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An award winning script writer, and a fiance who is madly in love with her......Claire seems to have everything going on well for her in her life. She had the perfect life. Only....too perfect. And we all know what they say about things that look too good to be true. Abused by her family while growing up, Claire is all too happy to have broken away from that life. However, is she really free though? When a piece of her past, arrives in town, Claire is forced to dig up painful memories she had forced herself to hide. Will Claire confront her demons or will they consume her completely this time? ....... Claire was raised in an abusive home by her mother and step father. When she was eighteen, she is r*p*d by a known culprit, however, her mother covers up for him. She is left distraught and heartbroken and Trevor is the one who save hers from despair and an attempted suicide. Claire thought she found her happily ever after. However, after a few years of falling in love with the only person who makes her smile, she is faced with a harsh reality. The two of them are forced to break up because of an incident. Five years later, Trevor shows up again, determined to win Claire back although she already has a fiance. Will he succeed?

Chapter 1 I DESERVE IT

"And the winner of this year's best script award goes to .....Claire Hampton!" The Mc said. The entire award ceremony erupted in a frenzy ot loud hoots and shouts. Even though everyone was already expecting this result, they still had to put on a show of being excited.Claire Hampton smiled in her seat. She didn't try to hide the excitement on her face. She worked hard to get here today. She deserves all of this. " finally won the award! I'm so proud of you!" Her fiance, Reed Hathaway said. He too was smiling happily. Five years ago, Claire was just an extra on the set. Today, her script had won so many awards in just one night. He was happy that he found her before anyone else. And more importantly, he was happy that he got her before everyone else found out how amazing she is. Claire looked over to Reed. She smiled at him. There was gratitude in her eyes. She owes everything that she has right now to this man... everything, including her life. "Yeah, I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you Reed" Claire said. Reed smiled and blushed but hr didn't say anything further. The MC was still talking upstage. "Now, let's invite Claire onstage to tell us how she feels about winning this award!" The MC said. Claire got up gracefully and walked upstage. She looked down at everyone who was cheering for her below. Claire felt pride deep down in her bones. Five years ago, everyone had doubted her, called her trash, told her to give up because she will never be worth anything. Only one person believed in her, only Reed believed in her dreams. Today, she's finally standing on the stage, she finally proved to everyone that she can do it. That she isn't useless! "Claire, how do you feel to have won the award?" The MC asked. "Um...I feel great I guess?" Claire said. She was smiling happily. She finally achieved all of her dreams and proved everyone who doubted her wrong. Of course she feels happy. "Well, what would you attribute your success today to? Five years ago, you were just an extra on the set. I'm sure that everyone would like to hear your success story. How you went from being just an extra on the set to an award winning script writer now" The MC said. Everyone went quiet when the MC said this. But Claire still had her practiced polite smile on her face. She knew what the MC was insinuating but she wasn't mad. All her life, she had had people doubt her. Just because she's at the top now, doesn't mean that all the naysayers will stop. "Well, if I had to attribute all of this to something, I'd say it was my hard work. I worked thrice as hard as everyone else to get to where I am today so yeah, I think that I deserve to be here today" Claire said. The MC squinted his eyes. Clearly, he wasn't expecting such a response. He tried to smile but he could not help himself. His scowl got even deeper. "I see. Many people think that you only got here because you're Reed Hathaway's fiance, what would you say about that?" The MC asked. Claire still did not get angry. She was already used to dealing with people like this MC. Immediately she lost her temper, she will be playing his game. "Is this what people think or is this what you think?" Claire asked. The MC was stunned when Claire decided to make it personal. "No, no....these are just comments that we've received on our official website" The MC lied. "Comments? I would like to see those comments. I will reply each and everyone myself properly!" Claire said. The MC's face went pale. Usually when celebrities are accused of using men to climb to to the top, they will quickly try to end the conversation so they don't make even more mistakes while trying to deny it. "Well....that's....." Claire did not give the MC the chance to continue. "I won't deny that Reed has helped me a lot. If it weren't for Reed, the director wouldn't have given my work a second glance. I'm sure it would have ended up in the trash and I would have been buried before I even started so yeah, Reed has helped me a lot. But as for this award, I won it on my own. It was my own hard work, my own blood, sweat and tears. I deserve it. I deserve to stand on stage here today. I deserve this award. I deserve every single thing that I have today. You are all welcome to support my works in the future, but if you think that I won this award because I played dirty, then you can f*ck off!" Claire said. Immediately she was done, she took the award from the MC and walked back to her seat.As Claire walked back to her seat, she was accompanied by loud clapping and cheers and the MC was left embarrassed. Reed immediately got up when Claire walked over to her seat. He pulled her into a hug in front of everyone. "Don't worry Claire, even if everyone in this world doubts you, I will never doubt you. I believe in you. I've always believed you" Reed said. Everyone started cheering again. There were sighs and whispers of envy from the crowd.There wasn't a single female there who wasn't envious of Claire's and Reed's relationship. Despite the opposition from everyone who knows Reed, Claire and Reed have come this far without letting go of each other's hand.If this isn't true love, then what is?. ......When the awards ceremony was done, Reed and Claire walked out of the venue. They were immediately ambushed by reporters who yelled out questions. "Claire... everyone's calling you rude and arrogant for claiming that you deserve the award. What do you have to say to this?"

Chapter 2 DIVORCE

"Claire, are you saying that Reed has never used his influence to help you in your career? But he was the lead actor in your first script. You would not have gained recognition without that. Don't you think that it's a bit too much to claim that you have everything now because you deserve it?" "Reed, you and Claire have been together for so long, don't you feel bad to hear her claim that everything is as a result of her own hard work?"Claire was planning to ignore all of the reporters but Reed was having none of it. He purposely stopped in front of the reporter who asked the last question. He looked the man in the eye. "No. I don't feel bad. Because all of that is true. Claire is a great writer. She's simply getting the recognition that she deserves late. What is wrong with that?" Reed asked. The reporters immediately went quiet after that. Since the person involved doe


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