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Married to a cruel billionaire

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Listen to me carefully, little girl. You signed your life to me the moment you became my wife He said while emphasizing the last word. He raised her chin forcing her to look at his cold-blooded gaze. Emma shrieked, afraid of what he might do to her. She knows him. She knows how dangerous he is." Do not expect any love from me because I will never show you even the tiniest bit of my affection "His fingers dig holes painfully into her skin." This is my house and I make the rules„ÄÇ If you dare to disobey me, I will not just ruin you but also everyone you hold dear to your heart," He said coldly gnashing his teeth in rage. Then, he bent down placing his mouth on her ear. His lips parted and he whispered,"Welcome to hell, little pixie ""I do." Those were the two words that changed Emma Bryson's life forever. Her once peaceful world turned chaotic right in front of her. She sold her life on a contract to Blake Campbell, a devil in disguise of a handsome billionaire.

Chapter 1

Emma groaned covering her ears with a pillow but it was effortless. The banding of the drum was too loud, coupled with her brother's annoying laughter!

They filled her ears completely stopping her from having any more sleep.

This has been Carl's way of waking her up every blessed weekend.

She gave up trying to sleep and sat up on the bed throwing a pillow in Carl's way.

"I am so going to kill you" Emma said, throwing another pillow at him which he caught with ease while laughing at his already p*ss*d sister.

"I know you love me so much to think of killing me" he replied sticking out his tongue childishly.

Emma rolled her eyes, she snorted, removing the blanket off her body and stood up on her feet not before passing a glare to Carl.

"I am up now, isn't that what you wanted? Now get out of my room" she said, pushing him towards the exit.

"Good morning to you too sis and yes, I had a good night's rest" he retorted sarcastically.

Emma couldn't help the smile that crept up on her face, her brother might be annoying but he has a way of putting a smile on her face.

"Anyways, don't take too much time in the shower. Mum and Dad are already at the table, if you stay long in here, I might decide to eat without you because I am d*mn hungry."

He grinned leaving the room not forgetting to close the door with a thud.

Emma shook her head while dragging her feet to the bathroom. She quickly brushed her teeth, washed her hair and took her bath.

She stepped out not long after, dripping wet in a towel. Combing her hair, she didn't bother applying cream on her body.

She settled for a casual wear and put it on then rushed out of the room with her mind prepared for the sermon she is going to receive from her Mum for waking up late and keeping them waiting.

"Good morning Mum, Good morning Dad" she greeted taking a seat opposite them beside Carl.

Her Dad nodded his head in response, seemingly lost in his own thoughts.

"Why do you love keeping us waiting at the breakfast table all the time?" Mrs Bryson asked, narrowing her eyes at her daughter.

Emma grinned and shrugged her

shoulders. It's the weekend, and she doesn't know what they expect from her after a tiring week in college.

The school resumed a new session and first weeks of resumption are always foggy.

She needed to sleep the stress off eventually.

"I am sorry Mum" She replied, serving herself a plate of sandwich and beef.

Emma knew it was her brother who served earlier leaving out her own plate, only him is capable of doing anything to get on her nerves.

"She is always sorry but will never change" she heard him mutter quietly.

Emma stomped on his feet, Carl let out a painful whimper while shitting his teeth together as he threw daggers at her.

Their Mum shook her head at them wondering when they would grow up and stop bickering all the time.

No one spoke after that, everyone ate in silence.

Emma tilted her head to her Dad, she discovered he had been putting and pouring down the sandwich from the plate to the spoon and vice versa.

A scowl appeared on her face as she tried to understand what's going on with her Dad.

Her Dad has never been the type that plays with food nor the type to be found lost during a meal.

Is anything bothering him? What could it be? She just realized he hasn't spoken a word since she joined them on the table.

"Dad?" She called bringing her Mum and brother's attention to them.

Mr Bryson raised his head to his beautiful young daughter, he found it hard to look at her in the face.

Last week, he got the news of the little family restaurant he has been managing with his wife to take care of the family being sold to the Campbells.

This means one thing, any property that is sold to the Campbells, they destroy everything in it not minding or caring about the effect it will have on others.

The Campbells family is the richest in Washington and are known in the business world across various countries in the world.

The restaurant is the family's only source of income. It will be demolished, his kids won't be able to continue their education and daily feeding will become a liability for them.

For the past one week, Mr Bryson thought about it but then, after fortunately meeting with Mr Campbell senior, his condition before leaving the restaurant space out of the buildings that will be demolished in that area dampened his mood the more.

