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Mr. Billionaire's Substitute Bride

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Elyana was forced to marry Axel Austin in place of her sister, Elena. On the eve of the proposal, her sister had a serious traffic accident and was in a coma in hospital. Elyana had rejected the marriage for various reasons. One of them was that she never knew who Axel was. Elyana is a fashion designer and had just returned from attending a fashion show overseas. The wedding dress she had designed to give to her sister on her wedding day had to be worn instead of her sister marrying the handsome and wealthy man. For her, it was not easy to get married without love. However, over time Elyana and Axel fell in love with each other because they were used to being together. Suddenly, Elena wakes up from a coma and messes things up. What will happen to Elyana and Axel's marriage next?

Incidents Before the Wedding

A man was driving a brand-name sports car at full speed on a toll road in the centre of the capital. A silver-coloured car appeared from behind, seemingly unwilling to be overtaken by the sports car. The two cars chased each other. Even though they don't know each other and are not in the F1 race arena.

"You idiot! How dare that rich man's car overtake my favourite car. What's so great about a luxury car like that?" mocked the woman driving the silver car. She proudly underestimated the power of the expensive car.

"Aish, d*mn it! It's not that easy to beat me. What a crappy car!" The man accelerated his vehicle until the woman could no longer overtake him. Losing speed.

"That sucks!" the woman complained. Willy-nilly, she had to accept defeat. The sports car went ahead leaving her behind.

Suddenly, the silver car lost control. The brakes failed. "What the hell? Why did the brakes fail again?"

The female driver was shocked because she couldn't control her car.

"What's going on?" The woman was anxious. While saying as many prayers as possible.

The woman's vision suddenly fogged up, her head felt dizzy. She also couldn't focus on the road ahead and her concentration soon faded. And finally...

"NO!" the woman screamed loudly.

The woman looked resigned and a traffic accident occurred. She swerved and hit the motorway barrier. The single accident was inevitable.

The silver car was destroyed instantly. The woman in the car was already unconscious when patrol cars and ambulances approached her an hour later. The blood-soaked woman was rushed to the nearest hospital.


Elyana had just arrived at the airport. She walked while pushing her suitcase and smiled as she left the airport. Tomorrow is her sister Elena's wedding day. She had prepared a special gift to give her sister on her wedding day.

"Elena will be so beautiful in that wedding dress," Elyana thought.

On the way home, Elyana had been called several times by her parents. Every five minutes her mum would ask her. Where have you arrived? What's the ride home? Mum was very worried about her.

Elyana hurried home. She really missed the atmosphere of home. She couldn't wait to reunite with her parents and older sister, who would soon be married.

"Soon my sister will become someone else's wife. She will definitely go with her husband." Elyana had imagined it earlier.

After attending the Paris Fashion Week event, Elyana went straight home. She was only briefly on holiday in Jakarta. Just to attend her sister's wedding party. After that, she had to fly back to attend the next fashion show in several Western European countries.

Elyana looks back through the photo gallery on her mobile phone. She had already immortalised her beautiful dress in a photo.

Unexpectedly, the time had almost come. The dress would soon be worn by her sister. It was an honour for Elyana to be able to give Elena such a special gift.

A few minutes later, Elyana arrived in front of her house. After the online taxi left, she immediately went into the house to meet her parents. Seeing that her daughter had just arrived home, her mother immediately greeted her with a warm hug.

"The famous designer has come. Oh, my dear Elyana," Mum said as she hugged her tightly. Not only Mum, her father also welcomed her with joy.

"Daddy's little princess. My favourite angel of heaven, welcome back, my dear," Dad praised her sky-high. Elyana was honoured to hear this.

"I missed you so much," Elyana replied.

Suddenly, Elyana's eyes were distracted. Where was Elena? Why didn't she immediately come down from the room and greet her sister?

"Mum, where's Elena? Is she still sleeping in her room? Did she intend to run away because she didn't wanna be matched with you?" Elyana started asking questions.

Her parents looked at each other. Since this morning, Elena had not been seen. Not even in her room.

Did she really run away? Maybe she wasn't willing to leave her foreign lover. Or maybe they were planning to elope? Elyana's mind was racing. However, she was very curious and went to her sister's room. To see for herself.

"Your sister hasn't come home since this morning," Mum told Elyana.

'What? Not home yet? Is she staying at her boyfriend's house? How ironic,' Elyana thought again. She felt bad for her sister.

"Isn't the proposal tonight, Mum?" Elyana confirmed again. Mum nodded hesitantly.

"Elena didn't give us any news. I don't know where that brat went. She's getting married tomorrow and she's just wandering around," Mum scolded. Elyana smiled in response.

Elyana opened the contents of her suitcase. She placed her dress on a mannequin that Mum had provided in her sister's room.

Elyana had ordered it long before her arrival. 'Look at that dress! Isn't the design so beautiful and elegant?' she praised to herself.

"Elena will definitely love it. What do you think, Mum?" Elyana asked her mother.

"Definitely. Your sister will be so beautiful in that dress you made, Elya," praised Mum. Elyana smiled back in response.

It was only a few hours to the proposal. Why hasn't Elena given any news? What had happened to her? Elyana was very worried about her sister.

"Elya, get ready. The groom's family will be here soon. We have to welcome them soon," Mum told her. Elyana nodded.

"Yes, Mum. I'll get ready first." Elyana and her mother parted ways. She went to her room. It was located next to Elena's room.


The night of the proposal arrived. The groom's family had already arrived at Elyana's house. How strange. Elyana still couldn't contact Elena. Where is she? The proposal ceremony will still take place solemnly.

Elyana sat next to her parents. She watched the guests. Including the man sitting in the middle of his family, who was busy playing with his mobile phone. That must be her future brother-in-law, guessed Elyana.

"Where is Elena? Why is she still not here at this hour?" Mum looked very worried. She had been watching the door and occasionally glancing at her mobile phone.

The whole family was filled with anxiety. Because the bride didn't come. What happened? Mum had a bad feeling. Something must have happened, she cried.

Elyana still tried to calm her mother's heart. Although she herself was confused and anxious waiting for news from her sister. Suddenly, some policemen came to the house to meet Elyana's family.

"Good evening."

Forced to Marry

The police who came to the house told us that Elena had been involved in a traffic accident. They showed a photo of the silver car Elena was driving.

The car was in shattered condition. At first, Elyana's parents didn't believe it. However, after looking at the photo carefully, her father recognised the colour and plate of Elena's car.

Oh my! The police informed us that Elena, who was the victim of a traffic accident, had been treated and was at a nearby hospital. She is now undergoing surgery.

"No! Elena ...." Mum burst into tears. She was shocked to hear the news of what had happened to one of her daughters. Not long after, mum fainted.

"Elena had an accident?" Just like mum, Elyana also looked devastated to hear the news.

"Mum ... Mum!" Elyana tried to revive her mother. She looked panicked while turning her head left and right.

"What about this wedding?" Elyana could hear the whispers from


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