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My Husband’s Hot Boss

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The story explores the toxic relationship of, Camille Lopez, a young beautiful lady in her twenties, currently twenty six old. She has been trying to get rid of her abusive husband. Out of frustration, on a particular day, she left for a clubhouse to get squandered by the intoxicants of liquor. Unexpectedly, she met a man who also was heartbroken and they both got drunk and had a one-night together. Camille didn’t see him again until two weeks later after escorting her husband to a function only to realize the man she had a one-night Stand with is a billionaire and her husband’s boss. What happens next? How will she face him again, after he had a taste of her? How will he react when he sees that she's his employee's wife ?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“I want a divorce, Asher!” I quivered with indignation as I said this.

I have had enough in this goddam house. I can’t take it anymore. I have to leave this abusive marriage.

Asher looked at me amusedly and then burst into a boisterous laughter.

I arched my brows looking at him like he is some kind of maniac. Well, he is.

He moved closer to me and I moved backward. Have always loved it when he is so close to me, when he would kiss me, passionately make love with me but now I hate it.

I hate everything about him now. He turned into a man beater over night. He isn’t the caring and loving man I married two years ago.

My back hit the wall and I trembled in fear. Anxiety swirled around me as he caressed my face.

He moved his head closer to mine, his lips few inches from mine. “My dear wife, sometimes I wonder if you are a stand up comedy. You want to divorce me” he laughed again, his laugh sounding unpleasant in my ear.

“You are not going anywhere. If you think am going to stand and watch you then you are joking. You are stuck with me forever. We both agreed on for better for worse and we are sticking with that”

“I want to break that now....” I said my voice trembling.

“I don’t want you anymore.....You are nothing but a liar. Am divorcing and nothing is stopping me” I maintained my ground.

The amused look on his face disappeared immediately and it was replaced with anger.

“Camille, have had enough of your stupid talk!.” He moved away from me and I stared at the grey eyes have always admired.

But now, it scares me. “You want to divorce me then go ahead!, I want to see how you are going to succeed with that. Just know it is going to be the biggest mistake you will ever make in your life. You are mine and mine alone. You are going no f*ck*ng where. If you try to escape from me, am going to find you, bring out your intestine and cook it then feed it to you. Try me and see!”

Looking at me one last time, he walked up to our room and closed the door hard behind him.

My heart pounded and I fell on my knees letting out the tears.

Asher wasn’t like this, Asher doesn’t raise his voice up to talk to me, he doesn’t beat Me like am a punching bag. He have always treated me like an egg,take me out on numerous dates, Care her for her and do everything possible to make me happy.

Then everything changed after a year and two month of our marriage, he started coming home late, shouting at me whenever I do something wrong then it got to the extent he started beating me whenever he gets extremely angry.

He apologized the first time it happened and foolish me forgave him, I believe it was just a mistake that would never happen again but it continued and he doesn’t feel remorseful again.

He doesn’t make love with me like he does before. He just satisfy his urges and get off me.

I wipe my tears and got up from the floor.

I looked up at our bedroom closed door and I suddenly wished I can run away and never come back but Asher’s threat rang in my ear and fear hit me like an ice water.

I exit the house and just wandered around the street.

I can’t seem to fathom the reason why Asher’s attitude changed towards me.

It was about 8 in the night but I cared less. I just want to disappear. I don’t want to see Asher’s wicked eyes staring at me. I don’t want to hear his voice neither do I want to see him. I just want to be alone for now.

Then I remembered Annie. My best friend. Annie is the same age as me but wouldn’t agree to settle down yet. She believes guys are scum and would leave you immediately you get attached to them.

Now I understand her clearly. Who would have believed the caring Asher would turn into a beast.

She spends her time clubbing, having numerous boyfriends and not keeping a stable relationship.

She would always tell me. “You need to live your life to the fullest. Free out a bit. Go out. Go clubbing. Enjoy yourself. Life is too short.”

I would just laugh and wave it off. I would tell her she would change when she finally meet the perfect man but Annie doesn’t believe in true love so I just let it slide.