That's the reason he can't face his daughter because all this revolves around her.

"What's wrong Dad? You have been spacing out on us, is anything wrong?" Emma asked in a worried and confused tone.

Mrs Bryson took a quick glance at her husband, she had advised him to at least act normal so that they could enjoy a peaceful family breakfast like they always do since she's aware of the fact that this breakfast might be the last they will have peacefully.

It hurts her more about this dangerous decision they are about making for their only daughter, Mrs Bryson wishes she can change it.

No mother will be happy to push her child into the devil's den but then again, someone has to make the sacrifice and it happens to be her sweet daughter.

Mrs Bryson feels more ashamed of herself and feels less of a mother for not being able to do anything to help the situation.

Mr Bryson sighed, he pushed his plate away and stood up in a swift.

"Meet me in the room" he said to Emma who sat there totally lost as to why her Dad is acting this way.

Emma's heart flew to her throat in fright. There is really something that is no doubt about her. Curiosity overwhelmed her, she was lost and confused.

The seriousness in her Dad's voice scared her to the core. This isn't just ordinary, this isn't about her doing something wrong. She could tell!

"Mum, what's going on?" Carl asked, looking as confused as his sister.

Just like Mr Bryson, Mrs Bryson stood up from the table while giving her two kids an apologetic look and left for the stairs.

Emma's stomach shunned loudly in fear as anxiety began settling in.

A certain weird feeling settled in her stomach. She also lost the appetite to continue eating the sumptuous meal.

She is not having a good feeling about this.

"Are you okay sis?" Carl asked, seeing how quiet Emma went after seeing their parents leaving the table.

He might be just seventeen and behaves childish most of the time but when it has to do with his sister's sensitive and sad state, he can't help but worry.

He knows whatever their parents are going to discuss with Emma isn't just ordinary.

Carl is so concerned about anything that has to do with his sister. It is natural for him to feel that way.

Emma stood up ignoring the feeling that kept choking her. She passed a tight smile to Carl.

She doesn't want to bother him with anything, that's the last thing she will want to do to him.

"You don't have to worry about me Carl, I will be fine I promise"

She assured as she began taking slow steps towards the stairs, her heart racing a marathon.

She paused when she reached her parent's door taking in a deep breathe to calm her anxiety before she opened the door.

The moment Emma entered into the room, she was faced with her parents seated in a close space.

She bit her lower lip, her eyes darting from her Mum to her Dad but they both refused to meet her gaze!

Her Mum sighed with a nervous smile.

"Sit down honey" Mrs Bryson said pointing at the chair opposite them.

Without uttering a word, Emma sat down wishing whatever this is about isn't that serious.

She hoped her parents are playing some pranks on her just to scare her but then, she knows none of them is that kind of mother or father that has time for that.

What could they want to tell her that's that important? What could have made her both parents leave their breakfast?

Why is her Mum nervous? Why are they not looking at her? Why is it taking them so much time to reply?

Emma questioned herself but got no reply, she had no answer to any of them.

Mr Bryson cleared his throat, having no choice than to face his daughter.

"You know I love you so much princess" he said in the form of a whisper but that didn't escape Emma's ears and it frightened her the most.

"What's it Dad? You are getting me scared" she replied sincerely, she has been scared right from the onset.

"The Campbells bought our restaurant, they are not ready to keep the building.

That's the only place we feed from, we will be penniless Emmeline,

we will starve and your brother won't be able to continue his education including you, our family will collapse"

Adrenaline rushed into Emma on listening to what her Dad just said.

The Campbells bought their restaurant and they are going to destroy it?

The thought of that made her shudder in mortal terror.

Everyone knows the richest family in the country and what they can do to get whatever they want.

Emma hoped and prayed silently that her Dad didn't go there to plead, she hoped that he didn't meet up with the devil himself.

What if they kill them? What if they hurt them? What if they make their lives miserable in a way they will choose death over living?

There were so many what ifs running through her mind until her Dad's cracked voice interrupted her thoughts.

"I fortunately and unfortunately met Mr Campbell senior" He said. Emma's head snapped towards him with so much force that her neck began to hurt after that.

"I am so sorry my princess, please I want you to believe that it didn't happen because I want it to, I didn't know what else to do to get our restaurant back, that was why I accepted the offer, please do not hate me"

he added this time around, his tears flowed down his cheeks freely.

Emma knew immediately this isn't what she hoped for! Her heart skidded as its race increased in the high speedometer in her chest.

