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She watched as he settled on the black couch while she stood a few meters away from him, with her luggage right beside her. Her gaze lowered to the floor as her eyes met with his stiffened, icy face which wore a demeaning look that sent shrills all over her body. Her heart palpitated with fear as she became overwhelmed by the thoughts of being strangled tonight by her newly wedded husband who was sitting right in front of her. She had heard him rumored to be ruthless, arrogant and hostile just like his father. After the collapse of his marriage with a billionaire's daughter whom he had tried to murder, he became feared by many, and every lady would see it as a death sentence to be married to him. But here she was, the daughter of a peasant farmer, married to the ruthless Billionaire's son. How did she get here? Her name is Alex, and this is her story with ADRIAN STEEL, THE BILLIONAIRE'S HEIR.

Chapter 1 THE OFFER

The black gigantic gate opened and a black Hyundai sped into the magnificent billionaire mansion. The doors on the two sides of the car flung open and two men in black suits stepped out of the car. A middle aged couple could also be seen, stepping out through the other side of the car. They were both dressed in shabby clothes, and mere looking at their appearances, one could easily tell how poor they were.

They clung on to each other as the sun shone on their gloomy faces. The men in black led the way and they all proceeded to the white painted edifice which was heavily guarded by men in black suits. The door opened and they were led into the building by the two men in black suits who were walking ahead of them.

As they stepped into the luxurious living room, the cold from the air conditioner swept through their skins. They both stood in the middle of the room with their gazes on the spacious floor.

A few seconds later, voices followed by loud laughter could be heard from the large stairs at one side of the room. A dark, averaged looking man in his sixties appeared on the stairs, making a phone call as he walked down the stairs slowly with the aid of a walking stick. He was no other man than the ruthless billionaire, Mateo Steel.

Clothed in a black quality emirati thobe, he walked majestically into the room, accompanied by two men in black suits. He lowered the phone from his ears as he stared at the couple in front of him. His lips curved into a mischievous smile that made the couples shift uneasily.

“You didn’t bother to sit?” He asked as he moved towards the long brown sofa in the living room.

The couple remained silent with their heads bowed as they dared not raise their heads to look at him.

As he settled on the sofa, he signaled one of the men. A big cigar was brought before him and he began to smoke with his legs crossed stylishly.

“Your keeping standing won’t bring me my money, will it?” He asked in a serious tone.

“Sir, we are begging for more time, please, just this once,” the woman said with fear written all over her tone

“Sir Mateo, please pardon us this once. I promise I will pay back a small amount of the money before the year runs out,” the man pleaded along with his wife.

He chuckled at their words and he puffed out smoke from his mouth.

“How much do you owe me?” He asked as he took off the cigar from his mouth.

The couple looked at each other and they turned to look at him again.

“Um..1.5 million naira,” the man muttered uneasily.

“Yes, we promise to return a part of the money before the year runs out, and we will pay back the interest slowly,” the woman put in.

He chuckled again and shook his head as he looked at their faces.

“Morris, these were the same words you said some years ago when I invited you over. How long will I keep hearing this over and over again?” He asked seriously.

“Sir, you know things are quite difficult for us, but we promise we will do something about it” the man said at once.

“Exactly!” He exclaimed as he stood up from the sofa and a beam of smile appeared on his face.

“Exactly the words I've been waiting to hear. I want you to do something about it,” he said as he walked slowly around them.

“And you know, I've found a solution to this. And I'm going to offer you an opportunity for you to be able to do something about it,” he said with a grin which left the couple completely stupefied.

“ What.. what is the opportunity?” Mr Morris asked at once.

“Well, some days ago, I stumbled on Alex, your daughter,” he spilled and the couple looked at each other in dismay.

“Yes, and she’s grown into a very beautiful woman whom men would hardly resist,” he continued with a smirk on his round handsome face which had a few wrinkles.

He kept silent as he saw the confused looks on their faces. He walked towards them and stood only a few meters away from them.

