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One night with Mr Braxton

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Emma Steele is a closeted shoe designer and heir of her father's shoe company. After her father's death, her step mother and sister deceived her into signing off her rights to the company and working behind closed doors while her sister took the credit. Everything goes wrong when she is made to watch her long term boyfriend get engaged to her sister on the night of her birthday. Unknown to her, she was being arranged by her step mother and sister to become the wife of Mr Braxton, who suffers severe anger management issues, while her life's work is used for their selfish interest. Mr Braxton returns home drunk after discovering his inheritance as the sole heir to Braxton International was being threatened by a clause to marry a Lady from the Steele household. He meets an unconscious and beautiful Emma in bed, and they spend the night together. The next day, a contract was drawn up; To become Mrs Braxton for three years in a no affection marriage in exchange for 20 billion dollars!

Chapter 1

' Crash! '

The ear splitting sound of a ceramic tea cup breaking to tiny pieces upon colliding to the pristine white walls shocked the board members into silence.

" WHAT did you just say? " The voice of Mr. Braxton echoed in the silent room. Anger rolling off him in bounts.

One of the project managers, Mr Benson - a middle aged man, who was standing by the projector nearly peed his pants as he tried to explain. He couldn't bring himself to repeat the fact that he had just lost a multi million dollar deal to the rival company.

" It was–was... I'm sorry sir! It'll never happen again! " He squeaked out fretfully, unable to stand the presence of the boss.

" You are sorry? " Mr Braxton asked with an expression that caused chills on the arms of the beholders. " Everyone! He says he's sorry!" He turned around with an odd smile, looking at the faces of every single person who was seated, petrified at what was setting to happen. " Sorry, it fixes everything, doesn't it? It brings back the millions of dollars you freely gave away? "

At this point, Mr Braxton had lost every ounce of warmth which caused the atmosphere of the room to grow cold.

" You have one chance to tell me what really happened to my project. "

" It was the ColTae group! After our last meeting with the governor, we picked a date for the contract signing and he didn't show up. He stopped picking our calls and in some weeks we realized that he had been poached."

" And when was it reported to me, Mr Benson? " Mr Braxton asked and was met with silence. " Oh don't let me stop you. Pray tell, at what point did you deem fit to report the hiccup to me? "

This time around, his eyebrows furrowed - a tale told that hell was about to break loose.

" I didn't. I thought I could handle it. Please pardon me sir! " The man said, already on his knees with an expression that evoked the sympathy of others. But caused Asher Braxton to break out in a fit of faux - laughter.

Suddenly, his face was contorted into that of a rock and the next words out of his mouth came to the surprise yet anticipation of all.

" You are relieved of your duties. Effective immediately. Meeting dismissed." Asher Braxton's voice was authoritative and without emotion. He walked out of the room with his assistant following behind him as he thought on other punishments that could be meted out for traitors such as Mr Benson.

The esteemed employees were stunned at the words of the interim CEO. Ever since his ascension to the throne in place of his father seven years ago, they were all too familiar with what was going on.

Over the years, they learned by experience the consequences of incompetence and betrayal. Something that was very rampant until Mr Asher Braxton took the reins of the business.

Mr Braxton was a thirty two year old multi billionaire who took the reins of his father's real estate and hotel business at the age of twenty five, managed to exceptionally turn the tides of the business within seven years and emerged as the no 1 business tycoon and billionaire in America.

Asher Braxton was a talented, handsome, smart and formidable business tycoon and billionaire who had severe anger management issues; Which had overtime grown to be disadvantageous to him as he was known and referred as the temperamental CEO who could decisively ruin the life of millions by a single anger influenced decision.

As a result to his short circuit, Asher wasn't the best at maintaining relationships. Right from a young age, he had problems controlling his anger which made it hard for him to peacefully coexist with people; only with the exemption of his best friends and some family members.

As he grew, he felt comfortable with a small circle and defeated his wrathful anger until his mother's painful and untimely death awakened the beast in him. Ever since then, no one, including himself, had been able to tame it.

