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Mr CEO's Little Bride

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His soft lips pressed and nibbled down on her neck. His breathe rugged and hot against her soft skin which seems to make her melt and shudder under him. " You're mine Ruby. I don't care how long it will take for you to realise it, but you're mine...and mine alone" he said the words to her...the words he had been meaning and wanting to say. To him, that was just the start of their wonderful relationship, which he was more than determined to keep for as long as he lived. * * Meet Nathan Martins - the wealthiest, most popular and eligible bachelor in town. Girls would die just to get his attention, but too bad he's not into them. So, what is a cute guy like him into?. He's the president of De Martins Company. He's your usual cold, rude, arrogant billionaire, but the difference is - he's not a player - in fact, he's never gotten intimate with any girl before. Weird right? Meet Ruby Staffers - a teenager who's turning 18 on her next birthday, which is just a few months away. She is a sweet, bad, down to earth charming girl who lives with her dad and younger brother. What happened when her Dad got duped and as a result went bankrupt. His company had to suffer for it and the only way out - the only solution he could think of was a merger. De Martins came to mind and in handy as Mr Martins - Nathan's father wanted his son to get married as soon as possible. They had tried every means possible to make him see the importance of marriage, but he was adamant as ever and hell bent on standing by his choice of not getting married - ever. What happens when he got back from a business trip to meet a strange girl in his room, whom he later got to find out was his fiance - one he never proposed to- one he had never seen? What happened when they were forcefully wedded, despite Ruby being a teenager? What do you think is the reason Nathan doesn't want to get married? Do you think Ruby will be able to thaw his frozen and bitter heart? What do you think will happen to the contract he forced her to sign? Find out in this ride with me, as I take you through the journey of 'His little Bride'.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Meeting the Staffers

Ruby's Pov;

" Wait here Michael. Lemme go get you another cone of ice cream " I said to my little brother as I hurried out to go get him another ice cream. The one with him was finished.

I was on my way, when I felt a beep. My phone

I brought it out and checked who was calling, then smiled seeing who the caller is

Diane. My best friend.

I picked it up and placed it on my left ear, with a huge smile on my face.

" Hey girlfriend" she cheered happily into the phone. That's her usual tone though- always happy and excited; there's never a dull moment with her

" Whatsup?" I cooed

" Guess what?" she said excitedly, making me wonder whatsup

" You know very well I can't guess - i'm not good at it" I said, hoping she'll just skip the whole guessing part and tell me.

" Just try," she persisted.

" Diane, I can't please; just tell me" I whined, as I got closer to the ice cream vendor.

I have to hurry, because my brother is alone at the park.

" Okay, killjoy! It's about Louis - he's coming back to our school" she informed me and I gasped.

" You don't say," I shrieked.

" Am telling you girlfriend. I can't just wait for this holiday to be over so we'll go back to school. Next session is surely gonna be a boom" she said.

" Hell yes! This is so...Gosh! I don't even know what to say" I said, still in shock.

" How did you get hold of this information?" I asked her.

" Well...a little birdie told me" she said and we both burst into laughter.

" I'm gonna use the rest of this vacation to go shopping in the mall. I need to change my wardrobe, get lovely stuff. Next session is gonna be hot" she rapsed as I nodded to every word she was saying.

Diane is a crazy fashion girl. That's also one of the things I love about her.

No one can beat her when it comes to fashion - no one even comes close.

" Oh, Louis! All the girls are gonna go wild" I said.

" You bet. I hope to not be the first one out" she said and gave a short laugh.

Wondering who Louis is? Well...he's the school's Greekgod..

Did I say Greek God?. Yeah!!!.

He's the most handsome guy I've ever seen on the surface of this earth.

He crowns it all with his great artistic skills, and doesn't fail to show it whenever an opportunity presents itself. He holds the school's record for; Best male singer, during our middle school days.

He left about two years back, for some reasons still unknown to everyone, and now…he's back.


I can't wait to see my longtime crush.

Did I just say longtime crush. Oh, Yeah! you heard me right.

I've had this really huge crush on him since our elementary school days. Too bad he's not into girls.

I don't even think I've seen him with any girl before, neither have I heard rumours of him dating anyone.

But what I do know is - I'm not the only girl crushing on him, and I can place a bet on it and d*mn sure, all the girls in Cali's High is crushing on Louis.

" Diane, you sure know how to get yourself ready" I teased.

" You can say that again. I always like to be prepared" she replied confidently.

I laughed.

" Alright girlfriend - let the best girl win. I gotta go. I left my kid brother to come get ice cream" I told her.

I heard her mouthed an OH.

" Bye Ruby, talk to you later" she said and the call disconnected.

I bought the ice cream, and started heading back.

Thoughts of Louis filled my head.

His sweet, deep, baritone voice whenever he speaks or sings.

