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My Sweet Mafia Heiress

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Franzlie McGregor, the youngest daughter of the McGregor family, met Drystan Lynne Brown, a business tycoon and a humble, loving son with a friendly demeanour. It was a fortuitous meeting. Franzlie loves children, but her colleagues are intimidated by her unyielding attitude. It remains to be seen whether Drystan and Franzlie will be a good match. Drystan is a man of action, while Franzlie is more of a thinker. They have different backgrounds and different ways of looking at the world. It will be interesting to see how they interact and whether they can overcome their differences. Only time will tell if Drystan will be able to tame her. Drystan is a strong and determined man. He is used to getting his own way. Franzlie is also strong and determined, but she is also independent and doesn’t like to be told what to do. It will be interesting to see if Drystan can be patient enough to win her over. Franzlie is also very intelligent and quick-witted. She is not afraid to challenge Drystan, which he finds both refreshing and infuriating. It will be interesting to see if they can learn to respect each other's differences.

Chapter 1 Franzlie POV

“The list of the personnel that I give you is notorious, so bear with caution. Your safety is the sure thing you will need. I do not want anything to be exposed. I do not want any media or paparazzi that will chase us or our subject. I want it discreetly. However, reserve that guy for me.”

Her eyes glazed upon the folder with a few mugshots. The grin that hints in her eyes is sweet yet murderous. Hence hate cannot be seen in her. Mc Gregor, Franzlie the youngest daughter of Arthur Mc Gregor.

“I want reports at my table by tomorrow afternoon when I get back here. There are important matters I need to attend to. And before I forget one of our shipments to my project is coming. I want you to supervise it so that no one will cut off the delay of the said shipment. Monitor the tracking itself and report it to me when it comes.”

She takes a stand as she picks up her blackish-grey trench coat after the instruction that she had stated to them. Franz strolls out to the basement with her subordinate.

“Hey, be careful. You may get hurt from running.” The attention of the little boys and girls has been called and gathered around her. A beam of a smile flashes upon her beautiful face. She is twenty-seven turning twenty-eight in the coming months.

“Miss Franz, are we invited to your party on your birthday?” The little girl asked her innocently while staring at her.

Franzlie winked at the little child and replied, “of course, you are all invited to my party, it is an honor to have you there.” She ruffled the hair of the little girl as the girl ran inside the hall and announced the great news to her fellow orphan. Contentment and bliss filled her heart seeing the kid’s jovial faces. Pure innocence speaks through their eyes.

A girl in the pink dress mutters “I’ll present a piece that I’ve been practicing for a month as a gift for Miss Franz birthday. Although, I have a feeling she would love it or not.” A melancholy voice mumbles her feelings.

A kid beside her encourages her to play the piece. “Hey, surely Miss Franz will love how you play the piano for her. So, don’t be sad”

The little girl beams a smile and nods at him. On the other side few teenage boys and girls that they call themselves as Movers, are doing choreography for a dance number.

“We are ready to rock the dance floor for Miss Franz's birthday and we would like her to join us at the end of the number.”

“Mine will be the flowers that bloom on my flower beds. They are all ready for harvest.” The tan teenager in blue and white clad replied. “And there are a few more things at the plant beds that are already for harvesting, I will add them up for Miss Franz.”

That is softer of her. As the heir of the said organization, she keeps her profile low. So, it is not a hassle for her to go places. Although her father does not agree with her. Fatherly instinct always comes for her safety.

“Papa, I’m old enough to oversee myself. I am not the lame girl that I used to be like before so, chill nothing will happen to me. A driver and a chaperone are fine with me.” She says it directly to her father.

Her father Arthur just shakes his head upon hearing what she had stated. “I’m not content with what you’re asking for. And I am thinking further for your own safety. You know I can’t trust someone for your safety” her father explained.


“Uhm, Papa, can we hold two receptions for my birthday? I would like to celebrate with the kids at the Little Shepherd Orphanage.

