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Handsome, having it all, and being loved by women made the life of this young billionaire seem perfect. At first, Edward Martin's life went as expected, as it should. Until one day, he accidentally met and had a one night stand with a virgin named Chloe Hazel Arley. Edward intended to take responsibility, but Chloe outrightly rejected it. Among all the women who knows Edward, Chloe was the only one who dared to refuse and leave it alone. Who exactly is Chloe, and what made her hate Edward so much? Can Edward conquer women's hearts and change hate into love?

Chapter 1

"I swear! You're still a virgin. Are you deliberately trying to trap me?" Edward grumbled in annoyance at a woman lying beneath him.

"I beg you, please, let's finish this. Don't torture me by playing this game. You'll only make me feel ashamed." The woman looked at Edward with hazy eyes, her desire still evident.

"Chloe, you're completely crazy! I can't go on with this game. Right from the start, we both made a mistake!" The next moment, the man hastily intended to get off the woman named Chloe.

Edward has been known as a man who likes to change partners frequently. After all, who wouldn't want to be a dating companion of Sebastian Edwardo Martin? He's a wealthy aristocrat, the sole heir of Quantum Corporation. Whatever he does always becomes the center of attention for the general public.

However, among the many women he's dated, there hasn't been a single one he took to bed. He also has a principle never to sleep with any woman unless they are husband and wife. But for some reason tonight, Edward was foolish enough to be tempted and daring enough to take a woman to his bed. And now he just found out that the woman is still a virgin. His sense of guilt has grown even stronger.

"If you don't want to finish it, let me take the lead. Don't keep rejecting me like this." Chloe whispered with a voice so sensual and seductive. The strong scent of alcohol emanated from her beautiful lips.

Then unexpectedly, she forcefully pulled his body, holding him tightly. And somehow, Edward's position was now underneath her.

He had lost count of how many times he took deep breaths. Everything was done in an attempt to control himself, but instead, he found himself becoming frustrated. Why was he suddenly so weak in the face of a woman? Has Edward truly been tempted?

"We should stop. You're heavily intoxicated, Chloe. I won't be responsible when you regret this later when you're sober---"

"Shh..." Chloe hissed, quickly interrupting Edward's statement. "You're really strange. Why have you been talking so much? Please be quiet and just enjoy what I'm doing. Besides, I'm giving it to you for free. So, you won't lose anything, right?"

"But, Chloe---"

The woman ignored Edward's words and chose to continue her actions, planting a series of kisses all over Edward's body. Then she moved gently and seductively, fulfilling all the desires that were previously put on hold.

Meanwhile, Edward could only surrender to being Chloe's plaything. A game that would later turn both of their lives upside down.


A few hours earlier.

Edward was at one of the most famous nightclubs in the United Kingdom. Tonight, he was enjoying a bachelor party thrown by his friend Marvin, who was getting married in two days. They spent most of their time drinking and having fun. Edward himself had lost count of how many glasses of vodka he had already consumed tonight.

As the night grew late, Edward, feeling the heaviness in his head, decided to head back to the hotel. He thought it could be dangerous to keep getting lost in the party.

Just as he was about to walk past the bar, a beautiful woman accidentally bumped into him, spilling her drink on his clothes. Edward wanted to get angry, but seeing the woman was heavily intoxicated, he restrained himself and chose to ignore the incident.

However, as he tried to continue walking, the drunk woman suddenly hugged him tightly.

"Don't leave me. Please, don't leave me," she pleaded, still holding onto Edward's body.

Confused, Edward tried to loosen the hug a moment later and then cautiously patted her cheek before asking, "Miss, what's your name? You should go home now. You're quite a mess."

The woman raised her face, trying to focus on Edward. "Call me Chloe. Please, take me home. I beg you," she said with sad eyes.

Feeling sorry for her, Edward agreed to take Chloe home. But during the journey, Chloe kept babbling and didn't provide any information about her address. With the night getting later, Edward decided to take her to the hotel where he was staying, thinking he could ask for her address once she sobered up.

When they arrived at the Four Seasons Hotel, Edward immediately assisted Chloe and took her to his room. After laying her down on the bed, Edward intended to take a shower. However, before he could turn around, Chloe suddenly grabbed his wrist, causing him to fall and end up on top of her.

"Don't leave me," Chloe mumbled. The strong smell of alcohol coming from her breath. Half-conscious, Edward tried to get up, but she held onto him tightly, hugging him firmly.

"Miss, you're drunk. You should rest," Edward kept trying to free himself.

Chloe shook her head weakly. "No, you can't leave me. Please, I feel so hot right now." Without any warning, Chloe pulled Edward's face close and forcefully kissed him, demanding his attention. Her hands even fumbled with his shirt buttons.

"Stop this. We don't even know each other," Edward rebuked after managing to pull away.

With a dreamy look, Chloe smiled. "Just one night. One night stand, I promise you."

Edward shook his head. "No, I can't. Honestly, we hardly know each other."

