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Married to Jerk Ceo

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Almost everyone knows Tristan Quartararo is the perfect man in this world. Handsome, weak, gentle, so understanding and also loving. There are no said the defects attached to the rich man. The public even knows Tristan as a businessman whose actions are very calculated. Because of his immense influence, Sophia Walters even to the point of being captivated and so infatuated with that man's figure. She is without hesitation, and many calculations accept Tristan's proposal, which is not that long known. Sophia thought that by marrying Tristan, her life would be better getting perfect. Unfortunately, the expectations that have been predicted are not following the existing reality. Everything turns into a nightmare right on the night of their first marriage. All the perfection that has been seen in Tristan it's just camouflage. Nobody's know what it will be. That man's motives suddenly changed 180 degrees after he managed to marry Sophia. What grudge does Tristan hold against Sophia, to change it that used to be like an angel incarnation now instantly become the demon.

Chapter 1. Devil Husband

Tristan Quartararo stared intently at Sophia Walters, who assumed his wife's status just a few hours ago. Out of his eye, he could see how the woman seemed to be sobbing on the bed with an almost innocent body.

At first, everything seemed perfect. Tristan and Sophia managed to steal the public's attention because of their spectacular appearance.

The lavish reception that had just been held seemed to be attended by so many guests from various circles and social strata. Not a few media crews from multiple news portals covered this sacred moment.

However, that happiness did not last long. The beautiful wedding that had just passed suddenly turned into a disaster. When entering the bridal chamber, Tristan, initially warm, unexpectedly turned 180 degrees into cold as ice in Antarctica.

Tristan, The man did not hesitate to intimidate his wife. Even kept trying to move forward, approaching, as if ready at any moment to pounce on Sophia, who was almost defenseless because she was overcome by fear.

"For God's sake, Tristan, stop your madness. Please don't come any closer! You've hurt me," Sophia sobbed. She held the gray blanket tightly so it wouldn't fall off her body. At the same time, Tristan seemed the least bit concerned. He quickly took off his coat without further calculations and removed the white shirt that wrapped his muscular body. Throwing in all directions without diverting the ocean-blue eyes from the target he had been aiming for.

Slowly but surely, Tristan crawled up onto the bed. When the woman was preparing to run, he quickly blocked her. Pulling back its prey, then locking the slender body until it lay helpless.

"Where are you going, honey?"

The short question was able to make Sophia shudder even more in fear. Her heartbeats beat against each other, giving rise to a feeling of infinite horror.

"I won't let you run from my side, Sophia. Never!"

Sophia shook her head several times. She tried her best to get out of the confines of Tristan's body, which was so strong. But it's still useless.

Her efforts were not in the least fruitful. Yes, Sophia lost power. Even when Tristan gripped her hands tightly, she couldn't do anything but act resignedly and burst into tears.

"Please, let me go," she squeaked for mercy.

She couldn't even hold back the tears that rolled down her smooth cheeks. How could I not, the man who had been known to be so gentle, tonight transformed into another figure like a demon. Completely different from the one she had previously known.

"Tristan Quartararo, please let me get out of here. What did I do wrong to make you treat me like this? You hurt me!"

Tristan kept his sharp grin on. Tears did not touch her heart, let alone the request Sophia had chanted earlier. The flames of vengeance already clouded the man's mind, which can only be extinguished if the wishes and plans that he has made for a long time are carried out. Tristan even can not wait to carry out all the action.

"No need to know what you did wrong. For sure, I will never let you go!" The man smiled mockingly. "You must remember carefully and plant these words in your brain. Sophia Walters belongs only to Tristan Quartararo. From now on, you are a wife who must be ready to serve and I torture at any time. No other man is allowed to glance, stare, let alone touch you besides me, not even Edward Oliviera."

"You really are a b*st*rd!" Sophia screeched angrily. Her face was bright red because she felt humiliated by the man who was her husband. "You must have set me up on purpose! There must be a purpose for you to do all this to me. We even just officially got married a few hours ago, and now? You've hurt me, Tristan!"

"Oh my gosh Sophia. You think I care about all your babbling?" Tristan smirked slyly again. The man leaned forward even more, then soon began to whisper, "I will not stop until what I have set out to do. I will not stop until your whole family suffers."

The next second, Tristan pulled the dress attached to Sophia's body until it came off without a trace. Start kissing, even touch every inch of the woman's body roughly.

Tristan keep biting. His two hands held Sophia's hand so that she couldn't move.

Mercilessly, Tristan continued to kiss Sophia's face. Then before long, the kiss continued down to the neck. Stopping there, the man s*ck*d in even the occasional small bite repeatedly.

Then suddenly, his hand dropped. Start exploring. A touch from the nape of the neck, then down to the chest. He stayed there for a moment. Seconds later, his hands began to squeeze Sophia's chest, making Sophia nervous because she had to restrain herself from being carried away by what Tristan was doing.

Satisfied to see how helpless Sophia was, Tristan then forcibly pulled the underwear that wrapped around Sophia's lower body. Leaving the woman innocent. Then without reckoning, Tristan f*ck*d Sophia very roughly. It didn't matter in the slightest the wife was crying because she was holding back pain and anger.

Tristan forcibly snatching the treasure that Sophia had been working so hard to protect. Even though Tristan has the right because they are officially husband and wife from now on, it hurts to be treated like this. From under Tristan's body, Sophia could only sob. She was lamenting the bad luck that had just befallen him.

After successfully tormenting and snatching Sophia's virginity, Tristan intends to leave Sophia. However, before actually leaving, the man once again approached the woman who had just become his wife.

Smiling, Tristan gave Sophia a quick kiss on the forehead. Bringing his hand to touch her face and stroked Sophia's hair gently. Then unexpectedly, the man pulled his wife's hair roughly while whispering, saying threatening words.

"It's not much, honey. I swear I'll make sure your days after this are more miserable like hell."

Chapter 2. Revenge Plan

Several Years Before

A teenage boy sat quietly in a luxurious burial complex with teary eyes. His hand reached out, continuing to stroke the gray gravestone bearing Andrew John Quartararo. Although the feeling of sadness pierced even the heart like a sting, he was as strong as possible to hold back tears.

Just keep praying so that the late father who has just been buried can go quietly. "Come on, Tristan. Don't be sad. I'm sure Papa will be happy in heaven."

The beautiful woman named Gracia Quartararo looked tough. Although her cheeks were still wet from the tears, she tried to look strong in front of her only son.

Certainly not easy. Moreover, she had to lose the husband she loved so much in a car accident. The man who gave a cheerful smile in the morning while asking for permission to go to work had to return home lifeless.

"There is Mama who will continue to take care of you, son. Mama promises to continue to accompany you u


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