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Authoress Brenda

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About me

As a young girl who grew up with great passion for writing and scribbling reality. I've been able to pen down my inciting ideas into interesting stories and the only way for you to find out who Authoress Brenda truly is ,is by reading stories.


Painful seduction
  • 👁 320
  • 7.5

Cindy Chester Is a lost soul who knows nothing about her past or family. Kept in a society full of enemies, she is used as a pawn by the man she slowly falls in love with to seduce Mr Axl who later turns out to be her sister's husband and transfers his wealth to the enemies. Cathy Chester Is a bold and business minded Woman brought up with lies her Father-in-law had told her. She is forced to find the truth herself as her journey takes her into different mysteries surrounding her parent's death and sister's disappearance. With both sisters ignorant of their enemies and their past lives, how will they protect the Chester's Enterprise from their father's enemies? How will the secrets of their parents affect their present lives? Will Cathy be able to forgive her sister for unknowingly selling off the company? Find out in this story packed full of sizzling drama, romance, suspense, betrayal and revenge. P.S :Tighten your seatbelt as you enter a world of captivating drama.


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