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Oops,I fell in love with Mr Lee

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Broad shouldered,sharp jawline,pointed nose,angelic looks and she'd never seen anyone as tall as him. He regarded her through his piercing black eyes that looked cold and frightening. She stared down at his shirtless abs that made her hand tremble and yearning for touch. She widened her eyes in shock,trying not to get lost in those pair of beautiful black eyes. He looked familiar to her but she couldn't remember where she met him. "Who are you?" She made her voice sounded angry but the truth is,she really don't want to be the type of girl that drool over handsome men. He's handsome, no doubt,but something transpired between them,something Eddie doesn't want to think about. "I should be the one to ask you that, since you are in my room" he replied coldly,glancing at her fair shoulders that glimmer due to the ray of the morning sun that was peeking from the window. "But it seems we've met before, Eddie Hemsworth." **


It was raining. She stood at the bus station waiting for the next bus. Her eyes were bloodshot,her hair disheveled and her arms folded. She seems unperturbed by her surroundings but she could feel the heat emitting from her body even though the night was chilly and it was raining.

Her phone rang jolting her back to reality. Without looking at the phone she threw it into her bag that lay carelessly beside her. She knew it was her colleagues,those people who pretend to be her friends. She shouldn't have been friends with them,she thought. She should have just stay in her own lane but it has happened already,it's now a done deal.

She stood up at the sight of the bus she has been waiting for,tired and frustrated. If she could go back in time,she would definitely kill someone.

Despite the frustration and sadness,her face was blank and stoic. She entered the bus with her heels clinking as she made way to the seat located at the back. Anyone would have noticed this disheveled looking woman but she didn't even care,why would she? She was just betrayed by the people she trusted,the people that feign ignorance when she was being sent out of their goddamn company.

She heard her phone rang again. With anger,she brought out the phone from her bag only to discover that it was her best friend,the only person that meant something to her. Without wasting a second,she picked the call.

"Liz"she called while trying to fight back the tears that was brimming in her eyes.

Like an enraged ocean,her tears came falling without stopping. She was crying loudly that the other passengers glanced at her with a look that meant nothing to her.

They knew nothing,she thought.

"Eddie,are you alright?"Liz asked with curiosity. One could notice the urgeness in her voice and even the way she replied shows that she is really concerned about her friend.

Elizabeth Brooks also known as Liz is the only friend of Eddie Hemsworth. Even though they are best of friends,they are the exact opposite of each other. Eddie is the good girl type,the type of girl that only care about her future and doesn't have time for men. While Liz is the playgirl type,the one that could date three guys at a type and even break up with them a the same time. She's flirty too,she flirts with any man that suit her taste. In short,Eddie and Liz are the exact opposite of each other.

"I'm not okay,I'm really not okay"Eddie uttered sadly,her voice shaky as the rumbling of stones.

Liz as usual assured her friend,telling her it's gonna be okay. "Everything is going to be okay."

After getting off the bus,Eddie dragged her feet to her apartment. She met Liz at the door,waiting for her.

"Eddie"she ran to meet her friend that looked so ugly to her. "Eww,what the f*ck happened to you?"

With tears in her eyes,she hugged Liz like she's the only one that could make everything okay.

"It is alright now but first we need to get you out of this sunken state"Liz said teasingly.


*Some hours ago*

"Mr James,I've always adhere to the company rules and I don't think I've done anything to deserve this"Eddie's tiny voice vibrated through the well furnished office. She grazed at the short man that sat majestically in front of her. He regarded her through his brown eyes that made him look like a fashion geek with the all white suit he wore.

He's the manager of the company Eddie works for. She got a job as Mr James assistant just some months back and she's getting sacked for no reason?

It sounded unbelievable to her that it made her want to end her life. This is the first very job she got after searching for a job for the past one year.

"Mr James can you please say something? I've done nothing wrong and I'm sure of that. So please tell me the reason you want me sacked?"she asked him.

The Mr James she knew is the most kindest person she has ever met since she has been looking for a job. Even after she got the job as his assistant,he was the nicest of them all. He got her acquainted with the people she called her colleagues,her senior colleagues with the intention of getting her promoted.

"You didn't notice all I've been trying to insinuate since the past few months,the job I gave you and even the extra bonus I give you every month. Do you think I do all that for no reason?"he replied with his coarse voice that even made his appearance looked weird.

She stared at him,not understanding what he meant. It's true that he has been kind to her and even do all sort of things he was not suppose to do. Was she naive or foolish? No wonder her colleagues kept talking about how nice Mr James is,no wonder.

It seems clear to her now,nothing is free in this world,in this damned world. He had been kind to her expecting to get something else in return,well she's not ready to do that type of thing especially not with this ugly short man,hell no!!!

She feels sad,heartbroken at the same time. She's back at square one,back to looking for a job. She shouldn't have trusted anyone,she should have known they all wanted something in return,she should have known.

With tears brimming in her eyes,she left his office uttering no word. She didn't even take anything except for her bag,the bag she brought to work.


Leonard Lee,a supposed billionaire who is also the CEO of the popular business company in Korean came to America for a project with his assistant,Kim Min Ho. Leonard is known to be an aloof man,a man that could freeze the whole world with his coldness. Rumors has it that he could kill to get whatever he wants and was also nicknamed old Nick. Despite his aloofness,he is one of the smartest and handsome CEO in the country. He could get deals with foreign companies only by persuading them and sometimes his piercing gaze that could send shivers down someone's spine did the work.

