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Reborn And Marry My Ex-husband’s Enemy

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If given the chance to live again, what would you change the most? As for Emma, she has decided not to marry Mark, a betrayer. In her previous life, she was deceived and harmed by him, leading to the tragic demise of her entire family. Emma, devastated and tormented by Mark, suffered to the point of death. When she woke up, she found herself back five years in the past. At that time, Emma had not married Mark; instead, she had formed a connection with David, Mark's rival. Emma decides to rely on David for revenge against Mark, but little does she know that things will take unexpected turns. What surprises await her? Read on to find out!

Chapter 1: Coming Back

Emma came back to life, reliving the events of five years ago when the tragedies had not yet unfolded. Just before her kind husband, Mark, died, he plunged a sharp iron knife into her heart, saying, "Emma, do you know how much I truly despise you? Lily is much better than you." He finished speaking, laughed loudly, and stood up, leaving Emma to embrace the knife that was slowly dripping blood into her heart.

"I never loved you; it was all just a drama for everyone. You loved me, right? Then use my death to prove it."

The atmosphere in the house was both cold and rigid, and the room was now filled with the scent of fresh blood. Emma's body was covered in wounds, and she helplessly looked at him with eyes full of disgust, regretting that she couldn't rise and stab him. Emma hated him to the core. She never expected that this marriage was initially his plan, and her love for him had vanished completely. If someone were to ask her the biggest regret of her life, Emma would not hesitate to answer: loving him and marrying a scoundrel like him.

"Emma, why do you look so gloomy since you came back from Mount Denali?"

Nancy, Emma's childhood friend, reached out and waved her hand in front of Emma's face, bringing her back to the present.


"Mount Denali is said to be very spiritual. Could it be that something is haunting you?"

Emma returned to the events of five years ago when she and her best friend, Nancy, visited a temple on Mount Denali to seek peace and success for Mark William.

"What could be haunting me? There are things much more frightening around me."

Nancy was also surprised by Emma's words. Emma, a gentle and talented person, seemed a bit strange today, causing Nancy to shiver involuntarily.

Mount Denali was a sacred mountain, and entering its depths rapidly reduced the surrounding air temperature, creating an eerie atmosphere that sent shivers down everyone's spine. When Emma suddenly touched a multicolored stone she had accidentally noticed, she immediately fainted, frightening everyone and bringing them to a loss of spirit. Emma, however, came back to life at that moment.

"What are you saying? It sounds creepy. I saw you faint in the temple on Mount Denali, and you seemed a bit strange."

"Suddenly, I could see through people's hearts."

Nancy still didn't understand the meaning behind Emma's words and looked at her for a moment before continuing.

"Seeing through is good. I'm afraid you've been lured away."

Nancy's words were half-joking and half-serious. She then looked outside where Emma's limited edition BMW i8 was gradually leaving Mount Denali, and the atmosphere began to return to normal, no longer as cold as before.



Nancy was still staring outside when she heard a voice beside her, causing her to involuntarily turn her head to look at Emma suspiciously.

"What's going on?" Nancy asked.

"Promise me something."

"What is it?"

"No matter what happens, stay away from Mark, the farther, the better."

Upon hearing this, Nancy couldn't help but burst into laughter and then said, "I won't touch your future husband, so rest assured!"

Immediately, Emma's face turned dark, and she didn't expect her best friend to think she was worried about this matter. Currently, Emma only harbored hatred towards Mark; there was no remaining affection. It was just that in her previous life, Nancy had suddenly died in her own home. The police had ruled it as a suicide, but with someone as strong-willed and life-loving as Nancy, it was entirely implausible. Now that Emma had relived everything, she wouldn't let it happen again.

Emma was sure that Nancy's death in her previous life was somehow related to Mark. Living with Mark for five years, he seemed entirely innocent until it was too late to realize.

Originally intended as a joke, but seeing Emma's serious and stern expression, Nancy quickly compromised.

"Alright, I hear you. Stay away from him as far as possible, okay?"

At this point, the furrowed brows on Emma's face relaxed as she reached out to hug Nancy, surprising her friend. Emma, who was usually gentle and reserved, was unusually enthusiastic today. In Nancy's thoughts, perhaps it was because she was about to get married and didn't want to be separated from her.

"Take care of yourself."

Everything that happened in the previous life was like a horrifying nightmare for Emma now, something she dared not think about. This time, Emma had to protect everyone around her and prevent anyone from harming them, especially the wretched Mark William.

The phone rang at this moment. Emma turned to look at the screen but hesitated to answer. Nancy, on the other hand, winced at the persistent ringing, urging Emma to pick up.

"Why don't you answer the phone? It seems urgent if they keep calling like that."

Emma sighed, her face devoid of emotion, as she picked up the phone. On the other end, a man's voice came through, "Did you have fun going out today?"

"It was okay. I went to pray for your safety and success."

He was preparing for an upcoming election for outstanding young entrepreneurs in the city, and the company was bidding for a new project. Despite everything, Emma went to the sacred temple on Mount Denali to pray for him, even though this mountain was far from the city.

"Well, isn't that convenient? How about praying for a son early in the morning?"