“You see, I happen to have a son who has refused to get married, whom you all know quite well. And you both happen to have a very beautiful daughter who is still unmarried. Why don’t we, you know, strike a deal with our two beautiful children?” He asked with a smirk and the couple opened their mouths, a little alarmed.

“Mat, you want my daughter to do what?” Mr Morris scowled.

“To do what you’re thinking,” Mateo replied with a smile.

“No, that’s not going to happen!” The woman thundered as she shook her head in disbelief.

“And it’s happening already,” Mateo said confidently.

“Alex is never going to marry that horrible son of yours!” She barked and he shot her an angry look. She began to pant as she caught sight of his angry eyes. She held onto her husband and he took hold of her palm as she began to sob.

“Mat, we can solve this some other way round. Alex is our only daughter and our only child too. Our lives depend on her. We’ve planned her future perfectly for her, please you don’t have to do this,'' Mr Morris pleaded.

“Adrian is my only son too. And my life depends on him. I’ve planned his future perfectly for him with your daughter involved in it,” Mateo said as he placed the cigar back in his mouth.

“No, that’s not happening! Alex is never getting married to your son, never!” The woman yelled again.

She looked at her husband who beckoned her to keep silent and she kept silent as she wiped the tears dripping down her face.

“You have only two options. Marry your daughter off to my son, or be prepared to go to prison as the agreement states,” Mateo said again as he walked back slowly to his seat.

“Ha!” They both exclaimed.

“Please Sir, it hasn’t gotten to that,” they both pleaded with their knees on the floor.

He kept silent as he watched them from his seat. He let out a sigh and signaled one of his men. A bottle of red wine was brought before him and he began to sip his wine slowly.

“You see, of all the debtors in my book, you Morris. You’re the only one I've been lenient with all along. You know why? It is because of your loyalty and commitment all through your years of working with me as a laborer. When you and your wife approached me for the money several years ago, did I hesitate in lending you?” He asked and they both shook their heads.

“We went into an agreement, Morris, you signed the agreement with your wife. That refusal to pay back my money will land you both in prison, Right?” He asked again and they both nodded.

“Now, I'm offering a solution so you’ll both not end up in prison, and you’re refusing,” he said with a scoff and they both shook their heads.

“Mat, this solution you offered is the same as going to prison,” Morris said and he frowned.

“What do you mean? That you prefer to go to prison than letting your daughter marry my son?” Mateo asked angrily.

They both kept silent.

“Then be prepared to go to prison. And you know what, I will still get Alex for my son. You know I will always get what I want, no matter what,” he said as he smiled sinisterly.

“Please, Sir Mateo, you need to reconsider,” the lady weep.

“Toyin, you should stop the tears, because what I'm offering you is a lifetime opportunity. You have the opportunity to become in-laws with a billionaire family. Alex will get a life changing opportunity to be married to a billionaire husband. A lot of girls are praying for such an opportunity” he stressed.

“Opportunity to get married to a monster? Then why isn’t he married yet, why?!” She flared and her husband touched her arms and motioned her to keep silent.

“Morris, I've made the decision and it’s final. I’m giving you only seven days to think about it,” Mateo said as he sipped from his glass again.

The couple became silent and the woman’s silent sobs could be heard.

“You should be happy, come on, let’s toast to our soon to become in-laws.” He said as he raised his glass high while letting out a chuckle.


She dug her pail into the well again as she wiped the sweat off her brows. She dragged out a few quantities of water from the well and poured it into the bucket beside her.

"Argh," she exhaled as she ran her hand into her thick black hair.

She could feel the heat from the sun as she stood beside the well tiredly with her bucket of water beside her. The sound of a car could be heard approaching the yard, and she turned to see her parents stepping out of the black car which had stopped in front of the short wooden gate.

“Baami, '' she cried with excitement as she dropped her pail beside the well and rushed to meet her parents who were walking towards her.

“Maami” she called but there was no response from either of them. She could see how gloomy their faces looked and she wondered what the problem could be.

As the car drove away from the yard, her mom walked towards her and took hold of her hand

“What’s wrong maami? Did that good


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