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Marry My Sister's Billionaire Husband

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Celia Walsh was the foster daughter of the Walsh family. Her father made a deal with the most powerful family, the Spencer family, at the price that he needed to marry his daughter, Chloe Walsh, to their eldest son. However, he was known to be seriously ill and might not survive a year. To help his daughter avoid this miserable marriage, he threatened Celia to enter this marriage in place of Chloe. Things became out of control when Celia had an unexpected one-night-stand with a strange man on their wedding night. More unfortunately, he claimed that the Spencer family was his sworn enemy and he would cage her for revenge on the Spencer family.

Chapter 1 Pretend to Be Chloe and Marry Him

"What do you mean I am getting married in place of Chloe?" Celia couldn’t believe what she just heard from her foster father, Hugh Walsh.

"You know, Celia, we've put in a lot of effort to raise you over the years. It's time for you to repay us," said Hugh. He ordered, "The Spencer family wants a bride from our family. We need you to pretend to be Chloe and marry their eldest son. Don't worry! If you can't give birth to a child in one year, they will kick you out of their family. By then, you'll be free. Don't tell anyone about it, or I won't let you go! Got it?"

The Spencer family's eldest son, he was known to be seriously ill and might not survive a year. Furthermore, rumor had it that he couldn't even take care of himself. No wonder Chloe, her foster sister, the true daughter of the Walsh family, didn’t want to marry him.

Celia didn't believe he could do anything to her under such a situation after they got married. She was only going to marry him to fulfill the marriage contract between the two families.

Therefore, Celia thought it would be a good idea to repay the Walshes for their kindness in adopting her by marrying into the Spencer family in place of Chloe Walsh, her foster sister. And she did it as she was told.

To her astonishment, when she was standing in the church where her wedding ceremony was held, there was not even a guest there. Even her bridegroom didn't show up. All right! Since he was said to be paralyzed after surviving a fire, how could he possibly attend our wedding?

There was nothing Celia could do other than put up with it. After all, the Spencer family was the most influential family in Rison City.

After sighing with resignation, Celia signed the marriage contract in front of the witnesses at the wedding ceremony, picked up some keys, and went to a cold, empty apartment.

This was the place where she would live for the following twelve months. What is going to happen to me in here?

At the thought of it, Celia felt a bit uneasy.

Hmph! My foster sister, Chloe, consistently bullied me all through the years. I can't believe that she still has the nerve to leave such enormous trouble for me!

Celia heaved a sigh with a wry smile and reminded herself to cheer up.

Then she put down her suitcase and changed into a T-shirt and jeans.

When she was about to grab some food, her phone rang. She swiped to answer, and when the call was connected, her bestie, Judy Marshall, shouted excitedly on the other end of the line, "Come over, Celia! Hurry! The superstar, Miranda, is dating a mysterious man... It's a headline for sure! Whether I can become a regular employee comes down to this. Come! I'll kill myself if I miss this chance. Hurry!"

For the sake of her bestie's career future, Celia rushed to help her instantly.


"Celia, keep an eye at the gate. I'll enter the bar to see if I can take their group photos." With that, Judy shoved a camera into Celia's hands and ran into the noisy bar.

Before Celia could react, Judy had already vanished from her sight.

Celia was starved while hiding at the entrance. Hence, she decided to buy some food in the bakery next to the bar.

At the bar's entrance, an enchanting woman clung to a man whose face was in shadow in a luxury black sports car. "Ashton, have you truly married Chloe Walsh?" she inquired coquettishly.

"We've signed the marriage contract and obtained the marriage certificate. What do you think?" the man answered in a pleasant voice. The woman was obsessed, despite his cold demeanor.

"What about me?" the charming woman whispered in his ear in an extremely seductive voice as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Guess." A playful smile played over Ashton's face.

His slender fingers rubbed her red lips in a flirtatious manner as he approached them slowly...

Before taking any further action, they were interrupted by a flash.

"The paparazzi?" Miranda's expression changed dramatically. Although she sounded tense, she appeared to be a little excited.

"Go home first. I'll deal with it." A flicker of coldness flitted across Ashton's face as he raised his brows. He patted Miranda on her shoulder, opened the door, and got out of the car.

