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Love Of My Mafia Man

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Ever since Vexon Bevine first laid eyes on Ruby Gerund, he could not get her beautiful image out of his mind. Unfortunately, Ruby didn't notice him and disappeared while he was stuck in Mafia training. Years later, Vexon attends his elder brother's wedding, where he sees Ruby again. Even though he wants to make her 'his', Vexon tries to control his feelings. However, that night, someone drugs him, and he ends up marrying Ruby against her will, losing his control. Ruby can't forget the way everything was forced upon her, and out of hatred towards Vexon, she deems this a forced marriage and decides to never accept him as her husband. If Ruby hates Vexon from the bottom of her heart, will he be able to make her fall in love with him? Or will she just be the love of the Mafia King and never reciprocate his feelings? Besides, who drugged Vexon which made him forcefully marry her, when all he tried to do was control his undying love?

Chapter 1 The New Mafia King

Chapter 1: The New Mafia King


Have you heard that the turning point of your life is one of the most vulnerable point of your life—that the complete future of a person depends on this point?

For me, that point came when I was in my second year of college. One day, on my way home after my last class I was hoping to lie down and relax, but as I stepped over the threshold I realized the air was thick with tension. So thick I could cut it with the blade in my pocket.

"No, Kendrik! You can't do this!" my mother was yelling at my older brother.

"Mom, please, try to understand. If I become king, it will put Pearl's life in danger," Kendrik pleaded, "I can't take that risk. After our wedding, we're moving away from here and we're going to lead a normal life. No more Mafia."

Our mother let out a frustrated sigh.

I felt bad for my older brother. The things people did for love were indeed crazy. I never desired to be a victim of love. At least, that's what I used to think...

Not wanting to interfere with their argument, since I was beyond tired, and I had an assignment to submit. I pretended not to see them and walked as fast as I could straight up the stairs and to my room.nd even after shutting my room door, I could still hear their yelling from downstairs, seemingly making the mansion we lived in seem small. Their yelling started to get on my nerves but I managed to ignore it.

I grabbed a t-shirt and a pair of pants, along with a pair of boxers from the armoire, before taking a refreshing five-minute shower. Stepping out of the shower with a towel hanging around my waist, I glanced at myself in the mirror as I passed it and started playing with my hair.

"Oh how I love you, my beautiful dark brown hair," I mumbled to myself as I continued playing with it. I loved playing with my hair, but my fun didn't last long as my phone started ringing.

"Boss, we've got a problem," Mane Cands, one of our trusted men, spoke through the phone. He has been the trainer of all the Bevine children since before I can remember, as we were all supposed to join the gang once we were old enough. I had completed all my necessary training, but Kendrik being the eldest and the next Mafia king, still had five more years of training left that only the Mafia King is supposed to undertake.

Our mom ran the deadliest gang in Canada, the Gladiolus, and my brothers and I have always wanted to be a part of it and Kendrik, he is supposed to be the next Gladiolus King. However, it seems he doesn't want to be King anymore and this is why he and mom continue to argue.

I hummed in response and waited for Mane to continue. He sounded quite nervous, which was unusual for him.

"Mistress has called an emergency meeting and she asked me to arrange everything within the next fifteen minutes. So, I thought you might have an idea as to why she is calling this meeting so suddenly."

"No, I don't know anything about it," I answered in confusion, at what I was hearing. "Inform all the important members and manage everything. I'll go talk to my mom," I said before cutting off the call, getting dressed, and then marching downstairs.

"Mom!" I called as I walked towards the hall, I could see my mom looking at her phone. She lifted her head and looked at me.

"What's wrong, Vexon?" she asked, putting a hand on my cheek.

"Why did you suddenly call an emergency meeting?"

My mom would never make such a hasty decision without a valid reason, but I wanted to know the reason right at that moment. I hated not knowing things, as I liked being prepared for whatever was coming.

She let out a small laugh. "Wait until the others join us first, honey. Then I'll tell you everything."

"You've got to tell me now. You know, I hate not knowing something," I groaned as the suspense of it all had me running a hand through my hair repeatedly.

"No," she said firmly as she walked off and into her bedroom, while I trailed behind her.

"Mo-" but before I could continue, she closed the door on my face and said through the door, "No means no, Vexon."

With a sigh, I gave up and went back to my bedroom and stayed there until it was time for the meeting.

When the time for the meeting came I headed down towards the study, and while walking towards it, I bumped into my younger brother, Cason.

"What's the emergency, bro?"

I glared at him. "For the first and last time, Cason, mom didn't tell me anything."

"How could mom not tell her favorite son?" another brother of mine, Kace, questioned sarcastically. He had appeared out of nowhere and joined us. I rolled my eyes at his comment, while he kept mocking me until we reached the study.

I was the second of five brothers and surprisingly mom's favorite son. Meanwhile, Kendrik was the first, Kace the third, Cason the fourth, and last but not the least, was Orson, our fifth brother. The bonds between us were very strong and we loved each other to death and I was sure nothing could break us apart.

Mom appeared soon after our family lawyer, the Gladiolus Executives and Mane had gathered in the sitting room in her study.

"Thank you all for coming at such short notice," she addressed us. "Now I shall make an announcement, so please listen carefully," mom said as she sat down beside me.

"As you all know, soon I am going to retire and according to the tradition, my eldest son, Kendrik, is supposed to inherit the title of 'Gladiolus King. Regrettably, he has rejected the position because he didn't want to put his girlfriend in danger, which is quite understandable."

Mom paused for a long moment, letting the news of Kendrik's decision sink in, before she continued, "We need a new Mafia King, thus, with no further hesitation, I declare that the new Gladiolus King will be my second son."

I nodded, understanding her announcement.

So it's going to be her second son. Cool.

"Vexon... honey?" mom spoke up.

I looked at her as she gave me a pointed look, while all the others looked at me with various expressions of awe and admiration. I frowned at the sudden attention.

What's wrong? It's not like I'm going to be the next Gladiolus King.

Cason shook his head and whispered, "You're the second son, Vexon."

That's when it hit me. I was going to be the next Gladiolus King.

Chapter 2 When He Heard Her

Chapter 2: When He Heard Her


The job of the next Mafia King sounded like it would be a pain in the neck, causing me a lot of turmoil and confusion. I always thought I would be one of the Executives, but never in my wildest dreams I thought that I would be the one ruling as King. Kendrik was always meant to be the next King, not me. Who could have thought that Kendrik had the power to convince mom, otherwise?

I stiffened at the next thought, oh Lord, I'm going to go bald with the amount of work I will have to do. Oh, not my beautiful dark brown hair.

"Congratulations, Brother!" all of my brothers chorused as they engulfed me in a bone-crushing hug. After they released me, mom side-hugged me and kissed my cheek with a satisfactory smile.

All the formalities were taken care of, and everyone seemed to be happy with the decision. It all happened so fast, while I hadn't been able to swallow the news yet. Why had mom d


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