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Nursing The Billionaire

Nursing The Billionaire

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No one in the whole of New York had ever seen the stir coming. No one had ever dreamt the courtship of Brian Woods, the president of the Woods empire, would ever go wrong. No one, not even Brian Woods himself, it all came like a shock to him after he caught his fiancee having sex with his best friend. Out of shock and anger, He drove out of the hotel after he caught his fiance and his so-called best friend together having sex, Brain had an accident with no one to save him. Naive, outspoken, Karen Swanson was driving home late at night after her shift at the hospital as a nurse, she saw Brian's car and stopped to see an unconscious Brian with no identity. Out of care, she called an ambulance and paid for the treatment of the man with the hope of saving the wounded man's life. But unknown to her, the man she was trying to save his life was a billionaire. After the treatment, he was discharged and had to live with her in her apartment because Brian had temporal Amnesia. Love sailed in their hearts. But Wagers were struck trying to shatter their love but will it sail through? Find out in this heartwarming romance novel.

1 - Fake News

Brian Wood sat at his desk, staring blankly at his laptop screen. He had been working on a project for the past few hours, restlessness pervaded his senses and his entire system in total as he tried to shrug off the feeling but found himself drawn by a potent power too hard to breach.

The click-click sound made by his laptop's keyboard surged down into his ears. His fingers halted as a call came from his intercom.

“Hello Ciara,” his voice was of a dark and resounding tone. “Yes, has Mr. Adam accepted the business proposal yet?”

“Tell the accountant to meet up by Thursday,” his voice chimed as the call ended. Brian paused and rested his back on the high-neck swivel chair and ran a finger into his rich chestnut hair.

Silence engulfed the air but was soon breached by the chiming sound which came from his pockets. Swiftly, his hands frantically drove into his pockets as he brought out his phone and turned it on to see a message.

“Kyla and Henry are currently together in room 56 of Charleston hotel at Clark street,"

The message read as his lips paused and dared not to move any longer. The shock exploded in him like an erupting volcano channeling through him, his heart raced faster than it could ever have.

This wasn't true— no it could never be, he assured himself. His breathing turned intense. Kyla, his girlfriend, with whom he had been dating for several years, and Henry, his best friend.

It had to be fake news.

It just had to be.

He tapped on the message with his steady gaze skimming for the name of the sender but all he found was an unknown number.

The message included a photo of the hotel and its address, along with a map showing its location. Brian couldn't believe what he was reading. His fiancee had never given him any reason to doubt her loyalty, and his best friend had always been like a brother to him.

He rose and stared back at his office, it held the great silence of a graveyard, and that only added to his suspense. That couldn't be— his girlfriend would never stoop so low to cheat on him with Henry, his childhood friend who had now grown to be his best friend.

It wasn't possible and could never be.

But something about the message felt genuine, and Brian knew he had to investigate. He quickly shut down the laptop and left the office, heading straight for his car.

His feet made a series of confident footsteps as he leaped into the long hallway in the direction of the elevator which was at the vast end. Not quite long, he arrived at the elevator, and his long fingers traveled onto the button which opened the doors of the elevator. The elevator chimed open in response as he walked in and it closed gently behind him.

He waited with beads of perspiration on his face as he waited patiently for the elevator ride to end. Shortly, the elevator door chimed back open and he walked out of the elevator and headed towards the glass door of the first floor to his company.

“Good afternoon sir,"

“Good afternoon sir,”

As he walked, a series of voices greeted him and he continued walking without even giving them a response. His hands grasped the handle of the glass door and he stepped out.

Shortly, he arrived at the parking lot and he worked toward his car.

“Where are we heading today sir?.” He heard a voice ask as he glared over to the man who seemed to be Sam, his personal driver. He wore a bright smile across his round oval face, his eyes glowing meekly in a green suit.

He paused for a second as he heaved out a unrelieved sigh. “To Charleston hotel.” Brian said with a sly smile on his face.

He watched Sam as he opened the door to his car and opened the car's backseat and beckoned at him to enter.

He sighed and watched Sam close the door gently as he sank deep into the deep plush fabric of the seat, and inhaled the cool scent coming from the expensive diffuser filtering the air.

His jaws clenched as his lids flickered beneath his lustrous lashes; he was furious and the only time he'd ever felt like that was when something was amiss.


“I can't let you in, sir,” The receptionist mused dryly, staring back at him with the stillness of a statue. Brian exhaled for the fifth time that hour, he'd spent the entire period of thirty minutes trying to persuade the receptionist to offer him a spare key to the room the message had said his girlfriend and his best friend were in.

“But why?” he asked.

“It is strictly against our privacy policy, when people lodge into a room in our hotel, their privacy is enveloped and it can't be released to a third party.” the receptionist's voice broke up in a faltering tone.

“Would you mind handing over the spare key to room 52 if I...” He mused with his hands driving towards his pockets as he puckered his brows at the reception.

“If you what?”

“If I give you ten thousand dollars.”

The receptionist’s frown broke as his expression softened, he chuckled. “Now we're speaking sir,”

Brian pulled out a wad of cash and offered to pay her a generous sum for her cooperation.


Brian strutted nearer to the hotel door which was just some steps away from him. As he approached the door, he could hear voices inside. He hesitated for a moment, unsure of what he would find. But then he took a deep breath and inserted the spare key down into the keyhole and twisted it rather courteously.

The door made a squeak as it chimed open, he could inhale the strong smell of sex and alcohol. His gaze reverted over the two figures on the huge king-size bed. His heart lurched with sadness, shock blanketed him as anger kicked in setting channels in him.

“Kyla….Henry...” He managed to utter.

Chapter 2 - No Buts

The atmosphere was a thick cloud of tension. Thickening rapidly with a nagging effect on Brian, he watched both Kyla and Henry disentangle as they both stared back in momentary astonishment.

“Brian... I... Can... explain...please,” Kyla muttered with her lips wobbling as she leaned on the bed for support.

Anger surged into his mind, his eyes now seemed to steam out fire, dark and luminescent. He felt his system charged on a higher level, his breath turned intense. As he now breathed in puffs and was still trying to calm his breathing.

“Brian....please....I,” Kyla muttered again as she tried coming close to him with just a towel on her half-naked body.

He felt her cold touch crashing into the rather heated texture of his skin as rage stumped into his mind swamping with the long-awoken anger which was presently taking effect on him.

"Get your dirty hands off me!” He barked with storms of veins striking his hands as he pushed her hand off his body.


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