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Pablo PASOLINI is an attractive and very intelligent young Italian man. His father is the richest businessman in Europe and his mother is a political woman. He is so cute that several women want to marry him. Unfortunately, Pablo prefers his single life and he swore he would not want to get married again because he was once betrayed by his first girlfriend. She was a girl he loved very much. Then one day, he meets Louisa who is his father's new secretary, and his love her . His whole life changes. << Read LOVE IN ROME written by Bello Arafat. >>


One evening on September 15, 2000, I was returning from a party organized by one of my father's associates. His name is Lucas MALDINI. I don't like these kinds of parties but I had to go there to please my family and especially my father.

Indeed, Lucas MALDINI celebrated the 70th anniversary of his company. It's a family company that had existed for years and that he inherited. My father forced me to go there because Lucas MALDINI was also the majority shareholder of one of our companies. It was a way of consolidating the ties between our family and that of Lucas MALDINI. In addition to the business that connects us to the MALDINI family, Lucas MALDINI also intends to give me his daughter's hand. Her name is Marina MALDINI. My parents agreed to this wedding even though I didn't like this girl. Besides, I hated women to the point of not wanting to get married anymore. This disgust is due to the fact that I was severely betrayed by my first love. She was a girl that I loved very much and who dumped me on my birthday. I continue to remember this painful event as if it happened yesterday. Now I'm 25 years old and my dad says it's time for me to get married. He is very serious to the point of agreeing with Lucas MALDINI so that his daughter Marina will marry me. I really want to oppose them but I respect my father enormously and I would not want to have a conflict with him.

However, I was coming back from this party and I was very exhausted whereas I didn't enjoy myself. I hadn't even taken a drink during the evening. I park my vehicle in the garage and I go to my bedroom by passing the living room when suddenly I meet my mother.

« Are you back already? » she asked immediately.

« Good evening mother. Yes I just arrived. I have to go to bed quickly to be in good shape tomorrow morning because I have some very important business to attend to at the office. So I had to come home early. » I answered

« Okay son. I understood. I hope at least that you had fun and that you took advantage of the party to discuss with Marina the daughter of Lucas MALDINI? » asked my mother.

« Without wanting to offend Mr. MALDINI, I was bored at his party and I didn't speak to his daughter. The only important thing I did tonight was to greet to all of Lucas MALDINI's friends.» I answered.

« What ? You are very weird Pablo. I am disappointed.» said my mother.

« I'm sorry mom. But you know very well that I don't like MARINA. So it's difficult for me to pretend. » I added.

After my statement, my mother was surprised and she replied by saying:

« I don't like it when you talk about MARINA like that. Do you have any idea what she means to us or what your wedding with her means to the future of our family? » asked my mother.

« I'm not a puppet that you and Dad can manipulate. I don't care what this wedding means to you. I don't like this girl and I wish you would understand it once and for good. If so far I have remained silent it is because I would not like to be rude. » I answered

After my words, I leave my mother alone in the living room and I go to my room. I didn't want to argue with her about it anymore. This whole situation was starting to piss me off. I was not the only son of my parents but yet, I was the one they forced to marry.

My name is Pablo PASOLINI. My parents are the two most powerful people in Italy and Europe. My father Carlos PASOLINI is a businessman who leads several companies and my mother Christella is the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy. My older brother is called Esteban and I have a lovely little sister called Ericka. We all three work with our father. Esteban works in a mining company, I am assigned to an airline and Ericka works in a food company. All these companies belonged to our father Carlos PASOLINI. Apart from this arranged marriage to which I was exposed, I am the beloved son of my parents because I am a responsible man. Since my childhood I have always liked work and it is for this reason that I always succeed in what I do. While I try to improve myself every day to become the best in my field and make the family business prosper, Esteban spends most of his time in bars with the women. He likes to party every time. Our father Carlos PASOLINI reasoned him several times but Esteban does not want to understand what our father told. He just wants to enjoy life. My little sister Ericka, on the other hand, wanted to be an artist but our father forced her to work in the food industry. Our father is a very influential person and no one can contradict him.


I quickly took a shower and was about to sleep when my phone rang. It was my best friend Axel who contacted me from France. I was very exhausted and I didn't want to talk to him. I then let the phone ring and went to bed.


It was late and I was very tired. I had attended the party organized by Lucas MALDINI. Our whole family was invited but only my brother Pablo, my father and me took part at this party. Of the three of us, I was the one who came home last.

However, the party was very nice and I had a great time. I was so tired that I didn't have time to shower before laying down on my bed.


I was sleeping peacefully when suddenly someone knocks on my door. I had heard the sound of my bedroom door but I didn't want to get up to open it. After a while, I feel a hand caress me. Immediately, I open my eyes and I see that it was my older brother Esteban. He was naked and he was standing in front of me. He had a packet of condoms in his hand.

Chapter 2 : THE RAPE


« Esteban what are you doing in my room like this ? But am I dreaming or what? » I asked

« Speak less loudly Ericka. Do not wake others. In fact, I don't really know what's happening to me anymore. I just want to make love with you. It will seem strange to you but know that it is done elsewhere. » said Esteban.

As I was about to scream with all my strength, my older brother lunged at me .I struggled to push him away but he was stronger than me. Unfortunately, I could not avoid the worst. I got raped by my own brother. Esteban really slept with me this night. A few hours after his act, he withdrew from my room. I had only one desire and that was to kill myself because I couldn't imagine being in such a situation.


I couldn't close my eyes all night. After being raped by Esteban, sleep is totally gone. Unfortunately, I couldn't tell anyone. It was so weird and shameful to tell my parents that Esteban ra


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