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Mr Billionaire, I Came Back To Love You

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"Hubby, I am hungry."   He looked at her with a gaze full of tenderness and asked, "What do you want to eat?" He asked her.   "You..." she said shyly to him. She said her face was red.   Hubby, I love you so much."   "Hubby, how do I look?"   "Hubby this, Hubby that..." ….. Olivia Fred was happy; her life was going smoothly and happily. She has her best friend with her, as well as the man she is in love with. But her beautiful world suddenly collapsed when she realized everything was a scheme. A scheme between her best friend and The man she loves the most, she had fallen into their trap and schemes; it was too late when she found out. She was burned alive by them, and the man she hated the most and did not even expect was there with her when she was dying.   She vowed that if she was given a second chance, she would avenge her death and show her enemies that she was not to be toyed with. She also vowed to love Alex with all of her heart. Her wish was granted, and she was brought back to six years ago, when she was about to leave Alex. She started clinging to Alex after her rebirth.   This is an original book, not translated. Instagram: Unusualwrite Facebook: Unusual Write

Chapter 1

Oliver comes out of the kitchen with a plate of snacks for her friend, Emily. She is always happy to be around her as she is her only trusted friend, she shares everything with her and seeks her consent on matters.

"Here it is." Oliver drops it in front of her. She takes a seat beside her and crosses her leg in anticipation.

"Ethan has gone out not too long ago. I think he is planning something big for me for my birthday." Oliver giggles. Emily smiles at her and drags the plate of snacks close to herself

"I'm glad for your birthday too. We will paint the whole town red. Have planned so many things for you." Emily says with a sinister smile.

"Really? Tell me about it. What's with the smile! Tell me." Oliver nudges her.

"If I tell you then it's no more a surprise. I will give you a surprise before your birthday." Emily tells her.

"You're going to surprise me before my birthday. It seems you are so eager." Oliver teases her.

"Eager? No. I may not get the time to pull the surprise on your birthday so I will give you a gift before then." Emily explains.

"I don't mind. My Grandma once told me everyday is a special day. And a week before my birthday, the whole week is my birthday. If you give me a gift right now, I will accept it as a birthday gift since you are too eager." Oliver laughs at her.

"I'm not." Emily whines back. "Okay, you want the gift now. I think you are the one eager to get it now. If you want the gift early then I will give it to you." Emily says back to her.

"Really?" Oliver exclaims. Emily raises her head up to look at her and her mouth forms into a smirk.

"What's with the smirk? This surprise must be so big then. I can't wait." Oliver giggles.

"Yea. You will get it." Emily whispers back at her. "These snacks are so good. You baked it?" She asks.

"You know I bake." Oliver replies to her.

"Yea, I know." She chuckles. "I bake too, I'm just too lazy." Emily sighs and rests back on the couch.

"I'm sure Ethan is planning something big. I can't wait and I can't wait to get pregnant for Ethan's baby. I will be the happiest to carry his child.`` Oliver says.

"Really!" Emily says to her. Oliver fails to notice the dull tone and keeps on talking.

"Yeah. We are married now. He's mine. I will carry his child and give him multiple sons and daughters. I will not only be his wife but the mother of his children." Oliver chuckles with her words. She can't possibly give birth to multiple children. Two or three is definitely okay for her.

Emily scoffs and stands up abruptly. "Let me get a drink for us. I will be back." She announces and leaves for the kitchen.

After some minutes, she comes back with drinks poured in the glass cup already. She hands over a glass to Oliver and takes the other one and sits beside her.

Oliver drinks some and drops it back on the table.

"You are not drinking?" Emily asks with her eyebrows raised.

"No, I'm okay." Oliver replies to her. Emily picks up her glass of cup and raises it towards her.

"Take and drink it. You can't possibly tell me you will leave it half." Emily forces the cup on her and Oliver takes it from her.

"Cheers." She giggles and hits it with hers. Oliver smiles at her childish behavior and gulps down the wine at once.

"It's good, right." She asks as she drops the glass on the table.

"Yes, it is." She whispers back at her. Oliver's voice goes weak and she stumbles backward. She shakes her head to rub the sleepiness from her eyes.

"I will be in the room. I don't feel too good." She murmurs. Her voice is too weak to say a thing. She rubs her forehead and her breath becomes heavy. She stands up and her feet are wobbly.

"Are you sure you are okay? Get into the room to take some rest. I will soon take my leave." Emily says worriedly.

"I…" Oliver is about to say when her phone drops from her hand. She stumbles and falls on the ground with a thud. She feels numb, not able to move her hands and legs and whole body. What is this? What is happening to her? Is she about to die? Is she dying? So many questions run through her mind as her eyes start closing. Her eyes cannot withstand the light coming into the room and forces itself to close.

Is she about to die? Oh Lord, forgive her sins and accept her in heaven! Amen! Oliver makes a quick prayer and is forced into a deep slumber. One she might not come back from.

Pains! Her body is in pain and she doesn't feel free. Oliver taps back Into consciousness and forces her eyes open. She shuts it back and groans in pain. Her eyes! It hurts!

She tries opening it again and blinks her eyes severally before adjusting to it.

Where is she? Oliver glances around the dimly lit room which she finds unfamiliar. She tries moving but feels tight to herself.

Oliver looks down at her body and sees herself tie all over. She is tied into a chair. Was she kidnapped? What happened after she fainted? Where is Emily? Hope she isn't hurt? Oliver is worried and looks around at the not so familiar place. She tried cutting free but the ropes were too strong. As she forcefully moves, she groans in pain. The pains she's feeling around her body, maybe were due to the impact of how she fell on the ground. Her body hurts so much.

"Who is here?" Oliver gathers up the courage and says aloud. Whoever it is that kidnapped her should come out and let's resolve it immediately. She has no money or expensive jewelry for them to rob so it will be better if they let her go because it was of no use.

"I see you are awake." Someone replies to her from the edge of the room which is so dim except for the person who comes into the bright side. The voice, it sounds familiar.

"Show your face." Oliver says hoping that the familiar voice doesn't match with the familiar face. She can recognize that voice from anywhere. If we can have 7 look alike in the world then we can definitely have 7 voices alike in the world. Her heels hit the ground making the sophisticated noise as she walked closer to Oliver.

Oliver gulps down nothing and anticipates whoever it was. She just hopes they release her when they find her worthless and hopes they wouldn't be too harsh on her.

The light shines on her and Oliver can see her abductee clearly. Her words are stuck in her mouth as she glances at her with her mouth agape. But what she doesn't know is there's more to come that she doesn't know about.

Chapter 2

"Emily!" Oliver whispers with a confused expression. Now, thinking about it, everything starts becoming clear to her. Some things she never noticed, she started noticing it. The drink and she fainted! Was it her? But why? Why Emily? Didn't she take her as friends just like she took her? She hears another footsteps coming behind her. Who will that be? Her Ally! The one who will torture her and do most of the dirty work for her.

The man stands beside Emily with a smirk on his face. "We should get this done with." He says and laughs with Emily.

"Ethan! Ethan, what is Happening?" Oliver asks, confused about the whole thing.

"You still don't get it. You're too slow." Emily scoffs at her. Oliver struggles on the chair but the pain that is hogging all over her body makes her stop. "Well, what do I expect? You trusted us too much. You trust too much Oliver." She says to her.

Oliver calms herself down an


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