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Our Forbidden Desires

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"Do you know the other reasons why I am so furious? It's not just because I saw you with Kristoffer during this late night." "I am angry, because you just f*ck*ng left me again after what had happened between us last night!" "You left me after you repeatedly begged me to f*ck you harder!" Everything started to turn upsidedown when Samantha Hudson found out that her step-brother is no other than the man who took her virginity, Tristan Hilton, a billionaire who's also known for being a playboy on their city. How can they resist the forbidden desires they've been holding for each other, knowing that it'll be a kind of sin?

Chapter 1: One Night Stand

It's a wild night. In a club where the lights are bright and the music is loud, Samantha who's wearing a red velvet dress with a sl*t up one thigh, is drinking a glass of champagne while she enjoys herself at the dance floor of the club. Her long dark hair cascades down her shoulders.

"Hey babe." A tall man with light brown skin and dark brown hair, dressed in jeans and a t shirt walks up next to her. He's grinning from ear to ear. It is clear that he likes her.

"Do you want to go somewhere private?" A man asked, Samantha looked at him in disguise. She's not actually there to make fun but to forget all the bullshits that's happening on her broken family now.

"Go away, whoever you are!" She

said in an annoyed tone as she turned around to continue dancing. Sami has always had a temper.

On the other side, a man who's known as a billionaire and a playboy was watching her from afar. His eyes sparkled with admiration and interest. He liked what he sees. This woman will be his ticket out of the shithole he's facing right now.

"Yeah! Let's party!" Samantha said cheerfully. The bartender handed her another drink. As soon as it reached her mouth he felt someone's arm on her waist. Someone very warm. His touch makes goosebumps rise on her body. She turns her head slowly to look at the man who just came to her. She was about to shout in irritation again when their eyes meet.

"Am I already in heaven?" she thought to herself as she looks at his handsome face. The man's blue eyes gleam with desires.

"We are not yet in heaven, but we're getting there." His voice sounds like a whisper to her ears. Samantha blushes and tries not to show it.

"What's your name?" Samantha smirked and put her hand on his forearm. Tristan, takes a step closer towards her.

"Just call me Sam, the goddess of pleasure," she said, making a gesture to her gown. Tristan smiles and wraps both hands around her waist.

"Sam... what a lovely name." Samantha laughed then move her body into his slightly. Tristan puts his hand behind her neck, pulls her closer and whispers in her ear.

"But I would like to see something that's more lovely than your name." Samantha closes her eyes for a moment and then opens them. She smiles mischievously, as their conversation go on.

They both sat on couch as they decided to talk while drinking. Samantha took a sip of champagne from her glass and leaned back comfortably.

"What brings you here?" Tristan asks. Samantha sighs as if she's tired of everything.

"Well, it's not a new problem when it comes to someone with a broken family..." She started off in an annoyed tone, thinking that she could share all since he's just a stranger.

"I am trying all my best to fix our family, then I will just found out the my mother will marry a new man?! Psh! What a stupid idea!" Samantha continues ranting. Tristan listens attentively. When she finishes, she takes another sip of champagne.

"H-How about you?" Tristan asks after some minutes of silence.

"Business problems," Tristan says in a casual manner. Samantha looks at him surprised.

"You're a businessman?" He nods.

"Yes, I am," Tristan answers. Samantha raises her eyebrows and snorts.

"Oh come on! How can a business man be here, wasting his time drowning himself in alcohol?" Samantha asks sarcastically. Tristan laughs quietly at her comment, then he gives her another sly smile.

"Why? What about you? You're too pretty to be drunk." Samantha rolls her eyes.

"You have no idea how much work I'm doing right now. And I guess it there's nothing wrong with enjoying tonight. I missed tasting women," Tristan said, looking into Samantha's eyes.

"So, you are a womanizer? How many women did you screw over there?" Samantha asks, teasing him a little bit. Tristan doesn't take offense. He knows that it was only a joke and actually a matter of fact.

"None. Not that I remember. They were mostly just random women from bars, clubs or whatever," he said, smiling at the memory. Samantha, stand up from her sit, already feel dizzy.

"Then, enjoy Mr. Businessman! I don't want to be your rebound girl!" Samantha giggles, grabs her purse. Tristan stands up and approaches her, wrapping his arms around her slender waist, when she almost fell because of the dizziness.

Samantha, startled by his sudden closeness, looks at him in surprise and tries to break free. Tristan, chuckling, holds onto her tighter.

"Are you going to leave me all alone?" Samantha scoffs, then try to resist the urge to lean into his embrace.

"Not too fast, sweetheart. You are too serious. So, relax, you know? Have fun," Tristan whispers softly. Samantha stops struggling to free herself and relaxes her body against his.

"Come on, let's drink again. I need more wine anyway," he suggested as he puts his lips close to her ear. Samantha shivers from the coldness of his breath.

"You're such a tease! But I will give in," she says before she goes back to sit down.

"By the way, do you have a boyfriend?" Tristan asks curiously. Samantha shakes her head.

"No, I haven't dated anyone yet. But if it ever happens, I'm sure I'll find someone I'll fall in love with." She grins. Tristan then takes her glass of champagne from her hand.

"Here, drink this," Tristan says as he offers her the glass. Samantha takes it and thanks him. Then she sips the glass, as she noticed Tristan's gaze lingering on her body.

"What? Are you looking at my mouth or my breasts?" Samantha teases him. Tristan smiles.

"Both," he replies nonchalantly. Samantha feels hot all over, she feels shy suddenly. So, she looks away, feeling shy and embarrassed.

They kept talking happily and drinking until it was late at night, not realizing that they will end up having a one night stand and that everything will turn upside down later in the following days.

Chapter 2: Virginity

"I'd lost my virginity!" Samantha shouts in frustration at best friend, Evelyn. She paces back and forth, already cursing the man who ruined her life.

"Wait, alright? Calm down, Sam..."

"Do not panic. Tell me first, do you know the man's name? How old is he?" Samantha stops pacing.

"Is he single? Do you remember his name or even know his number?" Evelyn raises her eyebrow. And Samantha sat down next to her as she dramatically drops her head in her hands

"I don't know, I swear. I actually forgot if he said his name or not. I-I just only remember what he looks like!"

"Damnit!" Samantha groans angrily.

"This is really bad. I can't believe it happened."

"That's really a problem, Sam. Why did you run out of the room without even knowing his name? You should at least wait him wake up." Evelyn sighed as she tried to calm her friend dow


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