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My Ex-Husband Is A CEO

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Flora had to work three jobs to feed three people at the same time, her husband was a man without money, without work, lazy and worthless, but she always loved him. But in response to Flora's sincerity, Enzo – her ex-husband - treated her only as a servant and as a sexual slave. She couldn't stand the humiliation, so she decided to divorce. But after the divorce she discovered the true identity of her ex-husband, he is not a useless man but the CEO of a large multinational corporation. What's Going On? Why did her ex-husband hide her? He never spent a dollar on her or their little daughter. Does she regret choosing to divorce her ex-husband as in his warning?

Chapter 1. Let's get divorced

Chapter 1: Let's get divorced

In front of the husband with whom I have been married and have lived for the past five years, he does not have the same enthusiasm and cheerfulness as before we got married. Now that he doesn't look like an addict and a bad guy, I always wondered why my husband turned out like that or what did I do wrong?

“Let's get divorced, my divorce papers are signed, you just have to sign your name.”- I looked coldly at him without a bit of emotion and put the divorce papers on the table.

Listening to me like that, he suspected that he did not understand what was going on, but he did not care but grimaced angrily and scolded me.

"Stop joking, go cook dinner, you're blocking the TV screen!"

“I'm not kidding, you'll never be able to eat the dinner I cooked today, and you'll never be able to eat it later.” - I don't stand out, I'm tired of his commanding style.

Our marriage was broken not because of him or me having an affair but for some other reason so I can't continue this failed marriage anymore.

- A few minutes ago.

I had just come home from work and was standing in front of the house, the house wasn't lit but I knew my husband was inside, he didn't go outside very often. Tiredness and exhaustion overwhelmed me, at this point I really wanted to fall, but this I had never complained to my husband because I didn't want to transmit negative energy to him.

The door had not been repaired for a long time, so it sounded as hard to hear and as barbaric as the horror movies. Just opened the door, and inside there was only a dark patch of light from the living room, I was extremely disappointed, before returning home I was looking forward to being welcomed by my husband just every time I hope to be disappointed again but I have not stopped hoping and looking forward to the past 5 years.

I look at the scandalous husband lying on the sofa, my voice very tired of him.

“Enzo, have you cooked dinner? Where's Min? Haven't you picked her up?”

Min is our little girl, married for 2 years, I just got pregnant with her, this year Min is three years old, she is very beautiful because she is like her father.

Enzo looked at me, his eyes were dark, his lips were dry, and his face was pale but still unable to overwhelm his grace and charm, I no longer loved this beauty.

"You hurry to pick up Min and come back to cook dinner, I haven't done anything."

My husband does that... no job, no money, and no understanding...

After we got married, Enzo stopped working, but our first two years after married were very sweet and beautiful, but until I got pregnant, because I couldn't go to work, we had to use my savings. From when Min was born until now, he has remained unchanged, useless, incompetent, lazy, and scandalous.

Enzo's hobby is to stay home and watch television all day and wait for me to cook dinner.

“Why haven't you picked up Min yet? Do you even know you're her father? "- I yelled like crazy, I can't count how many times he didn't bring his daughter home.

In front of my anger, he was a bit surprised because he did not expect a good wife like me to yell at him, but Enzo remained indifferent as if nothing was wrong and considered it, not his responsibility.

“Min, aren't your daughter? You are also her mother, if you give birth to Min, it is also your responsibility to take care of her, don't talk too much, and go away.” - Enzo is indifferent and doesn't want to talk anymore, he thinks I'm her mother so all the obligations are of me, he just needs to stay home and watch TV and is lazy to do nothing.

I watched Enzo still not get off the sofa and sighed in frustration, because to support my family I had to work three jobs at once: two jobs in one day, on the weekends I usually take on a few more jobs to earn a little more money but Enzo never understood, sympathized and helped me, he even said it was my duty.

“I'm so tired, Enzo, maybe we should stop.” - Announcing myself, I went straight up to the bedroom and took out a divorce petition, and brought it down to the living room on the table in front of Enzo.

Enzo looked at the divorce papers, he was surprised at first but then laughed.

What are you doing? Divorce Stop joking, hurry up, and make dinner. It's funny."

I stood in front of the television so that he couldn't watch it, and I said, well, maybe this is the first time in my life that I can open up my mind like that.

