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Married to a billionaire for a revenge

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Diana Jones decided to end her life after suffering from bullying, taunts,criticism and also the death of her parents. Due to the endless trial, she decided to end it all.. A brief stroll through her suicidal thoughts takes her by the arm through the woods with the hope of taking her life.When she was trying to end her life she saw someone who had murdered her parents. She decided to take a new turn and have a new reason to live and know the reason why her parents had died and also take her revenge. Will she be able to avenge the death of her parents by getting married to who she assumed that had killed her parents?

Chapter 1

Diana's POV

I sat there, my thin dress clinging to my wet skin as the rain continued to pour. I am a small, slender woman with bright pearl-like eyes, a confident demeanor, and long, shining green hair that resembles emerald. My soft, wavy hair is a striking red and stops abruptly at my shoulders, giving me a youthful appearance that matches my petite frame. I lay on the muddy ground, feeling like darkness had become my home. Nothing seems bright to me anymore; all I see is darkness, with only occasional flashes of hope amidst the thunderous roar.

I feel like life doesn't matter to me anymore, all I want is to be in complete darkness and end it all. I don't think anything can go back to how it used to be.

"I wish I could turn back time," I thought in deep pain.

Lost in my thoughts, I didn't realize it when tears started flowing from my eyes to my cheeks. Within seconds, I barely noticed that I was crying heavily, with tears streaming down my cheeks as rain fell from the sky, joining the rivers of water rushing down my body. My lips quivered as I wrapped my arms around my body, to create warmth.

I am surrounded by a nightmare and I can't stop thinking about my miserable life. The wind, following the rain, slams into me from all sides, causing the plants to sway. A tree is leaning dangerously close to falling on me. My tears mix with the storm, making me feel even more miserable. I feel dirty from the mud, and it brings back a sick feeling from my childhood. I can't stop thinking about my childhood and my parents. I suddenly wish for a hot bath to warm me up from the cold rush of feelings.

I stop moving and realize that it's not my choice. I feel startled and wonder why I always have to be the unlucky one. I feel like giving up. ''What's left for me? I have nowhere to go,'' I said to myself through tears.

I feel like the world should end right now. Nothing makes sense to me anymore. What's the point? What's the point of living when I have nowhere to go?

Everything seems impossible. The pain of life weighs heavily on me, and I feel like I've been struggling all alone while the wind moves others.

My soaked jacket had an open pocket with a slightly damp note, the same note that had led to a desperate overdose at the hands of death, and a craving for a taste of its poison. This note made my already weak legs even more weary. Who knew the power a written note could hold until it was seen as either a lifeline or a death sentence?

"This note is my downfall right now, and I really wish I could continue my education," I said, laughing in frustration.

'' If I can't go to university anymore, what else is there for me? Even the most basic thing, like feeding myself, seems impossible,'' I thought, wiping my tears with my palm.

I delved into my lonely thoughts, drowning in a sea of blame. I knew it wouldn't help, but it felt right to pinpoint the source of my pain.

"God, why? Why me?'' I screamed.

Why does everything feel so wrong? Why was I even born into this world if I'm only here to suffer like this? Why were my parents murdered in cold blood, leaving me behind? Why didn't I die with them and leave this miserable world together?

Surprisingly, the rain poured even harder, and the sky grew colder with each passing second. My breath turned into visible clouds in front of me. I was paralyzed with fear as my knees trembled with my fluctuating thoughts.

''Am I ready to die? Am I ready to give up on everything? Would I willingly accept defeat now?'' I pondered, trying to inhale the hellish atmosphere around me. One could see the hesitation in my mind from the goosebumps that appeared all over me as my breath formed wisps in front of me.

I raised my gaze and looked up at the sky, noticing the cracks between the clouds and the crescent moon. I gazed at it and wondered if this would be the last time I saw it. The rain was no longer visible, but in my partial blindness, I could still see the beautiful scene and the stray of light that brought hope as the rain subsided. 

I hoped that things could change, and my cold night could become warm and bright again. I felt a rock palm against my shoulder, causing me pain, and looked up to see that the moon had disappeared, taken by the night.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps approaching me in the woods, and I began to shiver. But then I remembered that I wanted to die, and I braced myself for the end. I felt frozen.

''Death is finally here to take me away. This is what I want, right?'' I thought as my heart pounded.

I would be happy to be released from the pain, the endless suffering, and to die and end it all... and to stop searching for a place to sleep and eat after dropping out of school.

The footsteps came closer, and I realized that it was truly the end for me. I was relieved that I could finally go in peace, and before I knew it, my neck was grabbed.

"How was he able to see me in this darkness?" I said to myself, trembling in fear.

To be continued...

Chapter 2


Diane POV

I was immediately terrified when he grabbed my neck, ‘Please help me lord!’ I silently said my last prayer. I felt so suffocated that I couldn't hold it in any longer.

"W-Who are you?" I stammered, as I felt my life slipping away.

The place was so dark that I couldn't see his face.

Even though I really wish to die, I don't want this type of death. I don't want anyone to kill me like my parents. I must have been out of my mind to think I should also be killed just like my parents.

"P-Please," I tried to speak again, as I couldn’t hear my own voice.

Then suddenly I realized that I was free. I was about to run out, but it was too dark, and I couldn't find my way out of the woods. Before I knew it, he grabbed me by my neck again, pulling me back to him.

I became startled because I didn't know how he could see me.

"Did you think you could escape?" he groaned in a


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