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Messing with the CEO

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After a night of sleeplessness, the bold woman had secretly left, and even branded a provocative "war letter" on the bed sheet. Qin Jingyang looked at the red lip print, and a cold light erupted in his eyes. He vowed to search the entire city to find the woman who escaped! The next day, all the major newspapers simultaneously published the headline "Wanted". At the same moment, Tong Tian Ai held the newspaper, her face reddening. The next day, all the major newspapers simultaneously published large paragraphs of headlines! She Invoked the Devil!" Qin Jinyang ...... President of Qin's Consortium ...... "Just because of that lipstick, she messed with the chief president ......

Chapter 1

Inside the hotel's luxury suite, the sound of gurgling water came from the washroom.

On the two-metre wide Simmons bed lay a woman with a half-naked back. Baby-like skin that could be broken, a long head of soft shiny black hair wildly scattered.

Enchanting woman, like a blooming poppy, with a fatal charm.

Tong Tian Ai stifled a moan and slowly opened her eyes.

Her brain was buzzing with a headache that was about to explode! Rubbing her temples, she fiercely widened her eyes.

Here was where! Why was she here!

She remembered getting drunk yesterday and then walking down the street.

Seeing a woman on the street begging for a man, obviously abandoned by this man. Without saying a word, she rushed over and cursed the man thoroughly.

Then she vomited, and then ...... patted her head, but how could she not remember what happened below.

The body cooled a little too much, Tong Tian Ai lowered his head and looked, only then realising that he actually had nothing to wear!

Almost shrieked out in shock, hastily covered her mouth, but her heart was frightened.

"Lost ...... body ......" these two words, like a cassette tape video clip zoomed in front of the eyes.

However, now can not care about the other, to escape and then say!

Turned his head to look at the bathroom, the man's upright figure through the glass door, if the shadow of the swaying.

Tong Tian Ai grabbed her long hair, flying like leaping up from the bed. Sweeping towards the messy clothes on the floor, she found that her T-shirt had stains from vomiting.

Frowning, she tiptoed to the other side of the bed, clutching the sheet.

Picking up the bra on the floor as well as her trousers, she hurriedly grabbed the man's shirt and scrambled to put it on.

The man's oversized shirt made her look even more petite, and Tong Tian Ai glanced at the figure in the bathroom and spat out her tongue.

Turning around, she searched for her backpack again and found it lying quietly in the corner. Tiptoeing and trotting towards it, the Chanel lipstick slipped out of the backpack.

This was Fang Qing's girl's treasure, if she lost it, she'd be dead!

Bending down to pick up the lipstick, she twisted her head and glanced at the man inside the bath room.

An evil thought suddenly rose in Tong Tian Ai's head, and her feet instantly froze in place. Delicately applying the lipstick on her pink lips, she brushed it back and forth fiercely several times.

Lowering his head, he kissed the sheets just like that.

Lifting her head to look at her masterpiece, she nodded in satisfaction.

Idiot, still not quick to escape! Tong Tian Ai glanced at the man's figure and screamed in her heart. Gently opened the door to the room and disappeared in a flash.

The glass door of the washroom was pulled open with a huff, and the man only casually wrapped a bath towel around his lower body. The slender and lean body, no less than a top model, could not see a trace of excess flab.

Eagle eyes swept over the empty bedroom, saw the two cherry-red lip prints on the bed sheet, and his handsome eyebrows suddenly furrowed.

The hand holding the towel instantly froze in motion. A cold light erupted in his eyes, and the corners of his mouth lifted into an amused smile.

Was this her provocation of him?

Very well, this bold woman, he, Qin Jinyang, must make her appear in front of him automatically.

Chapter 2

The next day.

Every major newspaper in Taiwan simultaneously published a headline wanted notice in a large section.

The entire page featured only a woman's naked back.

Delicate lines that make people want to move. Long hair like seaweed covered it, unable to peek at that desirable appearance.

On the clean white bedsheets on one side, cherry-red lip prints were so big and prickly that they made people reverie.

Next to the photo was only a small line--

Know who it is, and show up in front of me of your own accord. Otherwise, suffer the consequences.

"Wow, Tian Ai! Look at this newspaper, is it a wanted notice?"

"Look at that woman in the photo, she's so charming and charming! She's so charming! She's got what it takes to be a mistress! I just don't know what she looks like!"

Fang Qing looked down at the newspaper, pondering, and couldn't help but marvel at it again and again.


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