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Owned by a Rich Man

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On an isolated island stood a tall tower, where a Goddess of luck was kept by a rich man. When the Goddess reached adulthood, her "owner" arrived, the heir of the Albrecht family, Leon Zigmund Albrecht. When Leon laid his eyes on her, he was instantly mesmerized, and that night, he completely owned her. But the next morning, his goddess was gone. The moment they met again, he swore to take her away, especially seeing a mini version of her beside her. This is a story of a young genius CEO teaching and guiding his wife to live in the modern realm.

Chapter 1 - Goddess of Luck

"Mom, what is it like outside?" A soft and milky voice from a little girl sounded. The girl who seemed to age five years old was like a porcelain doll. Her skin was white as snow with golden hair and bright blue eyes. Her cheeks had a healthy pink flush and still had baby fat in them. It can already be seen that she would grow up as a stunning beauty in the future.

The woman that was called mom by the little girl sat beside her in the bed. Both of them looked outside of the window. She was still very young, but she already had a duplicate of her. She had the same traits as the little girl, golden hair, blue eyes, and red cherry lips. Anyone who would lay her eyes on her would be hooked out of their breath.

She was like a goddess that descended on earth. Or maybe, she is.

The woman looked out at the vast world outside. It was nighttime and the sky was full of stars. What they can see from their place were vast land and thick forest. Below was a few feet high, and the place was swallowed in darkness.

It turns out, the mother and daughter were in a tall tower.

The woman looked at her questioning daughter. She caressed the little girl's soft and beautiful hair and sighed.

"Sweetheart, the world is scary." She whispered.

"Why is it, mom? Are there monsters with big fangs like in the picture book?" The little girl inquired innocently.

The woman smiled sadly.

"No, even scarier. Because they can look nice and even beautiful. But their hearts are full of greed and malice." She explained to her daughter, even though she doubted whether the little girl could understand it.

But she never ceases to remind her.

"Remember sweetheart, we are not humans. We are objects that fill the greed of people. My owner keeps me, but it is much better than being outside where many people could hurt me. When the time is right, your owner will arrive to get you too." She explained patiently.

The little girl that could understand only much looked at her mother with big bright eyes. She couldn't comprehend so, however, in her mind, she imagined whether her owner was like the prince in the picture book.

The mister that comes regularly to find her mother was also tall and beautiful and he looked gentle. Will her owner be like him too?

"Well, will he be my prince?" She finally asked her mother.

The young woman could only look at her daughter and smile helplessly at her innocence.

She also wished. But sadly, it was not the case. However, it is not the time to tell this to her. She would know in the future.

A knock sounded at the door. It opened and a woman with a stern face came in.

"The master is here. Child, let's go to another room," The woman announced as she motioned her hand to the little girl.

The little girl looked back at her mother reluctantly. The latter only smiled and fixed her dress for her and urged her to stand.

The little girl finally approached the stern lady obediently.

Outside the door, a large shadow covered her. She looked up and saw the mister's familiar face.

An imposing man stood tall outside the door with a neat three-piece suit. He softened his eyes a little as he gave a small smile to the little girl. But after a beat, he only passed by her and walked to enter the room.

The lady in waiting led the little girl to leave. As they left, the little girl looked back. Just in time before the door shut close, she saw her beautiful mother sitting calmly on the bed and the back of the man as he took off his coat.


A few years later.

A young woman stood in front of the vanity mirror. The once five-year-old girl grew up to be a beautiful young lass. She just reached adulthood and she looked like a blooming rose.

Her long golden hair reached her buttocks, and one could tell it was smooth and soft just by looking at them. Her skin was still as white as snow. Her cheeks had a rosy color on them, and her pouty lips were moist and tinted with a color of cherry red.

A middle-aged woman was behind her and brushed her hair. She looked at her daughter in the mirror and smiled slightly.

"Remember what I told you when you meet your owner later." She whispered softly.

The young woman raised her eyes at her mother in the mirror and her heart trembled. A blush crept in her cheeks that made her face even more blossoming.

Her mother saw her shy and nervous appearance and can't help but sigh. The time had finally come and she can no longer talk to her in black in white.

Last night, she had already prepared her daughter for what is about to happen. From every detail, she didn't shy away from telling and explaining to her daughter.

"Sweetheart, do you remember?" She can only prompt her daughter again.

The young girl heard this, and she recovered and calmed down. She nodded solemnly to her mother.

As she grew older, she was no longer as naïve and clueless as before. When she finally realized and learned what she is and who she is, she slowly became timid. Just like her mom and all the predecessors before her.

They were from the clan of the Goddess of luck. No one really knew anything about them. What they really were nor where they came from.

But they are currently owned by a rich man, locked up in a tall tower.

The family that owned the Goddess at present is the Albrecht family.

And right now, this young woman who had just turned 18 years old would be given to her owner, the present heir of the Albrecht family.

And it will be tonight, the night she will reach adulthood.

The young girl doesn't know what to expect, her dream of meeting her prince slowly faded away through the years as her mother revealed to her the history of her kind.

Now, she was only nervous about what will happen.

Will the owner like her?

Her timid nature covered up the anticipation of her childhood dreams, that deep inside, she still wished for her prince.

Chapter 2 - The Albrecht Family

In an airport, a bunch of media had been waiting at the entrance. They were waiting for the arrival of one of the most sought-after businessmen in the industry today.

The heir of the Albrecht family. Leon Zigmund Albrecht.

He is coming back to the country from a successful business trip abroad. Another huge deal was closed by this prominent and bright young man.

Finally, they saw a tall and dashing lad come out. He was wearing a black coat with shades in his eyes. His expression was cold and aloof, as guards stopped the mobs from the media,

Without adhering to the calls of the reporters and flashes of the camera, Leon boarded the luxury car parked outside the airport. The car hurriedly drove away from the place.

Leon slumped his back on the backrest of the car and crossed his leg. The assistant before him suddenly said.

"Young Master, the President reminded me about the important matter tonight. He ordered to directly go to the Herrenhaus Man


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