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One Night Stand With A Billionaire

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Everette's world is thrown into disarray when she wakes up in a hotel room, disoriented and confused. Her heart sinks as she realizes that she has been drugged and taken advantage of by a stranger. With only three days left until her dream wedding, she must face the devastating truth and confess her secret to her fiancé. However, the confession only leads to the cancellation of the wedding, leaving Everette heartbroken and alone. To add to the chaos, she discovers that she is pregnant with the stranger's baby. Despite the turmoil, Everette bravely embarks on a journey of self-discovery, determined to find love and happiness amidst the pain and confusion.

Chapter 1

Everette drinks the last cup of wine and belches out silently. She rubs her eyes in a sleepy state and drops the cup back to the bar man.

"You look sleepy. And drunk." The bar man says to her chuckling.

Everette nods in a daze and tries sitting in front of him. "I think I should go take some rest upstairs." She says pointing upward to them.

"Oh, too bad the host will leave early. Don't worry, everything is going to be okay." The bar man replies and walks inside to get the guest more drinks. Music booms heavily and everyone dances to their satisfaction while playing games and getting drunk. It is Everette's bachelorette party and four days to her wedding. After four days, she will get married to Jim, her dream guy and live with him forever. Everette grins at her thoughts as she climbs up the stairs. She walks towards the rooms and searches for her room number in her drunken state. She didn't drink much wine but wonders how she ended up getting drunk.

Her eyes are blurry but she can still make out what's in front of her if she concentrates. She opens up her room door and staggers inside. She flings her purse which she manages to pick downstairs and jumps on her bed. She rolls over the bed and cuddles herself up, feeling hot. What's happening to her? Do people feel hot while drunk? She didn't even drink much and she can feel her head thumping loudly and trying to escape from her body.

Her body feels hot as she rolls on the bed in a bid to get her body calm.

She looks towards the bathroom and tries getting up to take some shower but d*mn, she feels so weak that she has to lay back on and cuddles herself up. She struggles to stand up and takes off her clothes. The alcohol she probably drank was too strong and that made her feel so hot. But she won't deny that she really enjoys her party. After four days, she will be married and her single life will come to an end. Getting married to Jim will be one of the happiest and biggest achievements for her. They've come a long way.

She takes off her clothes due to how hot she is and lays back on the bed. She can't wait to sleep off and wake up the next morning feeling calm. Not seeing Jim for today makes her feel incomplete. She can't wait to see his face tomorrow even though she knows he might be busy with the wedding preparations.

Everette is already dozing off when she hears a squeak in the door. She is sure she locks the door and doesn't have the strength to stand up and check whatever that is. Her eyes and ears fail her as she drifts into the darkness.

The man walks into the room staggering and evident that he is drunk or drugged. He is feeling hot underneath and wants to get laid with someone. He staggers to his bed and surprisingly, meets a lady sleeping on his bed naked. Who is she? How did she get here? The man knows he has been drugged and comes over to his room to avoid something he will ever regret. But seeing this naked young brunette lady in front of him and his desires rising up. He jumps on the bed without considering and runs his hands over her flawless white skin. He brushes his hands on her soft silky hair which feels good on his hands. He groans and gets rid of the comforter, having full access to her body. Her breasts point up at him, calling to him to s*ck them as he wants. He grins widely and gets to work immediately, fulfilling his desires which won't back down.

The sun finds its way into the room and casts its light on Everette's face. She sighs and is forced to get up from her dream. Her dream of Jim having the best s*x with her. She grins widely as she recalls the pleasure she had from the dream which feels surreal. Her grin is wiped off immediately and her body starts aching all over. She tries standing up but the pain she feels underneath makes her shriek and lay down instantly. She tries remembering what happened last night. She remembers she slept off on the bed then why is her body aching all over. She struggles to sit up and pulls the comforter off her body.

"Ahh!" Everette shrieks as her eyes come in sight of blood. Her blood! Under her. Her heart beats loudly as she moves away from the bed.

"What is this?" She whispers. Her brain travels back and she recalls hearing someone enter her room. Did she got r*p*d? She just lost her virginity. Everette panicked and didn't know what to do. She held the comforter tightly as the realization hit her that the dream was real but the man who slept with her wasn't Jim. Everette has always been keeping her virginity for her husband, after the wedding. Jim has never touched her even though sometimes he tries to. He thinks he is getting married to a virgin woman but how will she tell him that she got r*p*d or slept with an unknown man. Tears streamed down Everette's face and she wiped it off immediately. She rushes into the bathroom to clean herself up before someone comes visiting her.

After bathing, she washes the comforter and cleans up any sign of blood from the room. She wears back her clothes and spreads the comforter at the balcony, hoping for it to dry quickly.

"Everette, how can you be so careless?" She blames herself constantly when she hears a knock on her door. Her eyes widen as she stares at the door, contemplating on what to do. What if it's Jim?

"Everette!" She hears her sister's voice call out and she sighs in relief. She looks around the room, making sure she has cleared everything up and no one will suspect a thing. Then she leaps towards the door to open up for her sister.

Chapter 2

"What took you long to open the door for me." Isabella says walking into the room. Everette closes the door behind her and stands at the doorway, looking at her as she makes her way in. Hope she is not suspicious? She has been careful to clear the room and any evidence pointing to what happened last night.

Everette's eyes darted around the room to be sure there's nothing that can catch Isabella's attention here.

"Bride to be." Isabella winks at her and sits on the bed. Everette walks towards her trying to hide her leaping legs.

"You don't look okay. What's wrong?" She asks, looking worried. Her heart misses a beat as she sits beside her, trying to pull out a genuine smile. "Are you having a hangover?" Isabella says again, smiling sheepishly.

"Yeah, I drank too much last night." Everette replied, chuckling. She hit her on the shoulder playfully and grins wide


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