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Résumé Damon is a rich playboy who goes from conquest to conquest, he doesn't last a month with a conquest, he thinks he's happy like that until he meets Mandy (Amanda), the attraction is immediate, and like, no neither wanted a serious relationship, he is disturbed. Damon hates all the males who gravitate around his girlfriend. the situation is quite complex because his heart has already made its choice, it was Mandy or nothing, while the mind continues in its ramblings, who will Damon listen to: his heart or his head? And will Amanda put up with Damon's every whim? Follow me to find out how bare this story is.

Chapter 1

Chapitre Ier Encounter Mandy Hi, my name is Amanda, but my friends nicknamed me Mandi, I am a young business manager of 25 years old, I am an event planner. After my studies I preferred to create my own business, instead of putting up with the moods of an unbearable boss. I am quite secretive in what I say, and I don't lower my gaze in front of anyone. I can't stand injustice, much less the oversized egos of certain people. I am sincere and clear in my relationships, whether romantic or friendly. I am surrounded by men, my best friends are men, sixty percent of my employees are men. My friendly relationships with women left me with a bitter taste. In my opinion, women are hypocrites, false, jealous among themselves, I know what I'm talking about, I prefer a thousand times talking with men to women. I'm in my office focused on planning the party organization I've been assigned. My phone rings, it's my assistant -Hello, Mandi (we are friends) I have good news for you. I got an interview with the CEO of the Mendès group, to be the official organizer of all the events they will have to carry out. - that's good news. What time is the appointment? - it's today at 4 p.m. - So, prepare all the documents and brochures, and be ready for 3 p.m. - No worries boss - shut up. see you. - choooo... At noon I have a Chinese meal delivered, going home would waste my time. I take a break for an hour to eat and have a digestive. At five to 3 p.m., my assistant (Patrick) knocks on my office. - It's time, madame, your carriage has moved. - Thank you my prince, we can go. Thirty minutes later we are in the premises of “Mendès”. It is a three hundred floor building, the facade reflects wealth and luxury. We enter the hall, everything is tastefully decorated and refined. We find ourselves in front of the very beautiful receptionist with a disdainful smile on her face. - Hello miss, we have an appointment with the CEO, can you tell us his office? - What time is the appointment? - 4 p.m. - But it is not yet time, madame. - It's miss, and we prefer to wait than be late. What is his office please. How cheeky, she pretends to look at something in her diary. - Do you need to look for their office in your agency? She raises her head, gives us a murderous look and responds: - He's on the 299th floor. - THANKS We go to take the elevator to the CEO's floor. When we exit the elevator we are greeted by a very smiling middle-aged woman. - Hello ma'am, we have an appointment with the CEO at 4 p.m. can we wait here until it's time? - Of course, follow me, She seats us in a fairly open space at a table and offers us some juice to drink. We thank her for her kindness. She comes back two minutes later, telling us that her boss is ready to see us. We follow her immediately. She opens the door to a large office, as huge as a football field. behind the desk a man gets up to welcome us, with a smile on his face, sh*t he's a Greek God, I'm surrounded by guys, but I've never had this feeling at first sight with someone. I'm nervous all of a sudden.

Chapter 2

Chapitre 2 Meeting 2 Damon When I see through the surveillance videos, a very beautiful woman, 1.70m blonde, with a very beautiful chest, and a magnificent posterior. She is delicious. When my friend told me about his sister's ex best friend, and what she had done, he asked me to give her an interview to see if her company could handle party planning. , meetings, demonstrations. I wasn't very excited at first, with what my eyes sawit would be a pleasure to work with her, I see them going to sit down to wait for the appointment time, so I ask my secretary to have them come to my office. Excuse me I didn't introduce myself, My name is Damon Davis Miller. I am the only son of a Mexican and an American. Ma died when I was born My father never wanted to remarry, he had relationship after relationship. He raised me alone and died five years ago. Leaving me at the head of an immense real estate fortune. I leaned towards other activities over time, starting with, the creation of new


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