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Married To An Old Billionaire, In Love With His Son

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Even is a twenty years old young poor girl. She is from a poor background and ever since her ever hardworking mom died, things haven't been easy for her and her sick Dad. Mr Maya is a very rich old Billionaire, he wants a woman in his life to satisfy himself ever since his wife died. Liam is Mr Maya's son, he is twenty five years old, almost done with college and would take over his Dad's business when he graduates. Eve has no choice but to give up her own goal and marry the old billionaire who could even be her grandfather... due to her father's illness and the expensive operational costs. The old man promised to take good care of her and her Dad if she get married to him...but little did she know what the old billionaire really wanted from her. Despite the s*x harassment she faces on a regular basis, the humiliation she receives from the old son, Liam, is another source of pain for Eve. Then, Eve's only thought is to make as much money as she can and get away from the family. Nevertheless, as Liam works with Eve, he gradually falls in love with the girl he used to loathe.

Chapter 1

Eve's POV

I have never thought that all this would happen very quickly. Fine! I know that I would never be able to choose whatever I want by myself because of the kind of life I'm living - Poor background, wretched condition and I've just been managing to survive... but I didn't know that being not able to make a choice would also affect me to choose who to marry or when.

My father usually say that only a man can decide who he wants to spend the rest of his life with when he's already not the other way round.. but it's definitely not true, we ladies can make decisions too.

Ugh.. sad, sad because someone like me can't decide myself, It's sad because he doesn't even care about my feelings and he thinks whatever he says or whatever action he takes is the best for me whereas, sometimes it's not yet I have no other option than to grant his request.

Despite the circumstances we've found ourselves in, I love my Dad very much, I usually heed to his advice because he has never failed me nor led me astray but this time around, looks like he's intentionally but innocently leading me astray.

My father wants me to marry a freaking old man! Because of money. He is literally selling me off to a rich Old man.

True Money is definitely everything but has it gotten to this stage? Just because we're poor, average I mean.. but we are still poor, I don't want to deny that sad fact.

Dad and I live alone in a old small house... Our environment is almost looking like a codemned village.

Yeah this is part of the reasons he wants me to marry one rich Old man who claims that he is ready to take care of Dad, his health, get him a good house and good occupation for me. An Old man that we don't even know, he literally just bumped into our house one day.

Another sad thing is that, this old man we are talking about is way older than Dad.

I've been trying to fight back my tears but I just couldn't hold it anymore. I let it flow freely down my cheeks.

Geez. Am I really gonna get married to someone who is older than my Dad, Someone who is also old enough to be my grandfather?

I miss those days when my mom was alive, she was such an hardworking woman.. she had a petty but manageable job which she used to support the family. Because of her, I was able to complete high school and we were both working very hard so that there would be enough fund for me to further my education into the College.

Well Dad already had the heart issues, so he only could support her in his own little way not until death took her away.

Assuming mom was alive, i won't be getting married to that shameless old man whose shameless name is Maya, Mr Maya. Whatever.

I haven't accepted to marry him yet but Dad is ready to sell me out most especially when he recieved a tip of $50 dollar from the old man.

Everything's just annoying and frustrating... That I cried my eyes out in my room then ran out of the house that particular day I heard about the marriage stuff.

Janet, my bossom friend lives few distance away from my house. Her house is an exact opposite of where I live, I guess where she stays is a what we should refer to as a comfort zone while where I live, is just a roof to lay my head under.

It's funny how Janet and I are very close friends despite the differences in our financial background.

Janet is from a very wealthy family and she's trying all her best to help me.. She steals foods from her home to give it to me, she usually give me some money and she also gave me her old clothes which I still find new and very fine. But, unfortunately, her parents dislikes me... for the kind of girl I am.

So Janet and I usually meet secretly somewhere a bit far from her house.

As if she knew I was coming to meet her that day, she has already sneaked out of the house and was waiting for me at our usual spot.

I wiped my tears quickly but she already notice that I've been crying and that I was worried about something..which I came to tell her though.

" Teary red eyes and in case you don't know, this worried look doesn't suit you at all" Janet pointed at my face as she scrutinized my mood. "Eve I told you never to weep over stuffs as long as we're still best friends" Janet said; beckoning me to sit beside her.

I sniffed and tried to speak up.

"I don't think this time around, there's a way you can help. There's no way" I said.

"Are you doubting me now?" She asked.

"Well I brought food for you and few cash out of my savings box, don't be shocked.. I just received another allowance today... So tada!" She smiled and expected me to jump up and be excited.

"No Janet, it's not that.." I told her; shaking my head.

"What is it Eve? Open up to me, I really don't like this sad look you're putting on right now" She said.

"Janet... I'm.. I am getting married very soon" I stammered.

"Holy molly! What?? Why.. I mean how? You are just twenty... And I know there isn't any guy you're presently into unless you're hiding one from me but I doubt it ... so where is this marriage stuff coming from?" She asked me as she opened her mouth in awe and I bursted into tears again.

She's right, I don't have a boyfriend and if at all I should get married at this age of mine, it should be to a guy, someone only few years older than me not someone's grandpa.

" Oh C'mon.. you don't have to cry about it"

If only she knew who it was.

"Who are you getting married to?" She asked me.

"My Dad wants me to get married to one freaking old man.." I finally told her.

"What? What d' hell? Who is that?" She exclaimed.

"But ...but why?" She asked.

"He is very wealthy and he promised Dad alot of things as soon as we are married and you know how my Dad's like? He won't hesitate concerning anything that has to do with Money" I explained to her. And my Dad is a lazy but a good man... Even before his health issues worsen.. he barely involved himself into any business. It has always been mom and I.

