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My CEO is a Vampire - Book I: The Pact

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To the world, Julian Strike is a trillionaire of a large pharmaceutical conglomerate. To his fans, Julian is also a gorgeous and seductive playboy, a bohemian with an extensive list of passionate admirers. Out of the spotlight, the CEO is still a powerful and influential centuries-old vampire. Scarlett is a curious and passionate reporter who maintains a secret romance with the CEO. One day, during an investigation, Scarlett finds herself threatened by other vampires and has her life saved by her great love, finding out about his true nature. Now both of them have only one choice, to assume their feelings and support each other. But nothing will be so simple when an entire vampire society forbids the relationship between vampires and humans, a rule approved and signed by Julian Strike himself. In the midst of a web of intrigue, violence, and terror, Scarlett will need to fight with all her might to win the right to be close to one of the most desired men in the world and also one of the most powerful supernatural beings on the planet. Can the couple overcome all the challenges to live their great love?

Prologue – Between dreams, blood and desire

Scarlett resisted a sigh. Was she dreaming?

Although she knew it was all real, it definitely felt like a dream.

There was an engagement ring on her finger that was more expensive than the ten apartments she had lived in before. And her future husband was none other than one of the most desirable men in America. If not the world. A CEO desired by thousands of women and envied by countless men.

Not only that. She was in front of several cameras and that news was already being broadcast by several sources on the internet. It was hard to believe that she, a mature woman, divorced, a mother, a warrior struggling with destiny, was now standing there, a celebrity by association, vibrating with wonder and passion.

The blonde's almond eyes sparkled. This was like a dream.

And obviously it was not as simple as it seemed.


The blonde remained where she was with her hand outstretched for reporters and digital influencers to take pictures for over twenty minutes. Julian Strike, the powerful CEO and her future husband looked like a smiling statue.

That man was simply beautiful and powerful for many reasons.

Julian was tall, strong and had an air of nobility that made him stand out.

When he arrived it was as if an angel appeared with his wings and his halo and all that warm golden aura covering everyone present. Although, of course, it was far from that concept. Julian was almost the opposite of an angel.

But what really mattered was that he loved her.

Julian Strike was much more than a man. He was something higher.

On his shoulders was the responsibility for the fate of thousands of people throughout the world and yet, even with every minute of his days counted and scheduled, he had found time for her.

Scarlett knew that she and the man she loved belonged to different worlds.

And she also knew all that he had already done for her, for them, and for their love.

Although he was a powerful man, there were others like him in the world.

Others who did not approve of their relationship.

To reach this point many battles had been fought.

And many more would surely come. However, she knew that Julian would never give up on them. They were destined to be together.

That feeling they had transcended ordinary things.

And neither of them would give it up, even if it cost them their lives.


After almost two hours of posing for pictures and giving interviews Julian and his fiancée announced that they were leaving. The party would continue. The director, producers, assistants and Scarlett's studio support staff would remain there until dawn answering questions with pre-rehearsed answers.

The couple knew the repercussions of this event.

Julian was not just a multi-millionaire CEO, and it was not just reporters and fans who were watching that announcement. Before it was even dawn several repercussions would be unfolding all over the world.

"Can you wait for me just a moment?" inquired the blonde pulling Julian out of reach of prying eyes. "I'll just go to the bathroom and we'll leave."

"Of course, the helicopter is already waiting for us. I'll be nearby."

The woman nodded discreetly and walked away.

That man was always this helpful and present. Not to mention obvious, attractive, seductive, and conquering. He was like a Hollywood star and made her feel like she was in a romance movie.

In the bathroom Scarlett looked at herself in the mirror. She was beautiful and she knew it.

She sighed. She was tired. It had been a long, busy day.

She was also worried, and she had many reasons to be.

What would the others be thinking? Those like Julian?

She knew that accepting that marriage proposal was like messing with a hive of bees. However, it was a very large hive of bees and dangerous enough to threaten the safety of the whole world.

She fought against her greatest fears by accepting everything for love.

Julian was good to her and her daughter and that was enough.

He would keep them safe and guarantee a secure future for Hannah.


Scarlett touched up her lipstick and sent a kiss to herself in the mirror.

Regardless of the repercussions of that night it was already done. Everyone now knew about the relationship between her and Julian Strike. All that was left now was to stand by the man she loved and face the challenges head on.

Suddenly, the temperature in the room changed dramatically. It was as if all the warmth in the place had been stolen. Before Scarlett could even think of leaving another phenomenon had occurred. The lights began to dim one by one.

Still caught by surprise Scarlett closed her eyes and held back a sigh as she felt the warm touch on either side of her waist. She could also feel that large, strong body behind her enveloping her and warming her skin.

Although she was enveloped in darkness she wondered who those strong hands belonged to. He had that power. The ability to change the things around her according to her desire. The blonde bit her lower lip lightly.

To feel her body being enveloped in that embrace was wonderful.

No other man had ever made Scarlett feel this way. And she had dated many men. She was far from being an innocent maiden. But at that moment, that intense desire was something purely supernatural.

Was there such a thing as a supernatural hard-on? Scarlett believed so.

It certainly existed. There was no other explanation.

That excitement was unique, and it only got better. Every hair on her body was standing on end.

The blonde knew what would happen next. It was strange and... good.