“Let's get divorced, my divorce papers are signed, you just have to sign your name.”

"Stop joking, go cook dinner, you're blocking the TV screen!” - Enzo saw the expression without a joke, he looked bewildered.

“I'm not kidding, you'll never be able to eat the dinner I cooked today, and you'll never be able to eat it later.” - I don't stand somewhere else, my gaze coldly looking at him.

Enzo sat up facing me seriously, and he said, "Why do you want to get divorced? Isn't our life doing so well?"

When I heard him say that, I smiled bitterly, I did not understand why Enzo had become such a bad husband or that he had been a bad man at first, just because I was deeply in love so I did not realize.

“You don't love me, do you? Have you ever been in love? Just a little bit."

Enzo probably didn't expect me to ask such a question, he was confused as to how to answer, but I've known his answer for a long time, I just wanted to hear him say it himself. But he didn't say anything anymore…

"I don't want to continue this marriage, let's free each other.” - I want to put an end to this exhausting marriage.

Enzo opened his eyes in amazement when he saw the determination in my gaze, perhaps he wouldn't expect one day I would propose a divorce. It's surprising, isn't it, a wife who has always been patient, patient, and understanding for the past five years has not had a single word of complaint against him, but today she proposes a divorce.

“I don't believe you can divorce me, this is just a bad joke, I didn't sign!”

“What I've decided will never change.” - I raised my voice.

Since Enzo didn't believe what I was saying, rather he never listened to anything from me. I looked at him for a long time and then definitively went up to the bedroom, packed everything Enzo put in his suitcase, and put it down in front of him, I resolutely wanted to get divorced, put an end to this exhausting series of days.

“I don't want to force myself to live this hard anymore, now you leave right now, this house is mine before we get married.”

Enzo was first so vehemently rebuffed, feeling his self-esteem lowered because of a woman, he couldn't believe a good wife could kick herself out of the house.

Anger and shame made Enzo blush, and he stood up and shouted.

“You'll regret offering me a divorce!”

Before an evil animal like Enzo, I was not afraid because I knew that the more scared I was, the more disadvantaged and tired I was, and the more I had suffered enough.

“I'll never regret it, we're done here.”

Enzo immediately pulled the suitcase to leave, he didn't even look back at me, I didn't hold back, I just wondered if I did the right thing or not.


The room was still dark, with only the light and the voice coming from the television.

After Enzo pulled the suitcase away, I completely broke down, the strength and determination just now were just a cover to he couldn't mock me. My heart twisted with great pain, and it was lucky Min hadn't come home or I didn't know how to deal with her.

I didn't want Min to see her mother's poor and weak form, so I asked a friend to let her stay for a day.

I suddenly remembered that before Enzo and I got married, Enzo had a lot of girls pursue him and I was one of them. I never thought that Enzo would keep an eye on a shy girl and not be too prominent like me. Ten girls are pursuing him, nine of whom are rich, but the strange thing is that he does not pay attention to those auras.

For a man to easily walk through the appeal of the currency is very rare indeed. So the day Enzo said he loved me, I thought that we were a couple destined to be the love of the world and that nothing could ever separate us. I never asked Enzo why he wanted to marry me because at that time I fell in love with him and the only reason he wanted to marry me was because he loved me.

But the stark truth is there's no love, there's no destiny, it's all a silly joke from Enzo. When I know the truth about why Enzo has eyes on me instead of beautiful and rich girls.

Chapter 2. The Real Cause I Want to Divorce.

Chapter 2: The Real Cause I Want to Divorce.

After that argument, Enzo left the house where we lived together for 5 years, looking at his decisive departure, I could also tell that my ex-husband had no attachment to this place. It's ridiculous that I'm expecting his pleas, but arrogant and selfish men like Enzo will never beg me.

If I'm not mistaken, I've always been the first to apologize in every argument, because… I'm afraid he won't love me anymore…

He doesn't even know what bad things he's done to me.

I hadn't had dinner and cried all night in the bedroom, Enzo's heartlessness all these years made me heartbroken and helpless, I always felt like a servant by his side and a sex slave every time he asked. But I always choose to let it go and hope things get better because I always yearn for a beautiful and eternal marriage, a loving family, and my own.

Sometimes when I think about it,


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