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Meeting my Billionaire husband in the Ex's wedding

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Catalina Laurence reluctantly attend a blind date at her mother's insistence, feeling utterly indifferent towards her date, Michael Walton. Upon receiving a wedding invitation from her ex-boyfriend, Daniel Lee, she attended his wedding, enduring a barrage of mockery at the ceremony. Faced with the need to restore herdignity, Catalina wove a fictional image of a boyfriend, only to be caught off guard by the unexpected appearance of Michael Walton at this very moment...

Chapter 1 Blind Date

In the Waltham of April, the white roses blossoms in full splendor.

The girl, Catalina Laurence, in the coffee shop tilted her head, chin in hand, gazing absentmindedly at the white roses outside the window.

Catalina Laurence, a vision of ethereal beauty and grace, possesses a countenance that captivates the beholder from the first glance. Her physical allure is a symphony of delicate features, framed by cascading waves of chestnut hair that dance in harmony with every movement. Her eyes, pools of warm hazel, reflect both depth and kindness, inviting those fortunate enough to meet her into a world of empathy.

The man across the dining table cleared his throat and said, "Miss Laurence."

Catalina Laurence snapped back to reality, starting to take notice of the man across from her.

He had deep eye sockets, a tall nose bridge, and wore a pair of golden-rimmed glasses, enhancing his elegant and dignified demeanor.

He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and spoke slowly, "Miss Laurence, hello. I am Michael Walton, 26 years old this year. I hope to get to know you better and pursue a romantic relationship, and I will marry you in future."

"Hmm?" Catalina frowned slightly. Wasn't it a bit impolite to say such things on the first meeting?

Today, she couldn't resist her mother's good intentions, so she reluctantly went on a blind date in response to her mother's recommendation.

His mother recommended highly of him.

He did look good if he can shut up.

The man crossed his legs, hands folded in front of his chest, the golden-rimmed glasses reflecting a confident feeling as he continued, "I admire Mr.Walton's confidence..." Just as she was about to refuse, the phone on the table rang.

She glanced at the phone screen and saw the caller ID saying "Scumbag."

She pursed her lips.

It was her ex-boyfriend's phone number.

She tapped to dismiss.

Two seconds later, the phone rang again and was hung up. Then the calls kept coming.

Michael Walton extended his hand, making a "please" gesture.

Catalina stood up, found a quiet corner in the hotel, took a deep breath, and answered the call.

The phone against her ear, she heard her ex-boyfriend Daniel Lee's voice, "Catalina, tonight is my wedding."

Catalina was not surprised at all. The news of his marriage had already spread in their circle.

"Oh, I wish you happiness forever," Catalina replied with no emotion.

"Oh?" Daniel on the other end sounded somewhat surprised, "Thank you for your blessings."

Catalina spoke slowly, each word enunciated, "A scumbag marries a sl*t, It is good for everyone!"

"You can curse me; It is my fault."

She had been in a relationship with Daniel Lee for seven years, once a famous campus couple at Waltham University. Once he had an affair, he married into a wealthy family. Her seven years of youth were wasting.

"I'm afraid of dirtying my mouth by cursing you."

"Did you receive the invitation? You must come tonight."

Catalina instinctively tightened her bag. Was this guy crazy? After the breakup, he still wanted his ex-girlfriend to attend his wedding with his mistress?

"Are you the fool, or am I the fool? Do you take me as a part of your drama?"

"I won't go."

"Catalina, don't forget our agreement. I'll find a way to help you figure your secret out later."

Catalina raised her eyebrows.

A month ago, Daniel Lee proposed a breakup. He admitted that Karen Cash, the daughter of the Cash family, was pregnant with his child. He and Catalina made a deal – she would let him go, and he wanted to use the Cash family's social connection to investigate something important.

"Beep." Before she could reply, Daniel Lee hung up the phone.

Having been in a seven-year relationship, he knew her well. He knew she would come after hearing that.

"Looks like..." A slightly magnetic male voice sounded beside her, and Catalina sensed that something unpleasant was about to happen.

Turning her head, she saw Michael Walton leaning against the wall, hands in his pockets, a faint smile on his face. "It seems Miss Laurence has encountered some trouble."

This guy was not only impolite but also malicious.

"Mr. Walton, eavesdropping on others' conversations is not a good habit."

Michael looked at her phone and said, "I can help Miss Laurence deal with her ex-boyfriend."

