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Marriage contract: I promise to hate you

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Leonardo Moretti receives from his father, Giorgio Moretti, the chair of CEO of Moretti Tecnologia LTDA, with the only requirement, and under penalty of being deposed by the board, the obligation to present a bride with whom he must marry in a maximum of three months. With no intention of becoming romantically involved with any woman, he, along with his best friend, decides that the best way out is to find a woman willing to sign a marriage contract that will last a year, the period necessary for him to guarantee her permanence in the presidency of the company. Irritated by the pressure from his parents and the company's board, and seeing his competence being put to the test day after day by the board, he decides to go to a trendy bar in the city to drown his sorrows in alcohol, and engages in a lively conversation with Beatrice, who, like him, is drowning his frustrations in drink. Encouraged by the alcohol content, and unable to measure the consequences, Leonardo will explain his problem to Beatrice, who will accept his marriage proposal. The two will have their first time together, and will wake up the next day trying to remember their involvement the night before. Will Beatrice accept her request? Can a marriage consummated only by common interests turn into a true love story?

Chapter 1 - prologue


TWorking at Moretti Tecnologia LTDA is a dream that I, at the height of my twenty-five years, could never be happier to fulfill. things outm happening quickly in my life, and as soon as I graduated, I left my mother in Brasilia, and came in search of better opportunities. I've been part of the company's engineering team for two and a half years, the work is intense, especially now that the sector supervisor is pressing me for the prototype of the application that could simply change the course of my life.

It was also at Moretti, that I met Lucas, he's on the security team and he's an incredible man, with whom I share my life and my choices, even hearing from some friends that I need to see with my brain instead of using just the heart, pet peeve of friends, which Lucas insists I shouldn't worry about since he only has eyes for me, and I believe him.

When I moved here, my mother gave me an apartment in Vila Madalena where I lived for a year and a half, until Lucas convinced me that living in Ibirapuera would make our lives easier, so I sold the old one and bought this one, which is much nicer. spacious and cozy, but it has earned me a relatively high debt to pay in the coming years, so I really need to deliver the new application, to give direction to my life.

Today, Lucas and I celebrate our first year together, and I'm running to get home before him and prepare a surprise for him. and all the money Lucas earns goes straight to his sick mother. I go to the cellar that we love and buy a red wine, then I go to our favorite restaurant where I had already ordered pasta, I pay for everything and I run home to pack everything before he arrives.

I look for the spare key that is always under the vase next to the entrance to the apartment and I can't find it, I smile thinking that maybe Lucas managed to leave work early and is waiting for me, since the light that escapes under the entrance door betrays that there is someone at home. I slowly open the door, and soon a strange noise starts to sound coming from the room, I close the door behind me, and I go silently in the direction of the noise.

With each step I take, I feel my heart racing and an absurd anger growing inside me, and already at the door, the loud moans make me sure of what is happening in our room, in our bed, and on our anniversary. . I take a deep breath before turning the doorknob and finding one of the female engineers in my sector on all fours at the edge of my bed, and unfortunate Lucas buried inside her. I drop the bags on the floor, and the noise of the bottle breaking, along with the smell of red wine spread across the floor, denounce my arrival, making the couple look at me in fright:

" What the f*ck is this Lucas?!" I shout to him that remains static" Speak b*st*rd!”

"Baby, I can explain, I swear!" he tries to touch me and I take a step back, blocking the touch.

"I don't want explanations, I want you out of my house, now!”

"Our home, Bea" argues making all the anger contained inside me explode in a flat slap in his face.

"You" I point to the already dressed and extremely scared blonde next to the bed" Take your things and leave" she nods, walking out of the room barefoot, shoes in hand.

I hear the door to the room being closed, and I turn my attention to the traitor in front of me:

" Look here" I take the bag of pasta and open it" I stopped by the cellar and the restaurant to buy your favorite drink and food, and I don't think it's fair to waste it, do you?" I give him my best smile before throwing the still hot pasta in the face of the unfortunate man who screams calling me crazy

"You burned me, you crazy girl!" he screams" And you know what?! Yes, I cheated, and it wasn't the first time, I cheated because you're boring, dull, and you only live for your d*mn job!”