Her father raises a brow, let us see and you should arrange it yourself on how you will be going to make it happen. I will support you no matter what silly idea you have in your head.

At her seat, she crosses in the direction of her father and gives him a hug. “Thank you, Father, I’ll be busy for a couple of days preparing for the event in the orphanage. I want other personnel to run errands for me Father, if you have someone in your men to lend me help. She looks at her father with a puppy’s eye and her father laughs aloud at her gaze.

“Yes, I have one in mind, and he is one of our butlers. I hired him several years ago and I know he’s smart and diligent for you. He will be here to meet you since you love to play around with the kids in the orphanage. But I hope you will not forget that you should give me grandkids as well.

Franz's face became red as she was told by her father. “Papa, don't tell me you want me to get married after my birthday?” she rolled her eyes and got up and to the other seat.

“Of course, I want you to be happy and have children of your own. And you know this man is not getting any younger anymore, so I need you to settle as well. My knees aren’t capable of too much work at the office since you have your own.”

Arthur's tender gaze on her while patting her hands however he let out a chuckle as he stared at his daughter.

“I will be happy when those times come. Alright enough with all this sentiment I need to go now I have a brunch meeting with our investors in the construction company. And do not forget at six pm tonight at my office, I have someone for you to meet and know.”

Franz hugs her father as a farewell, “I will be their father and I have some meetings as well.”

She walks back to her room ascending the stairs, her phone vibrates with a call from her secretary, Macy. The name that flashes on the screen.

“Hello, good morning, ma'am. I just want you to remind me that the lunch meeting with Mr. Brown has been moved to three pm in the afternoon. They rescheduled the meeting because Mr. Brown had an emergency in regard to his sick mother and he sent flowers as an apology. And there are documents that need your review and to be signed as well. I do arrange the event coordinator in regard to your upcoming party at the orphanage. That’s all for today ma’am.”

Franz pauses for a while to think about something, “Macy, order a basket of fruits for Mrs. Brown and send my regards to get well soon. Call Mr. Brown and pass a message that we can reschedule the meeting when her mother is all fine. It's a formality we must exchange in that meeting. And thank you, I will be there at the office, anything that may come just send me a call.”

She hung up and entered her room. Franz walks to her closet and picks a casual dress for today. Then after she jumps into the shower and enjoys her hot bath. Minutes later, she walks out wrapped with a towel on her body and head. The lassie dries up herself and dresses up. She gives a twirl after dressing up as she glances at herself in the mirror. She applies light makeup that suits her aura. Thirty minutes she’s all done with preparing herself, she takes her bag and slings it to her shoulder, and walks out to her room.

Before she descends on the stairs her phone buzzes to vibrate with a call. She slips it into her bag and answers the call.

“Hello, good morning, this is Franz Mc Gregor. Is there anything I can do for you?”

A baritone voice replies to her, “Hi good morning to you too. I’m Drystan Lynne Brown, I would like to thank you for the fruit basket you have sent my mother. She appreciates your sweetness.

Chapter 2 Drystan POV

A pleasant morning to deal with a smile upon her face. Her mood is light as a feather, it's good as the ray of light that sunshine upon her. The feeling of being appreciated for the deed she does and she’s like that to others uplifts the heavy mood and would brighten the day ahead.

Franz took the keys to one of her favorite big bikes. She pulls the helmet from the rack and puts the gear on her head. Moments later she rolled out of the garage heading to the central district of Silla where her office is located.

She parked her bike at the entrance of the threshold and tossed the key to her valet attendant.

“Good morning, Miss Franz, and the gorgeous ride you have here. And don’t worry I will keep it safe.” A jolly greeting from the valet attendant.

She takes off her helmet and gives it to him as well. “Good morning” She walked past and headed to the foyer. But before the door closes, Macy squeezes herself in.

“Morning, Miss Franz” a petite lady greet


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