I envisioned him perfectly in my thoughts - the way he climbs up to the podium and holds the mic, and then stares back at the audience before performing.

Holy, heavens!! I wonder what he's like now?.

" What took you so long?" that was Michael.

I knew I had stayed longer than I was supposed to, which isn't right; so, the best thing to do right now is to start apologizing.

I don't wanna be the reason he doesn't have much fun earlier on.

" I'm so sorry honey, was caught up with something" I said, squatting to his height, but his face was still squeezed up.

" Here....look, I even got you two cones" I said raising it up to his face.

I was glad he buys it because he smiled immediately, dragging them out of my palm.

He made do with one first, holding on to the other tightly.

I stood up and held his hands as we walked to the park.

" So, no one for me, yeah?" I asked him playfully

" You've forgotten the other is for your apology" he said and ran off to the park to meet the other kids there, leaving me behind.

Smart kid brother I've got here.

I folded my arms as I watched him get on a swing, with the other kids.

I smiled from afar where I stood, watching them all as they play.



" I had lots of fun today, Dad" Michael said to dad, immediately he was back from work.

" I can see you did. You're so excited and happy. Ruby took good care of you" Dad said, not too happily.

I could see the look of sadness in his eyes, but he was trying his possible best to smile.

" Yes, Dad. Did you get me anything?" Michael asked him.

" Michael, he just got back.. Let him go freshen up first. You can have your gift later" I scolded.

He made a puppy face as he walked to the couch.

I sighed and went to Dad.

" Welcome back Dad" I collected his briefcase as he led the way to his room, taking the stairs.

I followed him to his room, dropped the briefcase and came back to the sitting room.

Michael was watching his favorite cartoon.

I stared at him for some seconds before walking over to the dinning.

I set the table for dinner, and went to call Dad.



" You still haven't given me what you bought for me Dad" Michael said. I shot him a hard glare, which he returned with a smile.

" Can't you see Dad's exhausted. You'll get something some other time, not today" I chided.

" Let him be Ruby. He's just a kid. They don't understand stuff like this" Dad said, touching his chin.

" Hope you're enjoying your meal?" I asked him.

He nodded.

" You don't even need to ask me that. As long as you're the one that prepared it, then I must surely enjoy it" he said and we both laughed over it.

" I promise to get you something on my way back from work tomorrow,okay?" Dad said, facing Michael.

He nodded excitedly.

" Should I tell you what I want?" he asked.

Dad thought for a while and nodded.

" I want a huge bowl of ice cream,and popcorn," he said happily.

I gaze at the mini definition of a cute demon, in front of me.

I don't get why a guy will so much be in love with ice cream. I thought only girls adore it.

" What's with you and ice cream?" I asked.

" It's not something you would know" he said, sticking out his tongue at me.

" Dad, did you see that? Did you see what this son of yours just did?" I asked angrily.

" Just let him be Ruby, he's a kid. I tell you all the time. By the way, when are you resuming school?" he asked, changing the topic.

My dad is very good at this - changing topics.

I took it from him though.

" About a week from now" I replied

He nodded and didn't utter a word.

The dinning was engulfed in silence, as each person face their meal.



We finished eating,and I cleared the table with Dad helping me with the dishes.

Michael went to the couch to continue his cartoon, but fell asleep immediately.

" I'll take him to his room and then go to mine. Make sure you retire to bed early" Dad said picking up Michael from the couch.

I nodded and switched off the tv.

He took the stairs. I stared at him till they were both out of sight.

Oh, what a day! I thought sitting on the couch.

I wasn't feeling sleepy yet, and I didn't want to go to my room.

I was now left with only two options - either to watch a movie, or chat with my friend - Diane; thats if she's even online.

After much thinking, I decided to go with the movie.

I walked to the mini table at the center of the sitting room, and picked up the remote from it.

I switched on the tv, and searched through the channels for anything meaningful to watch.

I searched for a while, and at last, saw a very interesting programme

I decided to make do with it, as I relaxed myself on the couch- comfortably, stretching out my legs.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

De Martins

Ruby's Pov;

" What's it, Dad?" I asked during breakfast.

He forced a smile at me and shook his head. I know he's lying, but what can I do?.

I let it slide as I served breakfast. Michael looked excited and already dressed up for summer class.

I don't get why Dad had insisted on him going. I hate summer class like hell.

I finished dishing theirs, and dished mine before taking my seat.

I watched Dad closely from the corner of my eyes.

I knew something's wrong - something's definitely amidst.

I started noticing it, right from the day he told us there will be no vacation for us.

I had gotten so angry and furious and had locked myself up all day, but then I had a rethink - he's never done that before.

Dad loves spoiling us with gifts, and ever since I was a kid, we've always been going to vacations - term in, term out. We've never missed it. S


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