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Once She Used To Be His Sister

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Doctor said that Anna have some mental problem. Also she is being treated badly by her family member except her brother. there is 10 year gap between her and Her brother. Her brother "Daniel Li " is the CEO of Li group. he is young Batcholer of 27,28 year old. very handsome strong character, prince charming of many girl specially of his young childhood friend Emily. She had crush on him and is planning to marry him by convincing her and his family. Daniel knew but her feeling but he hadn't shown any interest or respond to her. Anna who is literally Daniel sister also have crush no it can't say it as a crush but had been in love with her own brother since long time. daniel love her very much but as sister but anna had romantic feeling for daniel. let's see what role destiny play that one day daniel introduce anna as her fiancee. will they both end together ? if yes how? can anna express her feeling? how Will daniel react to it?

Am i ugly?

"Anna don't show up during the party time did you get it." her aunt told her.

Anna, said reluctantly "but I am also a family member and today is my brother's birthday party why can't I show up during party time?"

Anna was reluctant to accept the fact that this time too she had no chance to celebrate the birthday party of her own brother although every year daniel celebrate his birthday only with her after-party so that she wouldn't be sad and lonely she always wants to see what is there happening in party room cause every time in birthday party of daniel there would be many guests clapping sound and she could also hear the faint sound of music but she didn't know exactly what is happening there because ever time she was locked in her room with window and door close and two bodyguards standing outside her room door.

So she said "but I really wanna be there this time and I am also a family member I have right to be there " after listening her aunt Sasa gloomily looked at her as if the look could kill her.

If look can kill anyone she would have been killed a thousand times

And aunt said "oh really? Why didn't I know that you are a family member? Do you know to be a member of Li You should have every quality including brain did you hear me, b*st*rd. Dare you once again speak I will show you how to celebrate party"

Anna was frightened but she can't lose this chance so "she said aunt sasa plz let me also go I won't do any mistake I will silently see it... "She hasn't finished talking she got heavy slap thrice continuously

And she fell on the ground and looked up where the slap came from, it was no other than Isabelle daughter of aunt sasa.

Isabella was a beautiful girl with a perfect plump figure but with a black heart. By looking at her no one could tell that she was so vicious that she would make a joke, humiliate others for her comfort and joy.

When Anna looked up at Isabelle anna had the teary eye, and pitiful look but she couldn't do anything "you mental girl dare you to speak once again about joining the party I will show you how nice hell is " said, Isabelle.

Aunt sasa looked at the bodyguard and said them "what are you looking at taking this mental into the room close all the windows and doors of the room"

After listening to the order bodyguard comes forward and held anna's hand and looked at anna's face when she looked up they were shocked tears were rolling on her cheeks and five fingers were printed and swollen.

Bodyguards were trembling but not because of the pitiful look of anna but due to fear of daniel, not only the bodyguard but both mother sasa and daughter isabella were trembling because everyone knew how much daniel care about anna.

If he comes to know anna was beaten harshly by isabella no one knows what daniel would do with both mother and daughter.

After a minute aunt, sasa said what are you looking at my face go get her in and provide ointment and teach her that she shouldn't say anything about this incident to daniel"

After she finished talking she glanced at anna angrily.

Although anna wanna go to a party it was not possible anymore. She was taken into the room by bodyguards and given ointment, after everything is done she was left alone in the room with every window and door closed.

Although her room was decorated in a princess way she was no more princess in absence of her brother she was like a street dog who has barged into another man's house.

She pleased from inside the room to the bodyguard who was standing outside the door but she couldn't succeed so she stops and went to bed sobbingly and after an unknown period of time she doesn't know when she fell asleep.

It's not that bodyguards are not willing to help her but they can't do anything cause it was the order of Viscous lady aunt sasa.

And if they don't follow it they will be punished harshly and immediately be fired by her.

She had already done this to the bodyguard who was willing to help anna 2 years ago the bodyguard was beaten harshly with one hand and leg broken and was fired.

On the other side, Daniel was getting ready and Emily who was his childhood friend was waiting in his room.

She was very excited this time also cause every time daniel get ready for this party she is the first one to see him she loves daniel she was thinking that how to tell him her feeling today is the best day to tell her feelings to daniel.

Emily thought she would tell him while giving him a gift in front of everyone then again she thought no it won't be good cause daniel doesn't like to open his private life in front of other people.

As she was thinking different way to confess her love suddenly the door of the dressing room open and she looked up at daniel Emily felt as if she saw a greek god with a perfect nose crave like sculpture deep eye of dark brown color, thin lips, and silky black hair comb back as if he was himself a greek god as she was engulfed in looking daniel.

