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Melting Him Softly

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SYNOPSIS In the city of New York, Meet Adrain Smith. A very influential and strict billionaire. He is running the Ainsoft game company. He doesn't create time for love and feels hostility toward ladies due to what his ex did to him until he met crazy Alyssa. Wonder who Alyssa is? Well, Alyssa Clifton is a lady who has a deep crush on Adrain Smith until she began working in his office. Alyssa is a very cute and sexy lady. Her curves aren't something a guy can easily resist. She is living with her mom and sister Ayva. What happens when Alyssa finally gets to start working with Adrain? What happens when they both found out they knew each other from their past? What happens when Adrain starts getting enticed to Amy? What happens if they both find out about their painful and turbulent past which has to repeat itself? Find out in this story how Amy was able to melt Adrain softly and how they were able to forfeit their past and move on.

Chapter 1

A new busy day at Ainsoft as they were conferred an enormous contract with a lot of gains.

All staffs are busy with their respective system and there was no time for play at all.

Adrain waddled into the office with his manager and didn't greet or answer anyone as usual. He went frankly into his office and wailed that everyone sucks!

Bryson! He shouted. Omg! where the hell has he gone again, won't he relinquish those files to me? I might later sack this jerk.

Bryson has been his manager for 3 years and he has been doing a very great job but slacks off once in a while.

I don't know what to do with him.

Bryson later came by after some minutes and he submitted the files he needed.

"Damn! This cold glare is killing me. How can someone be so cold-hearted? I would have left the job but I have no choice because the pay is good."Bryson said.

Well, boss, you have a meeting with Ina Group at 3:00 pm, Bryson said again and took off instantly because he knows Adrain won't even give him a response.

Bryson hopes he meets someone who would change him. He is running mad. He's such a psycho.

"What could have made him cold-hearted? He was a very jovial person before. I hope he heals faster."Bryson started analyzing.

As I Bryson got to his office, he met Selena nodding off.

Wtf!!With the amount of work we have currently, this bitch slept off

Damn, this is crazy!

Selena was in a state of deep relaxation feeling safe and at peace likewise daydreaming,

In the process of her getting a kick out of her dream, She suddenly felt something sprinkling on her.

At first, she thought she was still dreaming till she realized Bryson was the one pouring water on her.

Are you crazy?!! She shrieked and sprung up immediately.

"How can you be so cruel? I despise you, Bryson!

Couldn't you have just woken me up reasonably?

I really can't wait to have another work partner, you have bothered me enough. I can't withstand you any longer. Wicked soul! Selena yelled and walked out of the office".

But that was a joke. Why did she take it personally?

"Tch! Girls are mystified and crazy

Can't believe she got annoyed because of that.

I should have even poured urine on her,

She would skin me alive. I'm crazy" Bryson said.

. . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . .

Yah!! Lazy bone! Won't you get off the bed right now?

Are u dead or what? How can a typical human sleep till 2 in the afternoon?

Bitch! Go get a job 

"Tf! My mom and Ayva won't let me rest a bit.

Why would they wake me up when I'm in the wonderland with my dream husband?"Alyssa said.

Yeah! Her dream husband is Adrain Smith. She loves him, His sexy smiles she sees on the TV screen always make her happy. She also hopes to meet him and has been submitting her application form to his company but she hasn't been picked. Gosh, it's annoying

Ayva is her best friend but they live together because she is an orphan. She's not only a best friend but also a sister to her. They call them twins in the neighborhood as most of them don't know they are not having the same parents.

Anyways, they love it like that.

"Alyssa and Ayva...Best sisters for life."That Is their logo.

Ayva is a makeup artist but not a well-known one yet.

She works in a company, unlike Alyssa who's just sitting at home the whole day.

Ayva has a crush on Hayes.

Hayes is the most popular model, actor, and singer in New York and they are both his fans. Alyssa loves Hayes too but not up to the way she loves Adrain Smith.

Adrain smith is both Alyssa's role model and crush.

They are both fangirling Hayes and they are the admin of his official fan page.

Well, Alyssa is also the admin of Adrain's fan page. A fan page with tons of followers.

She's proud of herself as she has a series of Adrain's pictures on her phone.

Because of Fangirling, she didn't have time for dating.

Alyssa has been on a series of blind dates set up by her mother but none came out successful as she's always blabbing about Adrain in front of them.

Alyssa is crazy 

Ayva isn't going to work today,

Do you know what that means? They are fangirling throughout today to take secret pictures of Hayes and post them on their page.

Damn! They really can't wait!

Alyssa and AYVA got dressed up and put on their face masks because their fangirling is a secret and they don't want anyone to find out about it.

They are even aiming at getting an apartment of their own to be free from their mom's nagging and scolding.

They finally set out with their camera and went to the airport.

Hayes is coming back from France, he went to a show there.

They took a series of pictures but didn't let anyone notice them They are always staying where no one would see them and they get a clear picture of him. That has gained them a lot of followers.

After Hayes vacated the scene, they decided to go have fun. They went to the Amusement park and played like babies as they miss childhood.

After exhausting all the money with them, they went home as they already know a crazy drama is awaiting them at home.

"Ayva, mum would skin us alive. We are just getting home by 11 pm. She's going to annihilate us".Alyssa said.

