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Mr. Li's Exclusive Affection

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The novel tells a love story between a free-spirited and wild female protagonist and the ruthless business tycoon, Mr. Li. She, with her unbridled personality and a spirited demeanor, carves out her own place in the entertainment industry; he, with his power and wisdom, controls a commercial empire. Under the arrangement of fate, they meet and engage in a fiery confrontation, eventually finding true love in mutual collision and understanding.

Chapter 1 :What Trouble Is the Young Lady Causing Now?

In Haicheng,

On the outskirts, inside a luxuriously spacious villa room.

Sunlight streamed in through the window, illuminating the European-style bed where Wen Ting rubbed her eyes, stretching languidly as she woke from her slumber. She glanced at the time—noon already.

This was Wen Ting's fifth day back in the country. The jet lag was the excuse for her late wake-up, but of course, it might not have been the only reason...

Her phone was flooded with missed calls and messages.

【Wen Ting! Where are you?】

【Ancestors! Did you forget your audition today?】

【I've had enough, I've had enough!】


A barrage of messages bombarded her, all from her newly signed agent, Xu Li.


While Wen Ting was puzzled, Xu Li's call came through.

"Wen Ting, what did you promise me when you signed? To act seriously, and yet you've gone and missed your audition today! Are you trying to kill me?"

From the other end of the phone, Xu Li's irritable and shrill voice came through.

Wen Ting frowned slightly, moving the phone further from her ear and pursing her lips, "Wasn't the audition the day after tomorrow?"

"I sent you a message the day before yesterday; the audition was moved to today! Did you forget?"

"...I did."

Wen Ting recalled that when Xu Li had sent her the message the day before, she was drinking with her best friend in a bar and promptly forgot about it.


"An audition, so what? You and Director Li have a good relationship, right? Just reschedule it. I won't talk about it anymore, I'm hanging up."

Wen Ting didn't want to listen to her nagging, hung up the phone, and strolled to the bathroom, stepping slowly on the carpet.

In front of the mirror, the woman was beautiful, with an exquisite face that exuded a bewitching aura, and a pair of fox-like eyes that seemed to captivate people, beautiful yet aggressive.

Wen Ting was a natural beauty.

The kind of woman who would catch extra glances from any man.

After admiring her own beauty, Wen Ting casually tied up her hair, went through her skincare routine, and then changed into her newly bought Chanel dress, slowly descending the stairs.

Wen Ting arrived at the dining room to find her older brother Gu Ye and second brother Gu Nan Shen both present.

Both were dressed in suits and leather shoes; the Gu family's genes were excellent, and they all looked perfect.

Wen Ting could visibly tell that the two men were in a bad mood. After taking the porridge handed to her by Aunt Zhang and saying thank you, she pulled out a chair and sat down before asking, "What's wrong with you two?"

Gu Ye looked at Gu Nan Shen, a faint smile in his expression.

"Today is Qixi Festival, wasn't your second brother planning a romantic confession to Miss Mu? But Mu Congya somehow heard the news and found Nan Shen last night, saying she has someone she likes."

Wen Ting and Gu Nan Shen were born from the same womb, and they had never gotten along since childhood. Hearing this, a flash of laughter appeared in her eyes as she looked at Gu Nan Shen's dejected face and mocked, "Tsk tsk, you also have today!"

"Wen Ting! Stop gloating!" Gu Nan Shen's voice was displeased.

It's also ridiculous that he, Gu Nan Shen, who had a few good looks, was still compared down by someone.

But Wen Ting couldn't help asking, "So who does Mu Congya like? Even you, Gu Nan Shen, were outdone."

It was Gu Ye who responded to Wen Ting.

"The CEO of Li Corporation, Li Jin."

Gu Nan Shen: "You still have the nerve to say me, how many of our brother's projects have been taken by Li Jin."

The more he thought about it, the angrier Gu Nan Shen got, and he slammed his chopsticks on the table.

"This Li Jin, he is simply the natural enemy of our Gu family!"

Wen Ting had studied abroad for three years and did not know about Li Jin. She drank porridge and smiled indifferently, "It's your enemy, don't involve the whole Gu family."

After saying that, Wen Ting's phone rang, and it was Xu Li calling. She hesitated for two seconds before slowly answering, "Sister Li."

"Wen Ting, you're done for!"

"I just contacted Director Li, and he told me that the roles in this play are all determined by the investor. Director Li saw your photo and thought it was good. He specifically contacted the investor, but the investor doesn't have time to arrange another audition for you and said that someone who can be late for an audition can't be used."

Wen Ting's eyes narrowed slightly, and she asked indifferently, "Who is the investor?"

"Li Jin."


What a great guy!

"I see." Wen Ting responded indifferently and hung up the phone.

Gu Ye and Gu Nan Shen also noticed that Wen Ting's expression had become displeased.

"Yo yo yo, what's wrong with our young lady?" Gu Nan Shen, with his arms crossed, also became gloating.

Wen Ting glared at him and then looked at Gu Ye, "Brother, tell me about this Li Jin? Who is he?"

Then, Wen Ting learned about Li Jin from what Gu Ye said.

The heir of the Li family, the CEO of Li Corporation.

Three years ago, Li Jin, who was only twenty years old, took over the Li family's huge business.

After taking over Li Corporation, Li Jin quickly removed all obstacles and in just three years, he won many projects, and Li's business has spread all over the world.

This man is decisive, meticulous, and ruthless.

Wen Ting's eyes narrowed slightly, "Brother, do you have a photo of him?"

Gu Ye didn't have a photo, but he asked doubtfully, "Tingting? Why are you so curious?"

Wen Ting propped her chin and responded dejectedly, "Aren't you going to audition for the female lead in 'Feng Ning'? As a result, I forgot the time, and Li Jin is the investor of this play, and now he doesn't plan to give me another chance to audition."

Hearing this, Gu Nan Shen couldn't help but laugh, "If you say it, being late is also good. Just getting into the circle, you want to play the female lead. You won't be able to audition, you go and be a useless young lady at home, don't go out and humiliate yourself, and when something happens, we two have to clean up the mess for you!"

"You shut up." Wen Ting glared at him fiercely, then put down her spoon, and said in a cold voice, "It's just a Li Jin? Wait, brother, I'll grab the project for you!"

Wen Ting looked at Gu Nan Shen unhappily, "And you, I'll help you solve the rival in love!"

Her role!

It must also be available!

Gu Ye and Gu Nan Shen looked at each other.

What is this young lady going to do again?

Chapter 2:Getting Close to Li Jin

As dusk settled and the city lights began to twinkle, the bar's multicolored lights flickered in rhythm with the music. Perhaps because it was Qixi Festival, the bar was packed with people.

Wen Ting and her best friend, Yan Qing, were sitting at the bar counter. Wen Ting had told Yan Qing everything that had happened during the day.

"So, you're planning to seduce Li Jin?" Yan Qing asked.

"Yep," Wen Ting nodded, "What? You think I can't get him?"

Wen Ting's enchanting face caught Yan Qing's attention for a moment. If Yan Qing were a man, she would have been captivated by that face without a doubt, but...

"You have no idea, the number of people chasing after Li Jin could go around Haicheng once. Ladies from all the big families, but none of them have ever caught his eye. This man is not easy to deal with!"

Hearing this, Wen Ting just smiled. Growing up, there was nothing she couldn't handle.

Yan Qing added solemnly, "Besides, with your identit


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