What the hell? Celia cursed a blue streak.

She couldn't believe the flash of the camera was still on.

When bypassing a luxury car earlier, Celia took a casual glance at it. The car window was wound down, and she saw the attractive woman inside was Miranda, Judy's target tonight. Therefore, Celia shot her photo without any hesitation.

Much to her surprise, the camera flash hadn't been turned off.

Damn it! I must be noticed.

In a panic, Celia hid behind the parterre, but the moment she went there, she blamed herself for being too stupid. Jesus! I should have run away instead of hiding here.

However, it was too late for her to escape now. Celia had to huddle up, praying that she wouldn't be found.

She was all her ears. After hearing the car go farther, Celia breathed a sigh of relief. She stood up and dusted off her clothes. The moment she turned around with a gleeful grin, to her surprise, A man was standing in front of her.

He had a pair of slender and long legs with two buttons on his white shirt's collar undone. As her gaze moved upward, a breathtakingly handsome face came into view. Those affectionate eyes, that straight nose bridge, and those slightly curled-up lips. They miraculously formed an attractive lady killer, and Celia found it difficult to tear her gaze off him.

He looked like a nobleman from medieval times, young but superior like a king.

In amusement, he said in a husky and pleasant voice, "Woman, you've scared away my date tonight. How are you going to compensate me?"

"Pardon?" Celia looked at him with a baffled expression.

Suddenly, it dawned on her that the man standing in front of her appeared to be the one who had been dating Miranda in the car earlier. He reminded her of a lazy cheetah in the wild. He appeared to be laid-back, but when he made a move, he could kill his prey in a split second.

"W-What are you talking about?" Celia had an impression that she couldn't afford to offend this man. Subconsciously, she took steps back.

However, he stopped Celia and trapped her between the fence and his chest. The next second, he grabbed the camera from her hand.

"Give it back to me." Celia panicked. She stretched her hands, trying to grab the camera back immediately.

However, the man raised his long arms, making the camera out of her reach.

Immediately after that, he browsed all the photos in the camera. Then he gazed down at the woman, who repeatedly hopped up to snatch the camera. With a smirk, he asked, "Are you a paparazzo?"

"No. I-I'm not." Judy once told her not to admit she was a paparazzo no matter what once she was found, and faking an ordinary person could help her escape more easily.

"Then you must be a peeping Tom." Ashton studied the woman in front of him. She was pretty, clean-cut. For some reason, his heart pounded in his chest, making him frown.

"I'm not a peeping Tom. I just took photos at random." Celia had no intention of admitting she was peeking at him. She glared at him in a fury and decided to jump up to grab the camera back when he was off-guard.

However, she had overestimated herself and underestimated the man's height. Before touching the camera, she lost her balance and threw herself at him.


When Celia thought she would fall to the ground, she felt a firm muscular chest under her. After being hit by her, the man held her shoulders firmly and took a step back.

When Ashton smelt the faint fragrance from the girl's soft body in his arms, his heart was hammering. His cock got erected and he wished to spend a wild night with her.

Only then did he realize the abnormal reaction in his body. He recalled that Miranda had passed a glass of red wine to him before leaving the bar. There must be something wrong with the wine.

Hiding the rage in his eyes, he chuckled and carried Celia in his arms, striding towards his car.

"Since you've thrown yourself into my arms, I'm more than happy to accept your kindness."

Chapter 2 Compensation

"Let go of me!"

Perceiving that she was pushed into the car where Miranda was earlier, Celia subconsciously checked on the backseat and was surprised to find that it was empty.

Miranda had been long gone. It turned out this man stayed on the scene to distract her attention.

Celia was afraid that she would be killed by him if she left with this man.

Scared out of her wits, she wished to open the door and flee. Unfortunately, Ashton had already sat in the car and locked the doors from the inside. The car roared away soon.

"Stop the car! Where are you going to take me to? What do you want?" The car was sped up, and Celia was frightened.

Eyes front, Ashton responded calmly, "You'll know when we arrive. You scared my date away. Of course, you should compensate me."

Celia wanted to shout abuse at him, but he seemed to foresee it and darted a glance at her harshly. She lost her courage and asked spinelessly, "


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