesque nose and was adored by his Teutonic-gold hair which was neat and flowing. He walked with a tiger like tread as his nomad-blue eyes twinkled to grace his footsteps.His firece personality and bass voice were a big part of his ambitious character.He possessed power as he walked with purpose and authority.

"Why don't you have family photographs hanging on the wall?"He asked peering at her face.

Shock was written on her face as she was surprised by his audacity.



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