For her Dad to cry, that means there is more to this.


"Please let me speak" Mr Bryson cuts in

"He asked for something in return before he can give us back the restaurant and even agreed to sponsor the widening of the restaurant,

I stupidly agreed to it because of my selfishness, at that moment, I didn't think about my daughter and her happiness, I didn't think about the hell she will go through,

When I realized what I agreed to, it was already late. I signed the agreement paper, I destroyed my only daughter's life with my own hands. I do not deserve to be a father"

Mr Bryson rambled in tears, his wife's tears streaming down also but Emma remained still in her seat.

As much as she still doesn't understand what her Dad was getting at, she now clearly believes this is about her.

But how did he destroy her life? Did he sign the agreement of her becoming a maid in the Campbell's mansion?

If that's the case, she can bear it. She can bear anything that comes with being a maid but what Mr Bryson said next left her drained in terror, fear, anxiety and spookiness.

"He asked you get married to his Son Blake Campbell"

Emma was beyond flabbergasted. She was shocked to even react.

He eyes bulged out of it's sockets! How can her Dad do this to her? How can he sell her out?

And to Blake Campbell in particular? Her body tensed up alertly, they all know how heartless he is, everyone is aware of who Blake Campbell is.

Fear engulfed her, she stayed rooted on her seat with no reaction.

With the way things are, she doesn't have a choice. She can't reject nor say anything since her Dad already signed the contract agreement.

Angry tears spilled from her eyes. Her life has been shattered into pieces, how will she cope with this?

That man will kill her without blinking an eye. He is scary and has a very bad reputation.

How can her Dad not think about it before selling her off on a contract and he's now regretting it?

Does he hate her that much?

"I am really sorry, please don't be mad at me my princess" her Dad's voice echoed again in loud sobs.

What is the need of telling her when she can't make any decision on this? What will her life become?

Emma has always imagined spending the rest of her life with her prince charming, a man that will treat her with love and care.

Blake Campbell is nothing like that, he is cold hearted, she won't survive it being his wife.

"Honey we love you, don't think otherwise. Your father made a mistake and try understand that we will never intentionally put you in danger, it was a selfish decision but..."

Emma stood up abruptly cutting her Mum off with the sudden act.

She glanced at her parents with tears streaming down her cheeks then looked down on the floor with her heart aching.

"I will be in my room" she said and with that, she sauntered out of the room in haste as water brewed down her face.

Emma ran into her room with different emotions swimming in her. She did not wait to hear her Mum complete whatever she was saying or wait to listen to what happened after her father signed the agreement.

None of that matters anymore. That wouldn't change anything, it wouldn't stop her from being Blake's wife.

She doesn't know what to think, she had woken up in a happy mood but then, her life decided to take a tricky and risky turn.

Is this her fate? If it is then her fate is too cruel.

Emma entered her room and locked the door behind her while ignoring her brother's call and banging on the door.

She jumped on her bed burying her head in her pillow as she cried her eyes out.

She's only twenty, a young girl with so many dreams and all will go into the mud?

Never for once has Emma thought of this happening to her, she never thought this kind of thing existed in real life.

She has read troops of stories like this but she never believed it could be real.

She knows better than to argue about this, if she makes a fuse about this,

Her family will be in danger, Blake might abduct and kill them.

The thought of that was eerie for her, since this is her fate, she rather agreed to this than to object.

If this will make her family happy then so be it, if this will make her only brother safe and live in luxury then she's ready to sacrifice herself.

Getting married to Blake Campbell has become an obligation she must fulfill.

Chapter 2

Blake sat like a king on the chair, his face devoid of any emotion. His stormy amber eyes morphed into pitch black staring dangerously at the helpless man in front of him with blood oozing out of his body.

"Do you think you can mess with me and won't get caught, Mr Dean?" He asked, his voice was as cold as his face.

Mr Dean cowered in fear, shaking his head negatively.

"Please spare me Mr Campbell, I am really sorry" he shivered with cold sweats breaking out of his body.

Blake was up in seconds, he stride towards the bloody Mr Dean and let out a humorous laugh, a laugh that sounded scary.

It revealed his anger and irritation.

He collected a pocket gun from one of his men cocking it straight into his head.

"Who sent you?" Blake asked while hitting him with the bottom of the gun.

Mr Dean fell on the floor but was held back in a kneeling position.

He shook his head in fear! There is no way he is mentioning a name to Blake Campbell.


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