“I would do exactly what you tell me to do, Annie. I would live my life to the fullest, even if it just for tonight” I said to myself.


Starlight Clubhouse is the last place I would ever imagined myself go to.

It not like have not gone clubbing before but I stopped two years ago after marrying Asher.

I walked in and the sound of loud music almost ripped my ear off. I need to get my mind off anything Asher.

I walked towards the bartender passing people making out, dancing and drinking.

I took my seat and almost immediately, I felt someone else seat beside me but I paid no attention to the person.

“One bottle of brandy please” I told the barman.

“Same thing for me” A masculine voice said and I turned to see the person seated beside me.

He look really handsome and there is something I noticed about him first. Blue eyes.

His face is expressionless and he looked like he is bothered about something.

If none of my business, I got my problem too.

The bar man helped me pour the drink in a glass cup and i drank it all up. And poured more in the cup.

Asher is probably looking for me now. I left my phone at home which is a good thing.

I don’t want to think about anything.

I finished the first bottle and asked for another.

I could feel the gaze of the guy beside me on me. I looked at him. He was still at the first bottle.

I removed my gaze from him and continued drinking.

“Don’t you think you are drinking to much?” He asked and I know he was referring to me.

Without looking at him, I replied. “Why do you care? You are doing the same”

“I have my reason”

“I have a reason for drinking too” I simply said taking a sip.

“Your boyfriend broke your heart?”

“Why should I tell you?” I frowned at him.

“That is the only reason you would be here drinking right now.

“Really? What about you? Your girlfriend broke up with you?”

“Even worse” he replied and faced the Barman.


“One more bottle please”

The bar man nodded and gave it to him.

I was feeling dizzy already.

“What happened?”

“My girlfriend is getting married to my dad”

I laughed. “I can’t hear you. Pizza is getting married to crackers?” I chuckled.


“They would make a good couples no doubt” I laughed again.

What the hell is wrong with me? Why am I blurting out nonsense?

I drank the remaining drink in the bottle and then laughed again.

“My life is just so f*ck*d *p. Pizza and crackers would be getting married and getting a happy ending and am here, living a miserable life.” My laughter was replaced with tears.

“Why does he have to change his attitude towards me. Just why?” The tears dropped willingly and I was about to take another sip when I heard his voice.

“You should stop drinking. You are drunk”

I hit my fingers on his chest. “What are you saying? You are drunk too”

He got up and staggered but regained himself.

He holds my hand. “Leave me alone. You want to beat me up too. You were sent by him right?”

“Young lady, you are saying nonsense. Let me help you to a room”

We Both staggered as we walked passing by people making out.

He opened a door and met two people in it having s*x.

He closed the door immediately and walked to the door next to it.

He opened the door and helped me in. Nobody was in it.

He helped me lie on the bed and made to turn.

I quickly holds his hand and dragged him making him fall on me.

“” I stuttered.

He stared at me, shock visibly on his face.

He tried to get off me but I held him tight.

“Make love to me” I said and his eyes widened.

“, you are drunk, I need....”

“Am not drunk” I waved my hands and then look him in the eyes.

“Make love to me...” I closed my eyes and opened it back and then added. “Please...”

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

My eyes fluttered open. Rubbing the sleep off my eye, i could feel the morning breeze lightly dancing on my face and the bright sun stinging my eye.

I looked around the room and arched my brows.

Where am I ? This is definitely not my room.

I stretch my body and sat up on the bed that was when I noticed am naked.

Wait, what?. What the hell happened to me?

I definitely have not been to this room before.

I ransacked my brain trying to remember what happened last night.

Was I raped? Oh God!, I hope not.

Then I remembered, I talked to Asher about having a divorce then I left the house.

I went to a club and ordered for alcoholic drink. Then I met a guy who was seating next to me and drinking. I can’t really remember what happened next.

*Don’t you think you are drinking to much*

*Your boyfriend broke your heart?*

I remember him saying that. “What again, camille, think! Think!” I groaned.

I closed


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