His every word makes my hatred increase, and without measuring the consequences, I go on top of him and start hitting the unfortunate man who screams calling me crazy and repeating that he has rights over the apartment, because we have a stable union.

I throw out the b*st*rd who comes out in only his underwear and covered in Bolognese sauce and stays in the street screaming that he needs to at least get his clothes. I smile when a diabolical idea comes to mind, and I grab a suitcase, put all his clothes inside, take it to the balcony and set it on fire, throwing it down there under the incredulous gaze of my dear ex-fiancé.

" Take your clothes, and never come near me again!”

I leave the window still trying to assimilate what happened just now, the tears that I refused to let fall in front of him, now roll in torrents down my face while I just feel insufficient, but I don't even have time to reason, when the message from the my supervisor snaps me out of my trance:

“The new CEO will be introduced on Monday afternoon, I need you to make the last adjustments and give me the project on Monday, first thing.”

If there is an award for the most unlucky person on the face of the earth, I will definitely win it in the next edition, because look, fate can only be playing tricks on me! I rehearse a reply to the supervisor, edit it several times until I give up on replying, as there is nothing I can say that would make him change his mind.

Sh*t! Sh*t! a thousand times sh*t!

Now I have two days to finish a project that would take at least another week, and all my goddamn mind is thinking about Lucas f*ck*ng that disgusting blonde on top of my bed. Wants to know? Screw this! I'm not going to ruin my Friday, I'm going to get drunk and enjoy my sh*t, tomorrow when I wake up I'll think about it.

I wash my face just to remove the mascara smeared by tears, touch up my makeup and leave the house heading towards the pub where I always went with the college crowd when I wanted to think, another activity that I loved and gave up, just because Lucas insisted that was not environment for me.


I enter the bar with its wooden floor and yellow lights that make the environment dimly lit, and I head to the demolition wood bar with its traditional bartender juggling a cocktail shaker. I smile at him who comes to me with a mojito in hand, I thank him and sit on the stool in front of him starting to drink.

After endless glasses of mojitos, gin, vodka and God knows what else I've had tonight, I start humming low and slurring to the evanescence music playing in the background.

" Not a very happy song to sing on a Friday night" A deep voice as slurred as mine sounds beside me and I turn to face the blonde with black eyes who stares at me while playing with the ice cubes in his glass.

" It matches my mood." I offer him a sheepish smile and he keeps trying to bring up the subject.

ch exaggeration! What problem can a beautiful woman like you have to be alone and drunk listening to depressing music?" His alcohol-altered voice makes me want to laugh for the first time all night.

"I will make a brief summary" ironic smile" Today I would be a year of dating.”

" Would make?" he seems interested

" I would, since I decided to make a surprise to celebrate the date, I got home early with his favorite food and drink, only to find him already having dinner." he looks at me confused and i shrug" he was having dinner with a co-worker, in our bed.”

" Wow, I don't even know what to say" he gapes at me

" You don't have to say anything, okay?" smile without grace" I won't be the first, nor the last, to give my all in a relationship and receive a pair of horns as a reward.”

" You could pay him back by marrying me" the man is serious and I can't resist a laugh" It is serious" he looks at me angry.

" I do not know you" argument

" You spent a year with a guy you know, what difference does it make?" The man is really an excellent negotiator" I'm your prince charming and you're dismissing me to suffer for some frog? ANDIt isSo, what do you say?”

Chapter 2


" Alright, Mr. Prince Charming, I accept" The brunette with the honey-colored eyes slightly blurred by the drink accepts my proposal with a mischievous smile on her lips." Surprise me.”

I smile taking the unknown lady by the hand and leaving with her quickly from the bar heading towards my car. As soon as we pass through the main door, she stops looking at me confused:

" Where we go? I didn't even pay my bill" she starts the interrogation" By the way, how can you ask me to marry you if I don't even know your name?”

"Leonardo " I extend my hand to her" And you are?" I ask

" Beatrice. " Answer with your eyebrows together, as if you think I'm crazy

" Great, Beatrice, now we've met, shall we?" smile

" Of course, dear groom." she jokes sitting in the passenger seat of my car.

Something about this woman attracts me, and I ha


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