"Trust me, babe...I have a plan " Ayva replied.

"Ayva with crazy plans, I hope you don't scheme something that would implicate us more", Alyssa said 

"Hell no! I am 100%sure this plan would be triumphant. Trust me fool"Ayva replied.

"One of us has to fake being sick, Should I do it or you would? You are perfect at doing that.

Alyssaaaaaa. Plsssssszzzzz do it."Ayva began begging Alyssa.

Alyssa finally agreed and they proceeded with their plan.

 "Sorry Alyssa, I shouldn't have left you alone.

Hey mum. Alyssa is sick and she went limp on our way coming back home.

We took her to the hospital".Ayva told their mom.

"Crazy bitches...Do you think I would fall for this petty and crazy trick?" Mrs. Clifton who emerges to be their mother said.

She then took to her heels and started hunting them with her stick.

They didn't stop running till she gave up on chasing them...

"You know what? She said.

Alyssa, I have set up a blind date for you, likewise you Ayva.

You girls are becoming naughtier daily and I don't think I can be able to handle you guys again. Just go and marry and stop this fangirling of a thing. Those celebrities can't notice you guys, you are just wasting your precious time. 

Precious time? what am I even saying? you guys don't have precious time".She yelled at them

"Omg! Mom just insulted us", Alyssa said.

"Tch ! Goodnight crazy daughters, Mrs. Clifton said and left.

After Alyssa got to her room, She took her phone and bid Adrain goodnight by kissing his picture.


I require a secretary...

Bryson, I want you to employ new interns for interviews and need someone capable of being my secretary.

I have been on the computer the whole day and still have not been tired of it. I'm fond of it though.


Mia!!!! what is all this, tell me I am dreaming, Just tell me this is not true 

I truly love you, Mia...How could you?

This wasn't our consensus.

I promise to take care of you, is there anything I did for you that is not satisfying?

Mia plsssssssss.

Mia, I am sorry 

Adrain, I have no choice Let go of me, I don't love you 

"End of flashback"


After hearing that loud sound from the boss's office, Bryson quickly ran inside and met him clasping his head tightly.

"What's wrong with him? Boss, what's wrong?

Do you need to go to the hospital? Should I get you some drugs?"Bryson started asking a series of questions.

He suddenly remember Adrain has a neutralizing pill and hastily went to get it for him in his drawer.

Bryson comprehended he was okay after taking the pill and Adrain sent him out of his office.

"He was fretting profusely.

What could be the problem?

Does he have a dreadful trauma?

This is the first time I've seen him in that way 

He must be going through a lot in his past.

I wish to help him get over his past.

He must have had a very awful past.

 So grim." Bryson said.

Adrain left the office early today due to what arose earlier.

"What the hell is wrong? I think I've gotten over her already" Adrain kept thinking.

He went to the fridge to get alcohol and drank ill he slept off. He wants to stop recollecting his past as he hasn't been able to snooze well ever since that incident.

Adrain couldn't get a hold of himself and started smashing items in the house.


Yah;! It's a Sunday.

Bryson came over and requested Adrain to stroll out with him.

I know it's a surprise, but Bryson is Adrain's best friend. They kept it a secret from work.

On their way going, Adrain decided to go get something for them to drink as they are thirsty already.

"Wow! How can someone be so cute? She's a good match for Adrain Should I just matchmake them?"Bryson mumbled as he sighted a cute lady.

" Hey", Bryson greeted her.

To his surprise, she replied friendly as if they knew each other before.

"I'm Bryson and you are?" Alyssa, she responded.

"Wow, such an elegant name for a cute lady like you.

So... Would you like to work for my boss, Alyssa?

I want you to change him 

I would pay you any amount you want. Just do things to make him cheerful

I am sure he would fall for your cute face instantly and your sexy backside"Bryson said.

"Damn ! what gibberish is this guy telling?

Is he crazy or what?

You must be very stupid mister...

Do I look like someone that is suffering?

Do I look like Harlot?

And who the hell is that your stupid boss, I am sure you guys are mythical.

Liar! Do you think you can extort me?

I'm not a fool yunno "Alyssa yelled.

She was still talking when she abruptly noticed a figure beside him.

"No! Am I dreaming?" Alyssa said.

"No!No! No! Alyssaaaaa, you must be musing..." she said again.

Wake up!!!!!!


What the hell?

Could that be the Boss he was squealing about?"Alyssa exclaimed.

Alyssaaaaaa. she shouted her name and fainted

Chapter 2


Hey Bryson, who is she? and why was she howling?

Do you guys know each other?

No, Not at all, let's go Adrain...Bryson said.

I was still curious about the girl but Bryson didn't say anything.

What could have happened? I kept wondering till we got home.

I couldn't even get a clear view of the lady.

. . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . .

Alyssa finally stood up and realized they left already.

"Oh no! Was I lusting?" She solicited herself.

She ran home to quickly tell Ayva that she saw Adrain Smith.

"You fool," Ayva yelled and started chasing Alyssa with the pillow.

Alyssa enacted everything to Ayva already.

"You just lost a lifetime opportunity, I need to beat the hell out of you, "Ayva wailed.

"Just tell me how you are going to meet them again, "Ayva inquired again

"You should have waited to see the Boss he was talking a


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