Chloe's face reddened, showing her agitation. The next moment, she gently took Edward's fingers in her hand.

"You don't need to know each other to do this. Please, help me, I'm really feeling hot right now."

Edward fell silent for a moment, weighing whether he should comply with the woman's request. He didn't know Chloe at all. Usually, Edward always made sure of the background of the women he dated. He never picked just anyone. Even taking a woman to his bed was something he never did. So, what should he do now?

"Oh, come on," Chloe teased again.

Before Edward could respond, Chloe pulled him back down onto the bed. With one move, she even managed to unbutton his shirt. A moment later, they continued to kiss, and eventually, Edward was tempted and did what they both should never have done.


Four Seasons Hotel.

78-82 Renshaw St, Liverpool L1 4EN, United Kingdom.

Edward woke up from his sleep while massaging his heavy head. When he opened his eyes fully, he was surprised to find a beautiful woman sleeping soundly in his embrace.

Edward closed his eyes again, trying to piece together the fragments of memories from last night. What made him end up with a woman this morning?

"Darn it, you're still a virgin! We can't continue this game."

"You talk too much. Just stay quiet and enjoy what I'm doing. You won't lose anything."

Edward's head throbbed even more. He started to remember what happened to him last night.

Oh God.

Edward gently touched his forehead.

Last night, you slept with a virgin, Sebastian Eduardo.

He lowered his gaze, peeking at something under the covers wrapping him.

You didn't even use protection last night.

Oh my.

What if this woman has AIDS?

Or if she ends up pregnant, are you sure you want to have a child at such a young age?

What would your parents say? You would clearly bring shame to the family's name.

Edward kept cursing in his mind.

Wait a minute,

As far as I remember, I refused this woman's advances last night. But she kept insisting. Does that mean she took advantage of me?

Yeah, that's right.

Edward nodded confidently. "She seduced me. So, she should take responsibility."

As he struggled with his inner thoughts, Edward noticed the woman in his embrace moving slightly. He clearly saw her long, fluttering eyelashes opening slowly. Edward and Chloe locked eyes, both gazing into each other's hazel eyes for a while. Eventually, Chloe decided to release the embrace and scoot down from the bed.

In Edward's eyes, he could see Chloe's innocent body, now dressed in her clothes, gracefully picking up her scattered garments from the floor. Without a word, she put on her dress, tidied her hair and makeup, and prepared to leave.

"It seems I got heavily drunk last night," Chloe said with a faint smile. "Thank you for bringing me here. I'm sorry for causing you trouble." Chloe spoke nonchalantly and walked towards the exit.

"Wait a minute!" Edward stopped her.

Chloe turned around and looked at Edward questioningly. "What's wrong?"

"You didn't even tell me your name beforehand," Edward said.

"It's not important who I am," Chloe replied shortly.

Edward was taken aback. "After what happened last night, you just want to leave like that?"

Chloe raised an eyebrow. "What else do you want?"

"What else?" Edward was surprised by Chloe's completely calm expression. "Aren't you asking for something from me? Like taking responsibility? In case you forgot, I took your virginity. Yes, even though you forced me into it. So, this isn't entirely my fault, but---"

"Stop!" Chloe interrupted after hearing Edward's long rant. "Forget about last night. You don't need to take responsibility."

"Are you really not asking for anything, like money or something else?" Edward double-checked.

"I'm not a prostitute who expects payment after s*x," Chloe retorted, looking deep into Edward's eyes. "If there's nothing else to discuss, I must leave now. Thanks again for the steamy night you provided." Chloe smirked mockingly and left Edward.

On the bed, Edward snorted. "Seriously, after giving away her virginity like that, she leaves without any burden?" Edward shook his head in disbelief.

In this world, even all women were captivated by his charisma. Who wouldn't want to be the lover or dating companion of a young master from the Martin family? And that woman, she clearly rejected him and even stated that she wasn't interested.

"D*mn!" Edward cursed. "I have to find out who that woman really is."

Edward then slid down from the bed and reached for his phone on the nightstand. He dialed someone he believed could help him find out who the woman was, the one he slept with last night.

"Hello, Hans. I need your help. There's something important you need to do," a sharp grin appeared on Edward's face.

Chapter 2

Nicholas Frost, Edward's personal assistant, looked alert as he saw his boss walking down the Quantum building corridor towards his office. Edward had returned from Indonesia a few months ago and decided to resume leading the Martin family's construction and mining company in London. Although he hadn't officially become the CEO, he was already busy with various complex tasks that needed to be completed.

Luckily, Edward had a capable assistant like Nicholas. Besides being intelligent, Nicholas was also highly loyal. He had made countless sacrifices to help advance the company's progress.

"Finally, you're here," greeted Nicholas as Edward stood in front of his office. "Mr. Hans has been waiting for you inside for nearly 30 minutes," he continued.

"Good Lord!" Edward whispered. "I forgot about my appointment with him this morning." He quickly entered the office and approached Hans, w


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