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Marry Me, Mistress

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Qotorie Suarez is just an ordinary woman who accidentally meet the good billionaire, Steven Oxford. They were in a happy relationship more than a year until Qotorie discover the truth, Steven made her a mistress and that's the thing she hated the most. Even though, Qotorie chooses to get away from Steven, the man still chasing him until they got back together. Little did Steven know, Qotorie has a secret that she had been keeping all along after she run away from chaos. It was their child and the results of their mistake. Will their relationship still work even though that Steven is already married?



In a world full of lies, I lived in this world. Sometimes, I wish I had never lived in this world.

I'm only experiencing pain and sadness, it's tiring. I told myself that I would find a man who would love me completely and not cheat on me. I promised myself then that I would not be like my mother who became a fixture because I was the result of the sin they committed.

I was deprived of my complete family and even Mama who gave birth to me in this world did not want me.

I thought I couldn't be like him because I was different and educated. But the truth slapped me because what I was avoiding happening to me has happened. I didn't think I was a hooker either.

"You animal!" I shouted while pushing his chest.

My chest tightened when I found out. It's like I've been stabbed because of the pain. I was crying in front of him as I kept pushing him away from me.

His lips parted and he tried to stop me from pushing him. "Tori, Let me explain—"

"You made me a fixture!" I interrupted what he said while still crying.

I took a step back just as he was about to hold my hand. His expression softened at what I did. We are in a condo unit, where we always meet. Where we have many happy memories. I trusted him and believed his every word.

I agreed to keep our relationship a secret because he didn't want me to be harmed by his business enemies. I was too foolish to believe on his lies. He hid me because I was attached.

I put my palms on my face while my tears continued to fall. I do not accept that I am a fixture. I can't accept that my fate is the same.

"T-Tori." His eyes were red as he called my name.


I violently removed my palm from my face and looked at him while crying.

"Y-You made me a fixture!" I said shakily as I pointed to myself. "I hate myself especially because.."

I can't say that word because of hatred. Steven shook his head at me and tried to come closer. His eyes are very tired and I think he lacks sleep. He took a quick step towards me so I didn't get away immediately and only then did I realize that his hand was behind me.

I struggled in his grip especially as he pulled my body closer to him. I pushed him hard and quickly turned away. My heart ached because of what I did. I could only hear my cry and his deep breathing in the whole room.

"Tori, I don't love her!" His deep voice echoed throughout the room.

To this day I still don't stop crying especially since he blocks me at the door, preventing me from leaving.

"Please hear me out!"

I shook my head while avoiding his caress on my cheek. I can't accept this relationship. Why now? Why did I find out now? Am I that stupid? Am I that crazy about him to not imagine what could possibly happen?

I tearfully looked up at him. I saw her tears flow as her eyes looked at me sadly. My chest got tighter.

"S-Steven, L-Let's end this."

A moment of silence enveloped us both when I said that. I saw his expression change. I swallowed and then looked away.


My hair stood up and I gasped. Hearing this, the heart beat faster. He called me "baby", our endearment. If it used to be thrilling, now it's disgusting to hear.

I closed my eyes when he gently caressed my wet cheek. "Let's fix this, hmm? I'm sorry that I lied to you. I'll fix it. We were just married through papers. We didn't marry on church. I will fix this, hmm? I already filed an annulment—"

I pushed him away from me because of what I heard. I could clearly see the tension in his jaw because of what I did. My right palm flew automatically to his left cheek. His face tilted because of my slap. Tears just started to fall on me.

"Don't you realize that our relationship is wrong?" I shouted, pushing him away again. He didn't move from his position and just let me push him.

"You know that, eh.." My voice broke.

"You know what I don't want! You know very well! You know everything I don't want and want, Steven! You think I'll change my mind about what you're going to do?"

I pushed him again but stopped when he violently grabbed both of my arms and held them tightly. I struggled in his grip.


"No!" I shouted. "You can't change my mind! I hate myself!"

"I love you..." he said softly and lifted my hand towards him and kissed it. "I love you..."

"You fooled me!" I insisted pulling my hand. "While we were together, you were married to someone else! Don't you have a conscience? You made a fool of me, Steven! I agreed to our secret relationship even though I didn't want to!"

He was stunned by what I said and loosened his hold on me. Maybe he realized I was right.

"Don't you even think about it?" I asked him. "While you're here with me, your wife might be waiting for you, Steven! So I don't want it anymore. I don't want it anymore! It's wrong!"

I hardly recognize my own voice. Steven didn't move from his position and just stared at me. As he stared at me, tears were falling from his eyes. I love him but I also think about myself, my well-being.

When he didn't speak, I gently pushed him and I was surprised when he almost fell because of my push. My heart ached especially when he bowed. I just bit my bottom lip and ran out of his condo.

People were staring at me as I ran towards the elevator in tears. To this day, my brain still can't process that he has a wife. How could he bear to hide that? I didn't know for a year. I was also a fool with him for a year. If only I hadn't seen it as I was running towards the elevator in tears.

To this day, my brain still cannot process that he is married. How could he bear to hide that? I didn't know for a year. I was also a fool with him for a year.

If I hadn't seen Steven's wife's message on her cell phone, I might not have known everything. Maybe we still continued the secret relationship until now which is a sin.

When I got out of the building, I hurriedly ran to the waiting area and quickly stopped the oncoming bus. When it stopped, I immediately went inside.

The passengers were looking at me. I sat at the last one and leaned against the window looking out into the void. I travel alone, away from him.

Chapter 1

I met Steven at a party my boss attended. Because I am the secretary of the CEO who also owns the company. I worked in a company that produces expensive and branded shoes. They export it to different parts of the world.

I remembered how my heart beat so loudly the first time I met him. He was wearing a black tuxedo and his curly hair was being displayed.

He was very handsome and tall. He is one of those young businessmen who are attractive because of his good looks. I could hardly take my eyes off of him then.

That was the first time I liked a man. But I knew that it was impossible to notice me because of our worlds apart so I tried to suppress my feelings.

But I guess it was fate that brought us together when I was with him in the elevator of the building where I work. I thought I would never see him again, but I was satisfied when I saw him every day in the building, waiting for my boss.

I'm content to see him and I don't want anything else


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