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Mysterious CEO Backs Me Up

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Putting the apple in front of her, he said: "Imagine this apple is your enemy; if you want, I will be a sharp knife to help you cut it into a hundred pieces." Reaching out his large hand in front of her, he continued: "With just this hand, I can crush it into many pieces. That's what you want!" She shook her head, held the apple in her hand, her eyes shot out cold rays, gritted her teeth, and said: "No, I want to become strong; I will crush them to pieces with my own hands." He hugged her in his arms, the corner of his mouth lifted with a wicked smile: "This is my woman. Will I make you strong? Can you step on the enemy at any time and at any time? Give them a chance to raise their heads again. When tired, lean on my shoulder to regain strength, then continue to stand up to fight them until they have no more armor. You need to remember me forever supporting you; you just wear it all up!"

Chapter 1: Being Forced (18+)

"I beg you, let me go!"

In the luxurious room decorated extremely romantically, thousands of red rose petals and scented candles filled all sides; Isolde Joan's desperate cry sounded soft.

Her face was as beautiful as a doll. Her big round eyes were filled with tears of anger, and her white skin, like white jade, was displayed on the bed sheet covered with red roses...

The beautiful picture with a clear contrast made the eyes of the man pressing on her darken a few times, and the desire also rose like a tidal wave.

His eyes were bloodshot because of the color of lust, and the corner of his lips curled up in an evil smile; he put all his strength into tearing the ragged dress that could not cover her beautiful body.

The dark underwear that appeared, even more exalted her white skin; he once more tried, pulled away the remaining annoying things, then lowered his head and s*ck*d on the neck of the person below his body, all the way. Down to the delicate collarbone and then to the bulging chest that rose and fell with each quick breath.

The evil hand split the action; one hand held her slender wrists on the top of her head, and the other hand constantly caressed the smooth skin, from the thighs to the round buttocks, turning sideways and threading into the secret place to try to caress and knead.

He is now like a beast looking at his prey, wanting to corner it and slowly swallow it gradually.

Isolde Joan was humiliated and humiliated by him, shaking her head and struggling, constantly begging him to let go, but it was a waste; he completely ignored her suffering.

When he had joked enough, he quickly separated her legs, letting go of his lust.

Her strength was also exhausted at this point. She knew she had no way out.

She is entirely desperate!

He - Cadell Edward, son of Egbert Edward, the CEO of the country's largest CMC electronics manufacturing company.

In the third year of university, the school that Isolde Joan attended held a career seminar for students. CMC was also invited, and Cadell Edward - Sales Department Director, was the representative of that company.

Encountering the beauty and talent of Isolde Joan, Cadell Edward immediately pursued. Not long after that, he succeeded; she became his official girlfriend.

After graduating from university, Isolde Joan joined CMC to work at his suggestion. Two years later, he proposed to her, and her love was strong, so she agreed.

From the day he pursued her until the day he proposed, it has been four years. During this time, he was cautious with her; in addition to holding hands and kissing lips, he had never done anything too extreme.

A month before their marriage, his secretary came to her and announced the shocking news that she had a child with him, begging her to return him to her so that her child could have a complete family.

Isolde Joan was like being struck by lightning, like she was in heaven, falling into a deep abyss of ten thousand feet because of a single blow.

Working together for two years, she was stupid enough not to know when she had been cuckolded.

It turned out that the love she considered as reverent as new, deeply ingrained in her heart, could become this cheap.

She laughs at her stupidity, for the love she adores, for the man she thinks he's true to!

Everything is fake!

Accepting the truth, Isolde Joan let go of this moving part and peacefully broke up with him.

Just a person not equal to heaven, Cadell Edward not only disagrees but also plays cowardly coercion, causing her to be psychologically disturbed. It took her more than a year to recover, but the aftertaste of that day still haunts her daily in her dreams.

Leaving her job at CMC, she thought her life could be good again, but Cadell Edward, time and again, came to ask for forgiveness and love and wanted to reconnect with her old love. The more she hides and fears, the more stubborn and scary he becomes. As a result, she was once again humiliated by him.