His best friend - Jason Miller, soon became the only person who remained and got accustomed to his way of life after everyone else tried and was relegated to the belief that he was a lost case.

" Put him on the company's blacklist. Freeze every asset and ensure that every income route is closed until further notice." Asher ordered after some thought. Of which his assistant wasn't the least bit surprised to hear.

The man had intentionally sold out the deal to the rival company. Thereby betraying the company and causing a huge loss. A loss which could have been avoided but was allowed by Mr Braxton in order to take him out of the way and recompense him for the numerous crimes committed.

" Yes sir. You have a meeting with the family lawyer. The will was scheduled for seven and we are ten minutes late. The car is ready."

While his assistant was speaking, Asher's phone suddenly started ringing. His childhood friend was calling. Apparently, he was in the country and surprisingly just on time for his father's will reading.

Coincidence? Not.

Being the husband of his beloved sister, he knew that it was her way of ensuring that he had someone who could take ' care ' of him during the meeting. With a swipe, the call connected.

" Hello friend and brother- in- law! Took you long enough to pick up." The goofy voice of Jason said immediately.

" What do you want? I'm busy."

" You're still as fun as ever! I'm in front of the office. Let's go together. Tick tock, we are running late." Jason's voice was still so vibrant that one wouldn't imagine he was speaking to a brick wall.

" I will bring myself over. You can leave first."

" Now where's the fun in that? I just got into the city and I'd like to do something before the day goes by so hurry up! "

Before he could reply, the phone beep went off, signaling the end of the call. Asher wasn't in the best mood for any human interaction but knowing Jason, he knew he didn't have a choice and decided it was best to indulge him.

" You don't need to escort me. Message me if there's any urgent situation and cancel my schedule for the day. " He ordered the assistant in front of his private elevator.

As soon as the message was passed, he pressed a button and elegantly walked into the elevator, headed to the ground floor. Immediately he came out of the elevator, a lot of greetings were thrown at him of which he ignored.

He stalked out of the building in majestic strides only to be met with a black Lamborghini parked in front of the building.

Without a second thought, he headed for the vehicle and got into the passenger's seat, only acknowledging his friend after some seconds of silence.

" How is she?" He asked, referring to his sister who was also his wife.

" She's beautiful as always. Hey! You didn't even ask me how I am. I'm offended. " Jason said, mock hurt.

" And we are yet to move. Get this car up and on the way, Jason. " Asher's tone was rising, he was yet to deal with the betrayal of his employee and didn't feel like entertaining his friend at the moment.

" Aye aye captain!" Jason immediately started the car. After some seconds of silence, he began talking again, much to the displeasure of Asher who wanted some peace and quiet and knew that his friend wasn't going to stop.

In record time, they were at the lawyer's office. A cold frost covered the face of Asher as he took in the building behind dark shades. It was finally the day the will was to be read and he didn't know how to feel about it.

He felt a familiar arm on his shoulder and knew it was Jason's. Despite his being a goofball half the time, Asher knew he was the only dependable and trusting friend he had. A major quality that qualified him to be the husband of his sister.

" Let's do this." The voice said and without further Ado, they walked into the building, ready for the first and private hearing of his late father's will.

Chapter 2

At the stroke of midnight, Inside one of the rooms in a beautiful family home, Emma Steele's eyes sprang open. The disturbing yet familiar sound of her phone alarm blasted into the air of her closet room.

With little to no space from her bed and the walls, she gently got down, careful not to make a noise while curtailing her excitement to begin her day with a secret rendezvous.

Emma had previously placed some black pants and shirt at the top of her luggage which was by the little and only window she was lucky to have in her room. On getting to the window, a dazzling smile graced her lips as she took in the beautiful midnight stars.

She only allowed herself this ritual once every year. She could vividly remember how her mother would wake her up at the stroke of midnight to wish her a happy birthday. The early hours of her birthday was always something she'd grown to look forward to as a result of the fun activities and time she got to be in the


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