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My Billionnaire play boy

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To Adams,Annabel was a stubborn and unsubmissive person and he was gonna deal with her. She had challenged and talked back at him. Something even a madman wouldn't dare to do. He was gonna make sure she respects him. To Annabel,Adams was a rude and bossy human being who doesn't care about the feelings of others. If no one was gonna stand up to him,she was going to do so. She was going to put him in his place. To Charlotte,Annabel was a threat that needs to be taken care of. No one was going to take Adams away from her. If Annabel won't go away then she must die. To Lisa.......Her own case is different Annabel has made it her priority to tame this overconfident CEO Will she succeed? Will they fall in love? What about Charlotte,how is she going to take this? Get your answers in this intriguing Novel

Chapter 1

Episode 1

"Lisa... it's Monday morning,you can't go late to school" Annabel groans as she pulls the half awake teenager off the bed

"Oh! Please Annabel,just two minutes more" Lisa begged but Annabel wasn't going to take it

"No. I warned you not to watch that movie late into the night but you refused and had to sleep 2am in the morning. Now see the consequences"

"But it was interesting"

"Oh really?"

"Yeah. And also,I don't want to sit in the class like a nobody when my classmates are busy talking about the movie. It's the season finale of walking dead and I need to have a say in the discussion...she paused...oh my gosh,school!! No I can't be late"

"You see?"

Lisa started undressing immediately. Annabel laughed at how she removed everything right in front of her

"Have some shame young lady" Annabel turned her face and Lisa rolled her eyes

"I must not go late to school today" She ran into the bathroom

"Hey chill, what's the hurry? You were not this snappy few minutes ago"

"Yeah till I remembered I had something important to do" Lisa replied coming out of the bathroom and wiping her body with a towel

"What is it?" Annabel had the feeling trouble was cooking

Lisa kept quiet for awhile

"Come on tell me"

She sighed... Actually there is this guy in school that has been getting on my nerves lately"


"So, I'm going early to lay ambush by the school gate and when he tries to get in, I'll beat the daylight out of him"

"What!" Annabel facepalmed

"What's wrong with that?"

"Everything Lisa. You can't go about beating any guy that crosses your path"


"No buts. You will do no such thing. Infact I'm telling dad to drive you to school"

"No Annabel, don't do this to me" she pouted giving her the puppy eyes

"You know that's not gonna work on me right?"

"This is why I miss mum"

Annabel laughs

"Aren't you ladies done yet?" They heard their father's voice from outside

"I'm done" Annabel announced

"Good morning Dad?" Lisa said as he entered the room

"Morning starlight. How was your night?"

"It was cool"

Annabel took her bag and pecked her dad's forehead.

"See you in the evening daddy"

"You too"

"And Lisa follow dad to school gently and make no trouble"

"Boring"She rolled her eyes

Annabel laughed and left.

When Lisa was done,her dad drove her to school before heading for his work place. He is the manager of a big provision store.

After his wife's death 2 years ago,Mr. Williams had quit his recent job as a lawyer of a company to take care of his beautiful daughters. Annabel and Lisa to be exact.

It wasn't easy but they were able to cope especially with Annabel supporting him as the eldest daughter. He loves them and they love him too. There is nothing more he could ask for.



The building was a huge one and was surrounded by employees running here and there trying to get everything ready. Their C.E.O has returned from his trip to Korea and would be there any time.

Everywhere was crowded. No one wanted to be chastised by the handsome yet merciless C.E.O of that company.

There were elevators almost every where you turn to cause it was a skyscraper. The interior designs in the Halls were highly sophisticated. The office were were divided into sections according to the building materials each needed.

The C.E.Ooffice was the highest amongst the rest and just a look down the glass window,he could see everything going on around the company.

"He's here!!!" A lady announced as a Jeep drove into the premises followed by others. A bodyguard ran and opened the door and Adams the C.E.O all has been waiting for stepped down.

Adams removed his sunglasses and breathe in the morning breeze. It's good to be home. He had actually been gone out on a business trip for two months now and he was glad to be back.

He walked into the company and all stood up to welcome him. His female employees were drooling over him. Who would blame them,he was the most handsome guy they had ever set their eyes on.

They didn't even mind his cocky personality.

After settling in his office,he sent for his manager.

The man in his early twenties walked into the office. He had a gray suit on and has good looking features.

"Good morning Mr. Adams" he greeted

"Any news?" Adams asked ignoring the greetings

"Yes sir"

"Sit down" He gestured to the seat in front of his desk

Kim which was the manager's name sat down and told Adams all that happened in his absence ranging from increased sales to opposition from other business entities. All in all nothing went out of control.

Adams nodded his head after the brief explanation from his manager.

"You may go now" Adams ordered and he left the office.



Annabel was having a walk in the campus garden with her best friend Alexa. Alexa was from a rich home and both had become best friends. They were both in their final year and was done for the day.

"Annie have you heard the latest news?" Alexa said sitting on the grass

"No I haven't" Annabel replied and sat down beside her

"The C.E.O of that huge and beautiful building company returned from Korea today. I saw it on Twitter. You need to see his pics. He is hot"

"Okay" Annabel wasn't interested

"Look at his pics...she brought her phone out and showed Annabel the pictures... isn't he dreamy?"

"I have to admit. He's cute"

"Yeah. Are you going to the restaurant today?"

"Yes I almost forgot. I need to go now" She stood up

"Come on I'll drive" Both walked over to Alexa's Benz and she drove them to the restaurant.



Annabel alighted from the car and waved Alexa goodbye before entering the restaurant. She changed to her uniform and started serving the customers.

Bon Avenue is one of the best five star restaurant around New York City. It is a specialist in both home made and outside delicacies. Annabel served as a waitress there and business has been booming.

"Annabel,please serve that man at the VIP table for me please" Linda who was serving the other table requested

"Okay" She took food to the table where two men were seated. She served them ignoring their stares.

"Enjoy your meal" She smiled and left.

Her shift ended 6pm and she left the restaurant. It had rained an hour ago and so there were mud puddles everywhere.

She stood by the side on the road opposite the restaurant waiting for a cab when a Jeep that was about to turn to the side of the restaurant splashed mud all over her white T-shirt and black skirt.

"What the hell!!! She exclaimed


Who do you think splashed the mud on her?

What do you think she is going to do now?

Chapter 2

🌹Episode 2🌹

"What the hell?!!!" Annabel looked at her clothes. Jeez it doesn't look good. She expected the driver to step out of the car and apologize to her but the car drove past her and parked at the entrance to the restaurant. She got angry and stormed to where the car was.


"Hey,Adams I think we splashed mud on that lady" Richard who was Adams childhood friend and complete opposite of the latter said with concern.

"So what?" Adams replied nonchalantly

"So we have to apologize to her"

Adams Scoffed and Richard knew the answer right away.

"Adams she's here"


"The lady" He pointed at Annabel who was hitting the car violently

Adams sighed

"Lawrence go find out what she wants now" he ordered the driver who nods and opened the car door stepping out to meet Annabel's angry face.

"How may I help you ma'am?" He asked looking at her muddy clothes

Annabel threw her hands in the air

"Oh gr


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