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MISLED: My heart didn't know

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"You don't want to do this." He warned again as he sat down relaxed on the sofa. "Bruce, warn them." "See, you don't want to bet on this game because you will only lose, My boss is the best, second to none." Bruce warned just as his boss told him to. "I'm not backing down." Val was determined. "Okay." The strange man who is Bruce's boss said as he sat upright while he got into position for the game. They started the game. To me, random pawns was been moved but to them it meant something. In less than five minutes, the son of a monkey who was Bruce's boss relaxed once again with a smirk on his face. Val's face was down cast with sweat dripping off her forehead; she had the look of someone who wished to be anywhere but in this same room. From the dramatic display I've seen from both sides, even the atmosphere, one of my worst fears came into reality. He won! He. Freaking. Won!! _____________________________________________________________ Barbara Williams A nineteen year old girl disrespect her parents for what she thought she saw and her parents can't give her. LOVE she moved in with her boyfriend who she thought can provide her with the love she was craving for. what happens when things go down the wrong lane and she loses all she thought she has gathered? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Author here If you want to drop suggestions or interact with the writer, you can do that on these social media handles. Instagram: Writercamiraja Facebook page: Writers memes Hope to meet you there soon


So here is my quick...note?Please do not skip this, it is really important.First of all, there would be a handful of flashbacks. Please be patient while reading them 'cause it gives insight to the people's actions in the story.Secondly, the characters, scenes, settings, plot, theme etc of this book is totally from my head and hence a product of my imagination, if there is a case of real life coincidence then that is a honest mistake.Last but not the least, please, do not pirate this story for any reason. Like I said earlier, it is a product of my imagination so please do not pirate!Oh, please do not forget to vote, comment and support this book, emphasis on comment because it would let me know what you are thinking about the characters, settings etc of the book, hence motivating me to do more.Also, please do not forget to follow me on my social media handle. we can interact and you get to drop your suggestions also.Let us work collectively together to see each other grow and succeed.I think that is all for now. So, enjoy your reading!!!I hope it would be worthwhile for you

Chapter 1: Something happened to Jayceline


I kept quiet as the tension in the house swallowed I and Kirsten whole.

Kirsten was mad but I was furious. She had used the toilet and not flushed her poo. I mean how can someone be comfortable with others looking at their poo in the WC and even inhaling the horrible pungent odor of urine and faeces.

I'm at least thankful that she didn't seem to have left a blooded pad in there today although there's no guarantee she won't do something like that another day.

That's the height of wickedness and stupidity but the former is her name so she won't bulge neither would she feel bad that someone called her wicked. As for the latter, it's who she is so it doesn't matter.

I'd confronted her about it and she had insulted me, which I don't mind, but she went ahead and also insulted my parents which was a great turn-off for me.

I had told her to repeat the nonsense she said previously.


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