Emma had already prayed, but now she just wanted to hang up immediately. With a deep breath and an emotionless face, she held the phone to her ear, and the voice on the other end continued, "Emma, what's wrong? Are you tired?"

Mark didn't see her response, so he continued to ask more questions, pretending to be concerned, gently probing Emma with a few more inquiries.

"Got a bit tired from going to the mountain early in the morning with Nancy."

"I'm busy today, couldn't personally take you. I'll make sure to do so next time," Mark spoke softly, his voice sounding somewhat pitiful and hard to blame. It was precisely because of this that in her previous life, Emma had immediately believed without hesitation, unaware that he was occupied in the arms of another woman.


Emma replied coldly, and seeing her like this, Mark didn't continue the conversation.

"Take some rest. Be safe, and call me when you get back to the villa."

Emma didn't respond and simply turned off the phone. Nancy, seeing Emma's unusually cold demeanor, wanted to say something but held it in. It seemed that Mount Denali indeed carried a heavy atmosphere. Hopefully, Emma would return to her normal state after waking up.

The BMW i8 suddenly stopped on its way back to the city.

"What's going on?"

"Miss, the car in front stopped abruptly, so our car bumped into it. I'll go down to handle it."

"Is it serious?"

"No, it's okay. I'll go down to resolve it."

Emma nodded lightly when she saw the car in front, realizing that it belonged to someone wealthy.

"Returning to the city, and already such bad luck. Will you go down to check?"


Nancy saw the driver getting out and turned to ask Emma. Seeing Emma looking ahead and saying nothing, Nancy took it as a yes.

"It's Emma's car, the young miss."

The man in front looked towards Emma with an amused smile. Emma said nothing, just stared intently at the man, recognizing him as David Jones, the playboy heir of the Jones conglomerate, who changed women like clothes.

"Emma, does the young miss like me?"

David Jones continued to smile, knowing that Emma was a talented and exceptionally beautiful woman, so he enjoyed teasing her.

"That's right."

This remark, however, was not directed at David but at her best friend, Nancy, standing beside her. She quickly pulled Nancy's hand close and whispered.

"Do you know who he is? Why did you say that?"

"I know."

Emma replied coldly, then turned back to face David Jones and took out a business card from her purse.

"My car bumped into yours, so take it for repairs and contact me afterward. I'll compensate."

David's smile grew even wider. He had heard a lot about Emma from others, but he never expected her to be this different, not at all like what people said.

"Does Miss Emma intend to compensate with herself?"

"Not a bad idea."

Emma faced him but didn't directly respond, and both of them stared at each other. The girl in the car then stepped out and clung to his arm affectionately, ending their silent standoff.

"Why did you leave me here for so long?" The girl, dressed in a tight black dress that revealed more than it covered, looked at Emma as if she wanted to devour her.

"Alright, let's go. Miss Emma is looking forward to meeting you again," he said, quickly getting back into the car.

"You fell and hit your head on the rock, didn't you?"


"Then why were you talking to that playboy, David?"

Emma thought for a moment and then looked at her friend, smiling.

"You'll know later."

"There's something wrong with your head."

Nancy kept talking in the car, everyone in the city knew that the Jones family heir was a womanizer, and it was inconceivable for him to be matched with someone like Emma. Especially considering Emma's usual disdain for people like David, today's attitude was different.

"Did you have a fight with Mark? Why are you interested in David?"

"David is better than Mark."

Emma naturally remembered the events from her previous life. David was the best choice to help her seek revenge. If she had to choose someone to marry, it would be David. A loveless marriage would be fine as long as he maintained appearances for her, which was better than marrying someone as despicable as Mark.

"Are you really okay?"

"I'm fine. Whatever I do in the future has its reasons."

She then turned to face Nancy seriously, not wanting her to know too much, as it would be even more dangerous.

"Do you still support me?"

Nancy, with an innocent face, didn't understand what was happening but quickly nodded. Earlier, she had also noticed David's car. If Emma had followed her usual pattern, she would have handed the card straightforwardly, and there would be no need for such intimate interaction between the two. They even exchanged contact information and talked as if they were already close.

"Great, just understand it that way."

Emma, satisfied, leaned back and closed her eyes, ignoring Nancy, who was still dreamily looking at her.

Chapter 2: Returning to the Green Family Mansion

After bringing Nancy home, Emma found herself standing in front of the Green mansion, a place both familiar and estranged, five years ago.

Unable to restrain her emotions, Emma's feelings surged as she entered the grand hall, seeing her parents' portraits, their eyes filled with tears.

If it weren't for her misguided marriage to Mark in the past, her parents wouldn't have met such a tragic end. The accident that year was Mark's conspiracy, resulting in the deaths of both her father and mother. Emma, fortunately, survived, embraced by them but left with the agony she didn't want to remember or relive.

"Emma, weren't you supposed to be at Mount Denali, praying for Mark's happiness? Why are you back so soon?" Her mother, Mabel, asked gently.

Emma struggled to hold back tears in her eyes. She approached her mother, smiling faintly, realizing that everything had changed. Emma would make Mark pay for his deeds, and


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