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Syanja J.

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About me

A Girl With A Pen And A Notebook Can Change The World With Her Imagination And Hardwork :)


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  • Author: Syanja J.
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 305
  • 7.5

After trying so many jobs and other careers, Syanja finally decided about what she wanted in her life. She wrote novels and was waiting for an opportunity. One day, she got an email from a big company that was far away from her hometown. She didn't take long to accept the offer and signed the agreement with them with no hesitation. The main reason for joining that company was that it is the best company all around the world for authors, and she wants to be successful in her career. One day, the CEO's younger son, Jeong Jung-Hoon, saw her helping someone. Her actions and beauty amazed Jung-Hoon and slowly his feelings started building up for her. His friends and brothers helped him to chase her. After some meetings, they get close to each other and fall in love, but Syanja's ex Hyung-Shi comes back to her life. He met her and tried to take her back to him. Jung-Hoon was also busy with his work and hardly made time to spend with her, because of their different careers. They distanced themselves. Rumours began spreading. They started losing trust in each other and spread their ways and focused on their careers, but both of them didn't know what fate wanted. It wasn't the end of their love. They changed themselves, made their character strong, and met each other again, this time more powerful souls, this time no love but anger. This time, they made each other regret everything they did for each other. They tried everything to make each other down, but it made them closer than before.


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