After a stressful day,he went ahead with Min Ho to a bar to calm down his nerves. It has always been his habit;going to a bar to calm down his nerves instead of resting at home. He sat alone at one side of the bar,his eyes closed and legs crossed. One would have thought he's an earthly god with the way he sat and the way he dressed. He wore a white hoodie and a pair of black trousers complimenting his dainty appearance. His burnished black hair was down and somehow gave him the friendly appearance. His assistant, Min ho knows better than to sit with him whenever he's calming down his nerves. So he instead found a spot he could sit alone without anyone disturbing him.

He seems unbelievable to him when he saw a lady in her early twenties walking up to his boss. Oh no,this is not happening,he thought. He knew his boss is hard to resist but he's only a devil with good looks.

"Hello handsome"the svelte shaped lady walked up to Leonard whose eyes were closed.

The lady got no response but being the persistent type,she kept talking not minding his quietness.

"I'm Elizabeth by name but I prefer being called Liz. I came with my friend and I hope you don't mind me joining you,just to spend some time"she said,smiling like a kid who was just given ice cream. She glanced at her friend who only shook her head.

"Err,Mister handsome"she called with a sweet voice when she got no response from the mysterious man who kept his eyes closed.

Suddenly,he fluttered his eyes,glaring facetiously at the lady that has been pestering him.

"Liz or whatever your name is,get the f*ck out of my sight"he said cruelly,his green eyes scrutinizing her. He gave her a look,a cold look that could make anyone tremble under their clothes.

"Min Ho,get this lady out of here"he uttered to his assistant who has been looking at what is transpiring between his boss and this fearless lady.

"Tsk"she scoffed. "Aren't you misusing your power and besides the bar is not for you,so who are you to tell someone to drag me out?"Liz asked harshly.

Liz might be the flirty type but she's not the type to keep quiet when she's been treated in a way she doesn't like. If it was Eddie,she would walk away demurely and more so,cry like a baby.

Leonard stood up from his seat,a sly smile etched at one side of his face. He moved closer to her,closer enough that Liz could feel his breath on her face.

"You must have a death wish,missus. I wouldn't mind,feasting you to my dogs if you decide not to get out of my sight"he said ruthlessly and coldly that it made Liz trembled. She wanted to talk,speak bashfully to this man but she kept quiet instead. She instantly felt the cold aura emitting from him,the aura she failed to notice. She moved backwards realizing she really made a mistake flirting with a boss,a mafia boss maybe. But she felt her back touched someone while moving back. She turned back only to find her best friend,Eddie.

"Ed..die"she stuttered,fear clearly written on her face.

"I told you to stop flirting with old men,especially with men that look like this"Eddie uttered,her hand on Liz's face. She pushed Liz to her back,facing the man instead.

Liz widened her eyes in shock,probably shocked. She felt like they've switched roles,like it felt so unreal to her. It would be good anyways,if Eddie could be like this.

"Oldie"Eddie called with a blank face. Finally,she found someone she could vent her anger on,she thought.

"Another freak"Leonard said expressionlessly. "Get both of them out of....."


It was a slap!! A slap!!!


Another slap!!

Liz could not believe her eyes when she saw how Liz slapped the man. To make it more unbelievable, she slapped him twice without even considering if she's doing the right thing. She's doing the right thing of course,Liz thought.

"The first slap was for mistreating a lady while the second slap was for calling me a freak. I would have slap the third but I felt my anger already dissipated"Eddie muttered before glancing back at Liz who was still shocked. "Let's go home,Liz."

Like a lamb,Liz obeyed her.


"Boss"Min Ho called his boss solemnly knowing fully that he just encounter the most embarrassing thing in his life. He had thought he would flare up or even threaten to sack him cause he intentionally kept quiet when his boss was being humiliated. But instead he found him smiling deviously. He thought he was seeing things until he heard him say something he didn't expect.

"Find out about that second Lady,the one that slapped me"Leonard said,a smile etched across his face.

"Find out about her?"Min Ho asked,still not sure if his ears and eyes are working. It was working definitely. He'd saw him smile and those words,he said them in a normal way. The world is changing,he thought.

"You heard me right"he replied Min Ho before walking out of the bar,still feeling the hotness of the slap.

Min Ho stood still,not sure if he should wait till tomorrow cause he's not sure if his boss is doing well. He just got slapped for God sake.

"Maybe I should call a doctor"he scratched his head nervously. "Its so hard working for a mean boss,argh."

He later left the bar after deciding to get his task done. Leonard Lee is his boss anyways,whether he is cold or humble.

Chapter 2

“You were so awesome yesterday,babe!!” Liz exclaimed,taking a sip out of the hot tea in her hand. “ I had no idea you have that fierce spirit in you.”

“This is the tenth time you’ve said it since we woke up fifteen minutes ago Liz” Eddie smiled beautifully,contented she did something worth remembering. “You know,I’ve decided not to keep quiet anymore,you’ve motivated Liz,expect more.”

They both laughed,enjoying the cup of hot tea.

Eddie and Liz became friends when they were freshers in college,five years ago. It was such a funny experience when they met. Liz actually helped Eddie when she was being bullied by some ladies in her department. Eddie was so helpless then that Liz told her to always stay with her and since then,they’ve been friends,best of friends. After college,they decided to live together before deciding the next course. Liz studied business management in school and works at one of the business companies. While Eddie studied a general course and wo


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