Tears as hot as water breaking a dike keep falling on both sides of the temples, mixing with the blood-red petals and gradually disappearing without a trace...

The heart was dumbfounded, and the body's strength was also exhausted; Isolde Joan looked up at the ceiling with wide eyes.

The crystal lights shimmered like stars twinkling in the sky, but entering her eyes were like dim sparks in a dark hell, bit by bit devouring all the light of heaven, sinking her into a bottomless abyss with no way out.

The tears in the corner of her eyes did not know when they stopped flowing; she could not be clear whether she had cried too much to be exhausted or drifted back inside.

The pain in the body is not equal to a ten-thousandth of the pain in the soul, more than resentment and humiliation.

She could no longer raise her face as a human in this life.

Isolde Joan's eyes were closed; it was no longer necessary to faint or abandon life.

I don't know how long it took; those eyes slowly opened, but there was no soul. If the eyelids didn't blink occasionally, no one would think that the woman lying on the rose bed was a flesh-and-blood human being but an inanimate porcelain doll.

Gently moving his body, the involuntary pain spread throughout his body, causing his willow eyebrows to wrinkle.

But it didn't take too long; Isolde Joan got up from the bed, grabbed the wrinkled shirt of the man breathing evenly on the large bed, gritted his teeth, and put it on.

Her irises were stained with blood, her hands clenched into fists, the blue veins on the back of her hands were clearly visible, her red and swollen lips were tightly pursed, and her teeth were clenched together...

All of that girl's emotions were filled with anger.

Looking around the room filled with the smell of after-s*x, Isolde Joan's chest rose momentarily with sickening nausea. She tried to keep her mouth shut, stopping herself from spitting out the disgusting thing.

Looking at the bottle of wine on the table, she slowly walked over, grabbed the bottle by the neck, then walked back to the bed, stopping next to the naked man with closed eyes.

With bloodshot eyes shining angrily, Isolde Joan was about to swing the wine bottle down on the man's head. Just in the middle, her reason extinguished that crazy idea!

The trembling hands slowly put down the wine bottle, and the soulless eyes closed as if they could erase all the painful memories gnawing at her soul.

After a long time, those beautiful eyes opened again, and the sadness and pain were no longer left in those eyes; maybe only a slight nostalgia remained.

Isolde Joan dragged her bare feet to the room door, walking lifelessly on the cold stone floor.

A shrill "click" sounded, the door to the rooftop opened, and Isolde Joan walked towards the railing, climbing up the stone pedestal.

Standing at the top of the hotel and looking down, everything in her eyes became extremely small. And she stood in the middle of this place just as small.

On the horizon, the sun was slowly rising, shining faint rays on her silvery body, obviously unable to dispel the chill of the night wind, much less could it warm her frozen heart. Dumbfounded.

Looking at the world one last time, Isolde Joan's dry lips moved slightly: "Parents, I'm sorry, unfilial daughter!"

She paused momentarily, her eyes gleaming with death, then gritted her teeth: "If there is an afterlife, Cadell Edward, I will make you pay."

Her beautiful eyes slowly closed, and her fragile body slowly let loose, just like the yellowed leaves left on the branches of late autumn that could no longer be grasped, going all the past and present behind, and future...

Then her eyes closed completely. The last drop of tears deposited in the corner of the eye, drifting with the wind and disappearing!

Chapter 2: Reincarnation, again despised (18+)

The pain in her wrist caused the girl lying on the crimson bed to narrow her eyes, then open them as wide as possible.

"Am I not already dead?"

Isolde Joan muttered in her mouth, not daring to believe what she saw and felt.

Turning her eyes around the room, this place was familiar, making her unconsciously tighten her eyelids.

Continuing to struggle to sit up, she discovered that her hands were being blinded, and her legs were tied.

She used all her strength to sit up, then used her teeth to untie the knot. Fortunately, the person who tied her up did not tie the rope too tight; she tried a little and could open it; only a tear appeared on her lips that made fresh blood seep.

In a situation where thousands of pounds were hanging by a hair, a small wound like this was not worth it.

After she freed herself, Isolde Joan looked around the dazzling red room until she saw the picture frame hanging on the wall above the bed; she could not


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