He winked at her, lips curving into a malicious smile, lowering his voice, "I'm good at acting."

Dressed in a suit and making such insincere remarks, he looked like a polite scumbag.

"Are you an actor?"

"They call me the best actor in Waltham."

Catalina sarcastically smiled at him. Why didn't he claim to be Leonardo DiCaprio in Waltham?

"You pretend to be my girlfriend, and I'll help you deal with your ex. A fair deal, what do you say?" Michael looked at her, awaiting her response.

Meeting his shimmering eyes, she firmly refused, "No need, Mr. DiCaprio ."

After Catalina left in a hurry, Michae dialed a number, "Send out the invitation from the Cash family immediately."

"Yes, sir!"

Six o'clock in the evening, Alton Manor.

Catalina stood at the entrance, a silver plaque reading: Daniel & Karen.

The banquet hall was crowded. Just as she was about to enter, the security guard stopped her, "Miss, please show your invitation."

She took out the invitation sent by Daniel from her bag and handed it over.

The security guard took the invitation, checked it, and continued, "Miss. Laurence, due to privacy concerns, please hand over your phone."

The rules of wealthy families were indeed too much.

She heard a few women disguised as men next to her complaining, "I'm going to a wedding, and they want to confiscate my phone?"

"I heard the bride is pregnant. They probably want to prevent someone from taking photos of the pregnant bride."

Catalina handed over her phone and followed the ladies into the venue.

"I also heard that the groom is an underdog. Mr. Cash originally disagreed with this marriage."

"But Miss Cash wanted to commit suicide, and her father reluctantly agreed."

"You see, why are there only a dozen tables in the entire venue?"

"You don't know. Although the bride is Mr. Cash's biological daughter, she is born of the third secret lover, not his wife."

"A secret lover?"

"Yes! She is his secret lover kept outside. Mr. Cash has a total of four secret lovers."

"Mr. Cash doesn't want to see this daughter, and combined with her pregnancy before marriage and insisting on marrying an underdog, Mr. Cash probably feels embarrassed and doesn't want to make a big deal out of it."

Everyone sighed.

Catalina walked to the table where her university classmates were sitting. Her classmates were chatting animatedly:

"I envy Daniel Lee; he's about to become famous."

"Saves thirty years of hard work."

Catalina casually found an empty seat.

The conversation suddenly stopped, and the classmates who were just talking looked at each other.

Who would have thought that after being heartlessly abandoned, Catalina would attend her ex's wedding without blushing or awkward?

She patted her dress. As long as she wasn't awkward, others would be.

"Hey, Catalina?" Sharon Heather broke the silence first.

Catalina didn't respond, pouring herself a glass of red wine.

During her studies, Sharon Heather always caused her trouble. Now she must be happy.

"Catalina, an unwanted girl like you still has the nerve to attend the wedding!"

"Who said no one wants me?" Catalina played with her wine glass. "How do you know my current situation?"

Sharon was stunned, obviously not expecting such a reaction, "What do you mean?"

Catalina flicked her hair draped over her shoulders, "I recently got a new boyfriend, much more handsome than Daniel Lee."

Sharon was puzzled, "How handsome is he?"

How handsome is the guy? You need to carefully consider this question... At this time, Catalina remembers Michael Walton.

"He owns an international company, looking very gentlemanly with glasses."

"Well... gentle and elegant, stern and dignified."

"He's good to me, considerate, gentle, and a bit domineering."

"Do you think anyone would believe you, Catalina? It's just your illusion," Sharon mocked loudly, and people around the table joined in the laughter.

Chapter 2 Fiancé?

Sharon chuckled and said, "Catalina, have you read too many love stories? How can such a man exist in reality? He wouldn't like you."

Catalina replied, "You haven't seen him, so how do you know he doesn't exist?"

"Then call him out, let us see."

"Do you think he's a tiger in the zoo that I can call for a show?"

Hearing this, classmates burst into laughter, thinking she was making things up.

Catalina raised her eyes and noticed a familiar figure in the distance. On closer inspection, he disappeared again.

At this moment, a female classmate sitting next to her grabbed her arm and said, "Catalina, I just heard that Nancy Cash is looking for you."

"Nancy Cash?"

"Yes, the little follower beside Karen. She is Karen's cousin. I just heard her say she wants to humiliate you on behalf of Karen."

Ah, so this was the reason Du Bin forced her to co


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