He snapped his finger in front of timely and then finally she came to see and said daniel you are looking "so handsome girl you are going to marry is going to be so lucky", she was regarding that girl as her own

but Daniel had no idea about it and he said " maybe" and at this moment also he was d*mn serious as if he was attending any meeting.

By looking at this Emily said when are you going to learn how to joke at this moment also you are this serious.

Daniel didn't answer and said let us go outside it's getting late. But before going hall where the party is to being held he want to see anna how is she? if she needs anything?

So he told to Emily you go first I will be there after a minute after listening to him Emily could guess daniel was going to see his beloved sister so she went by herself although she wanted to be shown up at the party together with daniel she knew once it comes to anna daniel would listen to know one so she went hall by her own.

And daniel went toward anna's room as he was approaching the bodyguard tense by imaging anna's cheeks they don't know what to do. Within this time daniel approached them and asked how is anna? they together said fine, find their voice was tense don't why daniel had a feeling that anna was not good something had happened to her so as he was approaching the door handle and was about to open the door he was seen by aunt sasa and she thought about anna look and she suddenly came.

And said daniel everyone is waiting for you downstairs let's go otherwise your grandpa will be angry if we delay.

Daniel doesn't want to leave without looking at anna but what aunt sasa told was also right of something wrong happened due to his delay due to which if grandpa is angered by anyone over there it might cause health problems to grandpa again.

Daniel first went to grandpa with Emily on his side but for some reason, grandpa doesn't like Emily he feels some negative vibes from her.

Grandpa was very happy and was glowing when he saw see Daniel but when his eye fell on Emily he twitches his face.

Everybody gives their blessing to daniel and the party was going smoothly. Mr. Yan father of Emily yan come forward and talk about some projects between Li's group and yan's group.

Although Li's group is counted in the world's top 10 groups. Yan's group was also fine. This party is the so-called birthday party but actually, it can be called a business party.

After the party was finished he quickly went to the kitchen.

All the staff and cooks in the kitchen knew why daniel came to the kitchen cause every time daniel entered the kitchen once in a year on his birthday to prepare a cake for anna.

So, This time also he came and grabbed cake which he specially baked himself for anna like every time and he grabbed it and directly went to anna room while moving anna room.

He remembered the past how anna used to please him to make the cake and if he says no anna used to start crying so he learned it when he was 16 years old now bodyguard can't do anything so they just greet daniel and lowered their head.

As soon as Daniel open the door his saw a Barbie-like girl who is so sweet and innocent sleeping in a baby position putting her hand under her small head.

Every time he sees her his eye becomes soft and a lot of emotion were in it.

After their parent died in a car accident he always used to take care of anna in a more gentle way. He sat beside her on the bed and started looking at her.

The way he looked at her looked as if he can look at her all his life without blinking.

Suddenly his eye fell on another side of her face although fingerprint was not anymore seen it was still swollen he became gloomy and his eye was so red as of he would kill the one who did it.

He stands up from bed and was about to go outside the room to Interrogate daniel heard the little girl murmuring "Brother Daniel I love you plz don't abandon me..... " as he listened,

Daniel's lips rose and he put his hand on anna's forehead and said silly girl I am here with you and I am never gonna abandon you.

Anna felt something hot and soft like cotton is touching her forehead and hair so she opened her eye and what she looked at was daniel handsome face and she smiled and immediately hugged him saying" you are finally here why are you so late I am waiting for you don't you know "

she was acting just like a baby which makes Daniel smile gently.

But anna became sad and said "why didn't you take me with you to the party hall. Am I that ugly? "

You are my world

Looking at Anna sad daniel brush his finger on anna's hair and said in a gentle voice " I am sorry my princess I won't be late again forgive me this time

" anna was little convinced with him but still she hadn't got an answer to her second question so she said again " forgiving you for you became late is no that difficult cause I am willing to wait for you but........." she said this in a very innocent way with red teary eyes.

After looking at her in such an appearance daniel's face darken and he felt like his heart was grabbed and squeezed by several hands.

Daniel adjust his mood a little bit and coaxed her like a child saying "what happens to my Anna why there is tear in the eyes of my baby "

Then she said " brother Daniel am I really so ugly or not obedient, not well mannered that like aunt sasa, Isabelle, uncle and you all are not willing to take me with you ? or do you also think I am a mentally retarded person? "

she said and hugged daniel hand fa


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