"Oh My God, this is really bad" Janet said; biting her fingers.

"I don't know what to do Janet."

"What do you mean you don't know what to do? You are definately not gonna marry an old man! It's a No, No" Janet said.

"But Janet.."


"He promised to take good care of Dad's health.. His Heart issues is increasing day by day and I don't wanna lose my Dad and neither do I want it to get to a point whereby he might need an heart transplant. No.. hell no. Last week, the doctor demanded for a million dollar before he'll commence any treatment. How do I get that huge amount of money?"

Janet was quiet for a moment then she breathe out and said;

"Since there's this freaking rich old man, why not let him take care of Dad's health first?"

"That's it, before he would give us a sum of money that is as huge as that, I would have to get married to him" I told her.

"First and foremost?"

"Life is a give and take afterall" I muttered trying hard enough not to weep again.

"Don't repeat that! " She cautioned.

"But it's true.... Janet I'm so confused"

"I'm confused as well. I don't want you to go astray. Treating your father's health is a right decision but getting married at this age to a old man is the wrong decision"

"I guess I have no choice than to follow the right and wrong decison"

"But why d'hell does he wanna marry you? You're too young!" Janet is fond of swearing and I'm kinda emulating her.

"I don't know, I just don't know. He has been married before, he lost his wife but he has two children in higher institution"

"Sh*t! This is so not good for you. You are practically also becoming a step mom to two grown ups"

At the mention of that, the feeling of sadness took over again and I began to whimper softly.

"I'm so sorry Eve" She pulled me closer to her and gave me a warm hug.

"You will get over it, I know you will"

"How? Hooow... I wish I was never born to suffer or go through a miserable life.." I lamented.

I really wish I was like her, I wish I had a proper life like everyone else.

"Sorry dear... Please stop sobbing" She said and patted my back gently.

"You know what? An idea Suddenly popped into my head just now" Janet said and I raised my head and I looked at her.

"What is it?" I asked..

She wiped my tears with her finger ..

"If this man provides you a good life, I mean after treating your dad and after he gives you a job or business to handle.. earn many much money so that you can stand on your own, I mean you'll work hard and be with him till you are independent.. then you leave him alone"

"What on earth Janet?" My eyes almost bulged out of its socket.

"Well...erm..I'm just tryna help.. and It doesn't affect him in anyways... and listen Eve, it's not like you're stealing from him, you just wanna work, earn money, get the fvck out of his life, travel overseas with your Dad, further your education, get a more lucrative job, live a wealthy live and have a boyfriend - turn- husband. ... Easy, Easy as A,B,C" She said.

What an advice.

I was dumbfounded for a while.

Janet is crazy but she's still my favorite friend.

Let me tell you more about Janet, She's pretty, she says I'm pretty too but I don't feel like it because I don't eat well talkless of taking care of my look.

Janet has dated alot of guys while every guy sees me as a wretched girl and they avoided me like I were a Zombie. When Janet and I became friends, we walked together (we attended the same high school, My mom was still alive to sponsor me through). At high school, people called me all sort of names, like Janet's maid simply because she dresses in a more fashionable and in wealthy way while I wore what I had to wear.

I controlled myself to show no concern about whatever they say because Janet was such a good person and she takes sides me with me and shut them up whenever they start to insult me or my family.

"Okay Ok Eve, I'm so sorry if the idea I gave you was a dangerous and a bad one and it shouldn't at all come from someone like me..." Janet apologized when I didn't say anything word for a while.

"No, no... It's okay" I told her and stood up..

What she said kept on recaping in my head and it didn't sound too bad..

"Are you sure?" She asked.

"Yeah, Thank you for the advise, ...thank you for at least tying to brighten up my mood.." I told her.

"I'm leaving now" I informed her.

"Okay then... Here's the food I brought for you and the cash" She handled over to me a lunchbox.

"No, thank you" I rejected it

For the very first time.

"And that shows you're sort of angry with me"

"No I'm not. I just don't wanna be a burden to you anymore"

"What?! I never complained and Why are we best friends then? Or wait.." She paused and glare at me .." I didn't steal the money I swear. It's mine"

"No Janet, because it's yours that's why I don't want it" I told her.

"Thank you"

"Recieve the food then, I told the maid to cook it specially for the both of us, I've already eaten and there's no way you're rejecting this food" She said and forced the handle into my hand which I reluctantly received.

"Thank you Janet"

"Everything is gonna be alright dear" She said and hugged me again.

She's such a sweet friend.

We departed..

While I walked back home, the dangerous advice she gave me recalled into my head.

I'm not the type of girl that can do such but I guess that's what I would do..

Yes, I would get married to Mr Maya, he will take care of Dad's health, I will have a job, I would save much money for the nearest Future and then one day boom.. I would escape.

I heaved heavily.. it might take me one - two - three years to stay with him.

I sighed again.




Chapter 2

Eve's POV

I talked to my Dad perfunctorily when I got home, we didn't even discuss about Mr Maya, I acted as if I was cool with it. Of course, I was sort of rest assured after speaking with Janet that evening. Tomorrow, I'll make sure I let her know that I love the advice and I'm doing exactly what she said..

"Dad Here's Supper" I announced, showing him the food flask Janet gave to me. I guess we will have to manage it.

"Eat dear. I'm fine" He said.

"Why? Have you eaten anything? Remember you can't take drugs if you do not eat"

"I'm satisfied. I've eaten"

"What? I haven't cooked anything yet"

"I ate out, I've spent the money he gave to me"

I knew immediately that he was referring to Mr Maya.. That old man.

Dad is just so wasteful, I felt like bombarding him with words but I just couldn't, he is still my lovely D


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