It was like having a nightmare and yet not wanting to wake up.


At first it was painful. It was as if two needles were penetrating her neck side by side at the same time. The pain was soon replaced by pleasure. As if some kind of poison was injected with the bite and transmitted directly into the predator's saliva dampening and disarming every one of his defenses.

It was a good poison of the kind that brings pleasure even in death.

Within moments of the prey penetrating the blood flowed.

There was nothing to worry about. The wound from the fang holes always healed quickly on her skin becoming unnoticeable. She didn't understand how this happened, but it was so. And the blood would be clean.

Scarlett felt ecstatic and numb. She knew that the trickle of blood running down her lap was nothing. Her lover had s*ck*d up most of it. And she found herself numbed by the bite, by the grip, aroused.

Had she given herself to the vampire before? She couldn't remember.

It was strange. Her memories seemed shrouded in a cloud.

It was as if he had done it before, like déjà-vu.

The uncertainty about his actions caused him a certain insecurity. Still he was unable to free himself from the grip of his predator. And he didn't want to. She felt an excitement that no other man had ever made her feel.

At this point in the championship the only thing Scarlett could think about was that she had become involved in a game much bigger than herself and much bigger than anything she had ever been connected to before.

And even there in the eye of the hurricane all that mattered was how she felt.

The fangs soon slowly detached themselves from her flesh in every inch.

Even that simple gesture gave him pleasure. In front of those singular and peculiar moments everything else seemed unimportant. It was as if the whole world ceased to exist and only that moment existed.

The bite was replaced by kisses on his neck, ear, and shoulders.

Warm, strong, firm hands slipped around her waist, moving upward as they slid forward to caress her belly and breasts. The vampire was probably doing this in small fractions of a second, and her mind was processing it all slowly, mesmerized, dreaming.

The bulge just behind her buttocks made her want more than just those simple, provocative touches. It made her think of the wonderful experience of being penetrated right there in that bathroom and at that moment with her many guests in a room so close that she could hear the music if she opened the door.

She was almost begging. She undressed without any reluctance.

When she opened her eyes, the blonde was surprised by the scene.

Despite the darkness I was sure that I was not in the bathroom. In the distance he could see floor lamps with their black chandeliers and candles shining like stars. Nor could he feel the ground beneath his feet.

Was he levitating? Was this possible? Or was she really dreaming?


Turning her body in place, the woman faced her lover.

The blonde's intention was to inquire about what was happening, but she didn't get the chance. The vampire embraced her tightly, taking her lips in a wet and lingering tongue kiss. Like all the other times Scarlett could not resist. She could never deny her own desires. She could taste blood in her lover's saliva, but somehow it felt good.

When their lips finally parted Scarlett's eyes widened.

"Y-you..." stammered the blonde. "You're not Julian! Who are you?

The fellow was tall and strong just like the CEO and equally handsome and seductive.

However, he had long black hair, his beard and mustache covered much of his face, and he had gray eyes. He looked serious, dark and cruel.

"You know who I am, Scarlett. And you know why I'm here..."

"I..." The woman still stammered. "I can't, I don't know..."

"That doesn't matter don't worry, I just came to congratulate you on your engagement." said the other. "I don't intend to get in the way, not today..."

Walking away Scarlett could contemplate the creature. It was stout and scary and dressed in black clothes and a fur cape that swayed as if lifted by the wind, just like its hair. It smiled and it was possible to see its fangs.

"You are a vampire...why are you so familiar if I don't remember...?"

"That's pretty obvious. Stay calm you won't remember any of it..."

Scarlett was about to ask a new question when she blinked and suddenly found herself back in the bathroom with everything in its proper place. In front of her there was only her reflection staring at her, frightened and surprised. Why was she like that?

Picking up the small bag the woman took a deep breath and left the bathroom.

Her future husband was standing there waiting for her, handsome as always.

"Are you ready?" he asked holding out his hand as he smiled.

"Yes, thank you for waiting for me." Answered the confused blonde.

As they made their way to the helicopter Scarlett wondered why she was so apprehensive. She couldn't remember anything unusual. What could have happened? It wouldn't take long for Julian to notice her rapid heartbeat.

She forced herself to remember if she had seen or talked to anyone in the bathroom, but her recent memories seemed to have disappeared. She had certainly had too much to drink, and to make matters worse, she was very tired. A good night's sleep would do the trick.

Fortunately she felt safe. Julian provided this security.

What had happened was something she would find out...

In time...

I – CEO of my dreams, Julian Strike

When the elevator doors opened, the beautiful woman stepped out still talking on her cell phone. Explaining to her daughter that she would be late for the third time in a row this week was a problem. Hannah was old enough to understand that her mother's work didn't work on a specific schedule, but she couldn't accept it.

Scarlett disconnected the call and activated the phone's selfie staring at herself for the tenth time on the device's screen. She picked up the pink lipstick from her pocket on her black suit and touched it up once more. She was beautiful and looked to be in her thirties.

The truth was that the beautiful reporter for the online Fame Hour channel was forty-five years old, had been divorced for five years, and lived with her seventeen-year-old teenage daughter. Her ex-husband rarely showed up to see his daughter, and for the reporter this was a good thing, as it gave her the distance she needed to be at peace.

The blonde clos


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