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My Belittled Husband Is A Billionaire

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Winter Wesley is the most popular celebrity in New York. With her beauty and great acting skills, many people really admire her. Not until her grandfather forced her to marry a poor man named Matthew. Winter despised him so much. Her family treats him like a servant each day. But what will happen if they suddenly find out that the penniless man Winter married is none other than the son of the Wealthiest man in New York who is believed to die twenty years ago?


On a full moon night, wealthy people gathered inside a palace-like house to celebrate a very important event for a very famous family. Women are wearing beautiful extravagant dresses paired with their million-dollar pearls, and men wearing expensive tuxedos and perfectly polished shoes.

Servers were walking back and forth holding trays of food to serve the visitors. People were busy murmuring to one another while holding a glass of wine in their hands.

It was an event everyone in the business world couldn’t miss.

‘Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Tonight, we will witness the 100th anniversary of Lockwood Holdings! And to start the event, let us first have the son of the founder of Lockwood holdings, the son of Mr. Peter Lockwood, ladies and gentlemen, give a round of applause for Mr. Daniel Lockwood together with his wife Rachell Lockwood and their two sons, Mr. Timothy and Mr. Themis Lockwood!’

As the emcee announced, a family of four went to the stage. Just by looking at their appearance and clothes, you could immediately determine their family as the wealthiest family in the country. All the people inside the event immediately turned their heads to the family while clapping their hands.

‘They all look amazing!’

‘Their clothes must be so expensive!’

‘They are the wealthiest family in the country, no doubt!’

Everyone was astounded not only by the wealth that the family has but also by the beauty they hold. They couldn’t take their eyes off them. The father of the family was wearing a silver tuxedo while his wife was wearing a white satin dress, making her look like a queen together with her twins, who looked exactly like their father. They were about the age of five.

The man held the mic in his hand and faced the crowd with a smile on his face.

‘Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. First of all, I would like to express my gratitude who are here with us to celebrate our 100th anniversary. My family would like to thank all of you for working hard for the past years. And even though the late founder of our company is no longer here, the spirit of his legacy remains.’

Meanwhile, on the upper right balcony of the event's place, was a man wearing an all-black suit was holding a sniper pointed at the man who was currently speaking. No one in the crowd could notice him, for everyone was busy listening to the speaker.

‘Also, I would like all of you to meet my two sons, Themis, and Timothy. They are the future of our beloved company. As our family—


Before the man could even continue what he was about to say, something hit his chest which made him fall to the ground. Everyone got shocked. All of them were wondering why he suddenly fell to the ground when they didn’t even hear anything.

They only started freaking out when his wife yelled, “There’s blood! Someone shot him!”

People started running away from the stage, holding themselves to protect themselves from a gunman. Five men wearing black suits formed a circle around the family to protect them, but in less than a minute, the invisible gunman was able to shoot them all.

The exit of the hall was filled with people trying to have their way out. They were pushing one another, trying to save their lives.

Little did they know there were many gunmen surrounding the place.

Before one of them could even escape the place, the gunmen started shooting every person their eyes could reach. Everyone who tried to escape lost their lives before their eyes.

The place got filled with blood and cries from people who plead to the gunmen.

‘Don’t kill me, please!’

‘I have a family!’

‘Don’t kill my wife!’

At the secret exit that only the Lockwood family knows, the wife and her two sons were trying to escape while their private helicopter was waiting for them outside. She was running while carrying both of her sons in both her arms. But before they could even reach the secret exit, one of the gunmen appeared behind them and shoot her right leg, which disabled her to run properly.

Another shot and she fell on both of her knees.

‘Themis, run for your life now! Go with your brother!’ Mrs. Lockwood said to her older son who has no idea about what was happening.

“Mommy, how about you?!”

“Just run! Run away now and save yourselves!” she yelled while trying to stay alive.

Another sound of a gunshot, and their mother bid her farewell.

With tears streaming down their faces, the two brothers started running away. Before they could even go out through the secret exit, a couple of gunshots were heard. They were holding each other's hands while tears were running down their cheeks. The kid named Themis held his brother's hand tightly. The face of his mother lingered in his memory, but he tried to ignore it, to save his twin.

The next day, the tragic event was heard all over the world.


Themis’ POV

‘Themis, run for your life now! Go with your brother!’

My mom was trying to stand up while her own blood covered her feet. Two huge men were standing behind her holding guns. My brother and I were trying to run away when someone suddenly appeared in front of us.

“And where do you think you’re going?”

Before I could even see the face of the gunmen, the whole place blacked out.

‘Run for your life now, Themis!’

“Mom! I will save you, mom!”


“Young master Themis, wake up! Young master!”

I opened my eyes and saw my butler looking at me with his worried face. He immediately handed me a glass of water as soon as I sat up on my bed.

“Thank you, Hansel.” I said as I took the glass of water from his hand.

“What’s the matter, young master?”

I shook my head. “Nothing. I just had the same bad dream again.”

“I see. Maybe y


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