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Bella Anna

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Putting the apple in front of her, he said: "Imagine this apple is your enemy; if you want, I will be a sharp knife to help you cut it into a hundred pieces." Reaching out his large hand in front of her, he continued: "With just this hand, I can crush it into many pieces. That's what you want!" She shook her head, held the apple in her hand, her eyes shot out cold rays, gritted her teeth, and said: "No, I want to become strong; I will crush them to pieces with my own hands." He hugged her in his arms, the corner of his mouth lifted with a wicked smile: "This is my woman. Will I make you strong? Can you step on the enemy at any time and at any time? Give them a chance to raise their heads again. When tired, lean on my shoulder to regain strength, then continue to stand up to fight them until they have no more armor. You need to remember me forever supporting you; you just wear it all up!"


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