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Mr. Geun's Second Wife

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Geun Jungwon is the most famous successful and well-settled businessman. Geun Eun-Hee is also known as a famous surgeon. After completing their university they got married and continued their careers. They were happy in their little world but one-day Eun-Hee met Seon Soon-Ja who was attempting suicide. Eun-Hee saved her and brought her into their house. Jungwon wasn't happy with Eun-Hee's decision as he felt something weird toward Seon Soon-Ja but his love for his wife more than anything. Jungwon respected Eun-Hee's decision and agreed to let Soon-Ja live in their house, and then something changed all of their lives, something which they never imagined.

A Girl With White Dress

Jung-Won groans as sunlight streams in through the window. He shifts his weight and turns to face his lovely wife, who is sound asleep. Jung-Won takes a look at the wall clock. It is displayed at seven o'clock. He smiles and returns his gaze to his lovely wife. Jung-Won slid his hands beneath the duvet and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer to him. Jung-Won closes his eyes and rests his head on her chest. Eun-Hee is having trouble breathing because her chest becomes heavy. She blinks open her eyes and looks down at her chest, where her husband is sleeping and pouting. Eun-Hee grins at his cuteness and strokes his hair. She kisses Jung-Won on the cheek and takes her phone. Her eyes widen as she checks the missed hospital calls. Jung-Won groans and tightens his grip on Eun-waist, Hee's making it difficult for Eun-Hee to move and breathe.

"Good morning, Mr. Geun," Eun-Hee says, her voice deep in the morning. Jung-Won raises his head and looks at his wife.

"Good day, Mrs. Geun." In a deep, husky voice, he wishes his wife, making her heart melt.

"Aww, my adorable baby." Eun-Hee adores her husband and kisses him on the cheek. Jung-Won pouts and rubs his cheeks. Eun-Hee laughs and kisses his pouted lips. Jung-Won smiles as he hovers over her. Eun-Hee is startled by his sudden movement and tries to push him.

"W-we're running late for work, Mr. Geun." She blushes and declares. Jung-Won grins and leans in close to her. "Why are you so shy right now? I'm not doing this for the first time." He says it seductively. She shoves him and walks straight to the bathroom, not looking back. Jung-Won bursts out laughing at his wife's cuteness.


Seon Soon- Ja and Rowan are sitting in front of her orphanage's office. She is waiting her turn, having turned twenty the night before.

"Miss Seon, Mrs. Wang wants to see you right now; please be courteous, as she is the owner of this establishment." The orphanage's guardian says this to her calmly and politely.

Soon-Ja gives her a nod of agreement. Before entering the office, Soon-Ja stands up and takes a deep breath.


Jung-Won is attempting to tie his tie. He is working harder to get it right. Eun-Hee is amused by her husband's irritated expression. She laughs and approaches him. Jung-Won gives her a compliment face. She smiles, takes his tie in her hand, and begins tying him. Jung-Won smiles, moves his hands to her waist, and pulls her in close.

"Mr. Husband, calm down; we're already late." He rolls his eyes and leans in close to her. He's about to kiss her when her phone rings. Jung-Won flinches slightly, causing her to chuckle. "Believe me, your phone is one of my enemies." Eun-Hee shakes her head and takes a look at her phone. Jung-Won looks down at her phone, and the caller makes her heart race. "I believe Dr. Haneul should brush up on his manners." He says this with his teeth clenched. Eun-Hee sighs, knowing that her husband dislikes Dr. Haneul.

"Don't be envious, honey. I am entirely yours." He pulls his wife close by the waist and pecks her lips after hearing her statement. She smiles and kisses him softly on the cheek. They both went downstairs for breakfast after getting ready.


"Mom, good morning." They greet Young Ga-Eun before taking their seats and joining her at the table. Mrs. Young smiles softly and nods as they begin to eat their breakfast.


Jung-Won stops in front of the humongous hospital. Eun-Hee smiles and prepares to exit the car. Jung-Won grips her wrist, forcing her to look at him. She looks at him, puzzled. "Come on, hurry up and give it to me." She frowns and looks at him blankly.

"What are you on about? Mr. Geun, please leave me alone; I'm already late." He sighs and rolls his eyes before proceeding. "Mrs. Geun, kiss me goodbye. You can be so stupid at times." Jung-won says, making her laugh. She kisses him on the cheek, rushes out of the car, and rushes into the building. Jung-Won shakes his head and begins driving away.


Soon-Ja is strolling through the streets. Mrs. Wang's words continue to bother her. She takes a look at her road before proceeding to cross it. Soon-Ja sighs and takes a step forward. Her eyes well up with tears as she chuckles sadly. She fails to notice that the traffic lights are green. Her body is numb, and she is completely lost.


Jung-Won is driving his car straight down the road to work. The traffic lights are also green, indicating that he may proceed. His attention is drawn to a young woman wearing a white one-piece dress with full sleeves. The dress's fabric is embellished with white flowers. Smooth, long hair blows in the breeze. Jung-Won makes her move by pressing the horn. If she responds and moves away, he panics and honks again. She doesn't move an inch; the car is only a few feet away. Jung-Won applies the hand brake to bring the car to a halt. Jung-Won gets out of the car and approaches the girl as the squealing sound draws everyone's attention. She has been walking indefinitely and is unconcerned about her life. Jung-Won pulls her in closer, causing her head to collide with his hard chest. As she returns to reality, she exhales. Her heart is pounding loudly across her chest.


Meanwhile, Eun-Hee walks into her office, where Dr. Haneul is sitting in front of her desk, back to her. She sighs and settles into her chair at her desk. "What are you doing here during working hours, Dr. Haneul?" While checking her schedule on her iPad, she questions him. Dr. Haneul sighs and casts a soft glance at her. "Good day, Dr. Young." He greets her with a frown and a disbelieving look. "My name is Dr. Geun, and as you know, I am married." Eun-Hee corrects him while smiling. Dr. Haneul sighs and rolls his eyes.

"I'm here to inform you that we will be visiting the seniors' meeting at noon at two o'clock." He shifts the subject. She nods and smiles at him.


Soon-Ja raises her head to see the face of the person who saved her. Her gaze met the angry one. Jung-Won was staring at her with a menacing stare. Soon-Ja gulps and lowers her head, clearly terrified. "Are you insane?" He exploded on her. She sobbed quietly. She sobs, "I-I'm sorry, Mr." "What's the matter with kids these days?" "Do you not care about your parents?" Jung-Won screams at her. Soon-Ja flinches and casts a glance down the road. After a while, he is able to control his rage. Soon-Ja continues to look down the road. He sighs and pats her on the head. "Never give up on your dreams." He says this before getting into his car and driving away.

The Highway Bridge

Jung-Won enters his company and goes to his office. Everyone bows to him in respect. As he enters his office, there is his Gyeol Don-Hyun friend and assistant waiting for him. Jung-Won goes to his desk and sits and Don-Hyun looks at the iPad and starts telling him about today's meetings. “Mr. Geun, you have a meeting with Mr. Kang at 10:00 A.M. After that you have to attend the interview with the news channel, and then you have lunch with Mrs. Geun. After that, you need to sign all the files which were pending because of the pandemic”

Jung-Won nods at him and starts his work. Don-Hyun bows and goes out of his office. After a few moments, Jun-Won takes his file and phone steps out of the office.

In the hospital, Eun-Hee is busy with her work, checking emails and reports of patients on her laptop. Suddenly her phone rings, making her flinch. She glances at the caller ID and a beautiful smile appears on her lips. She quickly picks up the call. “Hello, I miss you, baby.” She


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