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Marriage contract with the billionaire

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"I want to make love to you and worship your body as befitting enough for a goddess." "S*x is best done in front of a camera with millions of subscribers crediting my account with dollars." ___ Never has the thought of being actively involved in the adult movie industry in her early twenties ever crossed Cecilia's mind. With finances being on gridlock, having a dying mother is enough motivation to fuel her passion in becoming an A-list pornstar who has her head buried right into the game without having emotions ever interfere. Why waste her talent when she could be monetized, popular, and live the dream life she has always fantasized about as a kid? Sebastian might have all the billions in the world but his parents wouldn't stop breathing down his neck and pressuring him. Out of frustration in a heated argument, he might have blurted out having a fiance and now he is on an ultimatum to present his woman to the family in a week else the CEO position falls to his elder brother who is the role model of the family as opposed to him being the black sheep. Sebastian needs a transactional yet strictly platonic relationship without having leeches try to make money off him and Cece needs Seb's money after all she is a trained expert. Their part crosses, it all started as a drafted contract, who knows? It is probably karma's way of bringing two flawed yet compatible people together.

Chapter 1

Chapter one (Chemotherapy)

♥Cece's POV♥

Her hands were frailty and cautious, shaking gently as she reached for the hot tea. In her movements was  so much of the woman she was and still is. They were ashen where the sunlight caught them, not ghostly like a white person, just subdued and greyish. I think that's the first time I realized how vulnerable she was and how much of a toll the sickness had taken.

She was as tiny as a doll, pale with slender limbs. Her head was bald from the constant chemo and despite the sickness, she was playing with her pocket bible and still clinging so hard to faith. I loved her optimism and confidence, it was what kept are going and I had no intention whatsoever to break the news to her.

On getting to the hospital an hour ago, the doctor called for my attention only to inform me that chemotherapy had failed on mom and the cancer had advanced from stage two to stage four. How do I tell her the surgery wasn't worth it after getting her convinced to amputate her two breasts. It was terrible and I hated the sight of her. I wanted to do something to help, anything to aid her because it shattered my heart into tiny fragments but it was a lost battle because even the bible wasn't going to save her.

Cancer is a terminal illness, one that sounds like a death sentence when diagnosed with it. It does not only drain the body and soul but also ones health insurance apparently, leaving a huge dent in one finances.

I felt devastated and after my spiraling mother was injected anesthetic to make her sleep. My mother was the motivation behind me getting into p*rn industry despite the fact that I come from a proper and uptight Christian family. My father is a role model at the church and it has always been the dream of my parents for me to be a nun. I was groomed for the role all my life. We were influential people in the church yet averagely comfortable financially. When my father couldn't foot the crazy hospital bills, I one day stared at the mirror and ripped apart my nun attire, giving room for my innermost beast to take over with the solid aim of kicking poverty in the *ss and finally gaining my dream life of having to acquire luxurious items and live the baby girl life I always craved. I met William who is my manager coincidentally at the church during Sunday mass who was struck by my beauty and promised to turn my life around if I could accept him as my personal Messiah and savior instead.

I tried to appear strong in her presence, offloading the provisions and food items I bought on my way here. She complained of a migraine and a nurse came in to inject her and within some minutes, she was fast asleep, and her frail hands that clung to mine peeled off slowly as she fell unconscious.

I wiped off the stain of tears off my face and stood up to exit the ward while saying a quick prayer for her. My eyes were blurry with tears, my body visibly shaken from the grievous news, my brain a mushed mess, and my senses melted into a puddle of crying mess. It hurts that I can't salvage this Situation, all those thoughts were running through my mind when the force of an object knocked me out of my balance and I slowly felt myself tumbling down, I braced myself, ready for the impact of hitting my body on the cold tiles and bagging bruises and perhaps breaking a bone or two. And the aftermath is pretty much going to be a headache and peeled skin when something caught me a few inches from falling.

My eyes were firmly shut as I waited for the harsh effect but alas! I was saved. I opened my eyes to find the most gorgeous brown orbs piercing my soul. It turned out my superman who came to my rescue is a more realistic version. A chocolate-skinned, tall and handsome model steadied me and for some minutes, I was lost for words.

His brown eyes reminded me of warm chocolate, his skin glistened on his Adonis bronze tone. His skin might be light chocolate but that did not dim the gold undertone from shimmering and leaving me slightly dazed. He was tall,  a towering height of probably 6ft5. He was lean and chiseled with slight muscles. He looked like he was in his late twenties and judging by the fawning of the nurses and his nonchalance to their attention, it was obvious as a pretty-faced boy, he was used to having this effect on ladies so I cleared my throat and tried to comport myself in order to avoid looking like an idiot and that is if he does not already consider me as one.

"H-hi." I stuttered, my tone came out high-pitched so I cleared my throat to start again. "Um, thanks for saving me." I shrugged and pinched my thumb and index finger together.

His mouth was parted in surprise and his eyes were squinted. "Are you alright? You don't look too good."

His accent was British even though he didn't look like one. I could swear he seemed more American than British.

I felt butterflies erupt in my stomach. It was the first time that day that someone said something touching to me. Most guys always just want to f*ck me at first glance and I usually feel their eyes undressing me already, but this good-looking stranger seemed different and I felt a warmth course through my veins.

"I'm fine." I offered a weak smile. "I guess," I added and swallowed when I felt a lump in my throat the moment I remembered mom.

"Usually that is the automated response to that question but I genuinely want to know how you feel." He finally removed his hands from my back and I inhaled and exhaled deeply, feeling cold already.

"You are right!" I sniffled. "I'm far from fine, my life is a freaking tornado at the moment, driving me to an unknown destination."

"I know this is not the appropriate question to ask at the moment but would you like to sit at a cafe and have lunch?" He cocked a brow.

"Oh! I'm fine." I said but my stomach grumbled ferociously and my eyes widened in embarrassment.

"I guess I have my answer then." He linked his elbow with mine and dragged me outside the hospital.

"Where are we going?" I swallowed, feeling a bit nervous to be following a stranger blindly.

"Just across the street, we can find Domino's Pizza and order food while I offer you a listening ear." He mused and I let out a low peal of a giggle.

"You sound like you have been starved all week." I reiterated.

"Not really, I just have this crazy urge to fill you up because I can tell food gives some form of closure to comfort." He offered me a genuine smile and my insides melted at his kindness.

"What is in it for you?" I furrowed my brows at the thrilling stranger that sent chills running down my spine.

"I hate the signatory antiseptic smell hospitals have and I would kill to breathe in the fresh air again so feel free to call me selfish." He smiled and revealed his deep-rooted dimples.

"Now! There goes the confession I needed." I said and he chuckled before opening the door to the restaurant for me.

Chapter 2

Chapter two (Pretty faced boy)

"After you." He half bowed and I shook my head and stepped in, eyeing my surroundings and looking for the perfect seat to perch on.

" Based on my experience, when one needs a personal space to remain in conspicuous while watching any ongoing drama with the people present, you head to the far ends."

"The far ends?" He arched a perfect brow at me and muttered in a questioning tone.

"Yes, which could pretty much be at any four corners of the building." I wiggled my brows at me and led the way.

The restaurant is mildly filled with customers littered around the room. There are artistic designs hung high above the wall to give it an exotic look but what made me more contented was the opaque glass that gave a wide view of the street and If I peered further, I could see the hospital from afar just across the street.

I think Dominos opening a branch opposite the hospital is a strategic


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