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Only You

Only You

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Daniel Chang , handsome and smart looking was just settling down to a life of comfort after going through so many ordeals when Park Su Young his ex girl friend came back into his life after breaking his heart seeking for a job opportunity. Torn between professional and personal decision, it seemed Daniel made a mistake in employing her,or so it appeared until everything began to change that threatened Daniel's comfort. Experience the love and forgiveness in this heart warming contemporary, suspense filled romance Novel. Will a relationship that was once broken be mended again after years of heart ache?

Chapter 1 We meet again

Daniel Chang had just returned from a meeting with the commissioner and sat down on his chair heavily. He intended to relax a little, probably have a cold drink, before going to see the managing director of Diamond Bank. The bank which was one of the many customers of Choice Computers Company, owned and handled by Daniel Chang had just paid for the computers it bought from Choice Computers Company but needed to purchase more worth Ten Million Won. Daniel had decided to see the Managing Director himself to agree the terms of payment with him.

He looked round his office and smiled a little to himself, pleased with what he saw. The wall of the room was cream and a company particularly known to be very good at such had handled the interior decoration. Who could have thought he would own such a big company today? Six years ago, nobody knew him. He was a struggling young man. Those were tough, cruel days.

His secretary came in and put a white envelope on the table, just in front of him.

“This is for you.”

“Thank you Wendy.” He started, picking up the envelope. “Could you give me a cup of coffee and probably…..” He stopped abruptly. He had turned the envelope over and had seen what was written at the back FROM SU YOUNG!

The name leapt at him. Could it be her- one of the workers in Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul Korea, the church he attended? It wasn’t likely. They just knew each other to be members of the same church. There would not be any reason for her to come to his office. There was only one other Su Young- could it be her?

With impatience, he tore the envelope open reading the letter that was inside with narrow eyed intensity. It was from the other Su Young, his ex-girlfriend whom he hadn’t seen for the past six years since she changed her mind about their relationship or should he say since her parents changed her mind? But it couldn’t be! What would she want?

He looked at his watch. It was 3:15pm. She would come back at 4pm according to the letter and would need his assistance.

“Sir, you were saying that I should bring a cup of coffee and something.” The slim secretary said, her voice slicing through his thoughts.

He had forgotten she was still around. “Just coffee.” He said flatly.

The secretary went out with a little smile on her face, wondering whom the letter was from and about its content.

PARK SU YOUNG! Daniel Chan’s heart started to beat wildly. How did she know where to find him anyway? Would she have changed? She was 5 feet 7 inches tall, and beautiful. That meant she didn’t travel abroad, she was still in town. Seoul must be very big because they never once met. He ran a hand through his hair with annoyance as he wondered why am I feeling so disturbed? Sadness swept over him as he thought of Su Young, her love and tenderness.

They had been seeing each other for over two years when eventually her parents forced her to leave him. Not that they ever approved of the relationship, he thought angrily. They thought Daniel was not good enough for their beautiful daughter. Yes, Su Young was beautiful. With her fair, flawless, glowing skin, long hair and a set of white teeth which she readily revealed in a smile, she was the epitome of beauty. The fact that she was from a very rich family hadn’t helped matters.

The secretary returned, carrying a tray on which was a cup of coffee.

“At what time did the lady come? Daniel enquired with the letter still in his hand.

“Er- it was about an hour ago.” Wendy responded noticing the little frown on her boss face. This was her second year with Choice Computers Company, a major computer sales and service company. She enjoyed working for Daniel Chang. He was a very good boss who knew how to be firm and strict when he had to be and could also be fair and ready to listen to his staff. She had planned to ask him to give her a day off during the week, so she could take her son to hospital but she didn’t think now was a good time to ask him for favor and definitely not something like a day off.

She took a look at Daniel Chang again. He was young and handsome. Little wonder some ladies in the office were having romantic thoughts of fantasy, trying to work their way into his heart, the secretary thought wryly. It was a good thing that Daniel was a believer and had a wonderful way of handling such ladies without causing any bad feelings. He was sensible enough not to be susceptible to that kind of flattery or temptation.

Wendy looked at Daniel with admiration. I will ask him for the day off tomorrow, where he is in a better mood, she told herself as she dropped the cup of coffee on his table.

Lifting it to his mouth, Daniel asked coolly, “How is your family, Wendy? ”..

“We are fine thank you.” But I need Friday off, she almost added but held back. This wasn’t the right moment. Daniel turned to the computer on his table. “Good. Fill me in on the progress of Taeyong Company and let me have all the papers from them regarding the business deal.” He ordered briskly and the secretary went into detail, discussing the matter under consideration.

She went briefly to her office and came back with a file, spreading the sheet in it on the table for Daniel’s perusal.

As Daniel looked at the sheets, he completely forgot the passage of time, and momentarily, Su Young.

A little sound in the secretary’s office made the two of them look up from the papers they had been studying. The secretary dashed quickly to her office to see who had come.

Daniel heard voices and he glanced at his watch- it was 4:30pm. Could it be Su Young?

“The lady is around.” The secretary interrupted his thought.

“Show her in.” He said blandly.

Find out more in the next chapter of ONLY YOU!

Chapter 2 Awkward moment

Su Young squared her shoulder before she lost courage and tapped lightly on the door. Nervously, she pushed open the door and entered.

As she walked in, she was aware of Daniel’s eyes on her as they silently surveyed her, taking in the blue gown she wore. This disturbed her a little. She knew she looked very elegant which gave her the image of confidence and sophistication but what she felt inside was far from confidence.

Flustered, she looked at Daniel and saw the face that had haunted her memories for years. How time flies! He had not changed much although he had filled out a little as she had heard and had grown older but he was no less handsome. He wore a well-tailored black suit with a white shirt without a tie, all of good quality, she recognized. He looked very attractive and comfortable. How old now? Thirty years?

“So I was not mistaken, it is you.” Daniel said

Good evening Daniel Chang.” It’s been awhile. Su Young said, forcing a smile. Was he glad t


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